Weight Gain For Skinny People In The UAE

Weight gain for skinny people. Some people in Abu Dhabi can’t seem to put on weight no matter what they eat. Is a combination of good diet and training the key to weight gain?
Diet and nutrition - weight loss personal trainer in the UAE

Weight issues are not always associated with being over weight. Many people in the UAE have problems gaining weight too.

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Just like being over weight, being underweight can cause both psychological and physical problems in Abu Dhabi. What are the best ways to gain weight healthily?

When we think about ‘weight’ issues in the UAE we generally think about being over weight – not under weight. But, being under weight and skinning is a problem for many people. Try as a they may they can never seem to put on any weight – muscle or fat.

With the help of a professional personal trainer in Abu Dhabi it is possible to change your diet and get the nutrition advice you need in order to put on weight in a healthy way.


What are the main reasons for underweight problems?


Some people say they can eat what they want and still have problems gaining muscle or weight in general.

Eating what you want is not feeding. There is a big difference in a person who eats and another who feeds.

And then we also have people who don’t get fat because of a thyroid or hormonal problem.

There are of course sometimes underlying medical issues for being under weight and medical advice should also be sought.


For those who are under weight or too ‘skinny’ for reasons other than medical conditions what are the best ways of putting on healthy weight?


As a fitness coach I find the best way is to make a diet that meets the nutritional values ​​that your body needs each day to perform your vital functions and an extra supply of energy to perform your leisure activities in a satisfactory way, without becoming tired or without strength.


Is doing exercise when underweight contradictory?


Personal trainers and fitness coaches regularly help clients in Abu Dhabi who want to lose weight with various forms of exercise and diet. Because people often associate exercise with weight loss is doing exercise when underweight contradictory?

This happens due to lack of knowledge. Exercising increases muscle mass, you may not gain weight but your fat index will decrease and your lean mass percentage will increase.


How important is eating healthy when trying to gain weight?


Many people will turn to high calorie, high fat foods thinking this is the fast route to putting on weight.

It is 70% definitely and you should prepare a diet according to your goals.


Are there any special diets and exercise routines that can help put on weight for body toning?


In other words, gaining more healthy muscle weight rather than fat weight.

Yes, there are specific diets and workouts indicated to gain lean mass.

For the muscular increase of skinny people it is essential that they follow a diet focused on muscle mass gain. At the time of training they have enough energy to perform an effective hypertrophy training and after that, the body has the necessary amount of nutrients that will make you build quality muscle mass.

As everyone is different you should consult a specialist to find the correct program and plan for you.


Do you think that supplements and protein drinks can help when trying to put on weight?


Yes, of course, you should consult a specialist to find the correct supplement for you to compliment your diet and training program.


Top 5 tips for gaining weight


As a weight loss and nutrition specialist in Abu Dhabi can you provide your top 5 tips for gaining healthy weight and body toning.

1 – Don’t buy anything you know you shouldn’t eat.

2 – Make a weekly nutritional plan with your meals.

3 – Do not think that you are on a diet that will have an end, take it as a way of life which will bring you long-term benefits.

4 – Give yourself time in the supermarket and read the nutritional values ​​of the labels, sometimes what you think is healthy really is not.

5 – Reduce the sugars in your diet, they are dispensable if your diet is balanced.

In Summary.....

In Summary, here are the best tips for gaining weight if you are skinny in the UAE

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