Weight Management In Abu Dhabi – Personal Trainer Advice

Let’s face it. Dieting can be hard. However, with the right advice, tips and eating plans you can lose weight and keep it off. We asked Olena, a degree qualified personal trainer for her tips on diet and weight management for men, women and kids in Abu Dhabi.
Healthy Food and dieting in Abu Dhabi - PT advice
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Table Of Contents

Female Fitness & Fat Loss Specialist In Abu Dhabi - Olena

Article Submitted By: PT Olena

Abu Dhabi Personal Trainer Olena is fully a qualified specialist in Weight Management and Obesity.

With more than 7 years experience she can help you identity behavioral issues you might have with regards to weight, lifestyle and nutrition and put a process in place to successfully fix these problems.

Her clients in Abu Dhabi range from those with specific weight management problems to those looking to lead a healthier lifestyle through an understanding of the importance of exercise and proper nutrition.

Weight management & dieting tips in Abu Dhabi

Have you tried to lose weight and can’t seem to reach your weight loss goals? Do you tend to diet as a short term fix when it comes to managing your weight?

We asked a professional weight loss personal trainer in Abu Dhabi for her tips and advice when it comes to weight loss, dieting and training. 


Weight Management – Losing Weight – Dieting


Question 1 – Many men and women in Abu Dhabi hire a personal trainer with the goal of losing weight. Can you explain what the difference is between weight loss as a quick fix and weight management?

“Quick fix” weight loss promises are unrealistic. The mechanism behind the fat loss is a complex and requires a time to reduce the size of the fat cell. “Magic” diet plans that guarantee prompt results are often based on dehydrating your body to the point where the weight scale has significant drop down.

Nevertheless, this achievement won’t last long, your body will regain this weight as fast as you start eating again.

The prime goal of weight management for my clients in Abu Dhabi is to change your lifestyle not the number on the scale. The weight adjustment shall appear after this change.


Question 2 – In your opinion what are the main reasons why so many people have problems with being overweight/obese?

The main causes of an excessive weight gain are dietary, lifestyle and genetic factors.

Dis-balance between energy consumption and energy expenditure where the calories intake is higher than its required, poor diet quality, low physical activities, environment that promotes weight gain and contributes to overeating and sedentary lifestyle play the main role in global obesity escalation.

Additionally, genome-wide association studies elucidate the role of genetic factors.

A recent study found here concludes that children from overweight parents, in general, show less physical activity and high-fat food preferences as a result of family’s established lifestyle and food choices. 


Question 3 – In your PT profile you mention weight management is an area you specialise in. Why did you decide to focus on weight management and obesity in your personal training career?

I accomplished my master’s degree for healthcare professionals and gained expertise in weight management and treating obesity at the University of South Wales, the UK.

During the final year of university, I’ve conducted research on determinants of weight gain in women of GCC countries.

This helped me to learn more about the phenomena of growing obesity in the region and underpin lifestyle, behavioural, social-environmental, and biological factors behind it.

Thus, learn the best wellness and weight loss strategies that are most suitable for the population in Middle East.

Metabolic process of woman on diet

Question 4 – There are so many different diets and weight loss programs. Many promising misleading results. Why do most people fail when it comes to dieting?

Diet is a part of the weight loss program. The best results are achieved by using the holistic approach.

The combination of lifestyle modification, physical activities and diet is the key to successful weight loss.


Question 5 – You mention in your profile that ‘behavioural modification’ is a key element to success. Can you explain what behavioural modification is, how you implement it in your programs and why it is so important?

The behaviour modification aims to encourage people to change the obesogenic micro-environment around them, change eating pattern, exercising behaviours and other habits that might lead to weight gain or become an obstacle to lose weight.

Most of the therapies focus on acceptance own thoughts, problem-solving, self-monitoring, goal setting, stimulus control and relapse prevention.
Behavioural change theories are focused on changing problem behaviour and adopting a healthier lifestyle.

Theories are used during evaluation, planning and implementing stages. You can read an in-depth study about modifying behaviour patterns relating to dieting here. 


Question 6 – Many trainers will say that diet alone is not the best way to lose weight in the long term – we need a comprehensive exercise plan too. In your experience what kind of exercises work best for weight loss when combined with a weight management program?

It is very important to consider the intensity of the training for the best weight loss result in Abu Dhabi. The exercise intensity is a very argumentative area.

The low-intense training for an athlete can be highly intense for an obese person. Hence, for every person the individual training program is required.

Question 7 – We still see a rise in the number of children and teenagers with weight related issues. What do you think are the main reasons for this and how can parents help?

The modern lifestyle is the main reason for obesity increase among children.
According to World Health Organization, children must dedicate at least 60 minutes of their time to vigorous or moderate-intense physical activity every day.

Any extra time that children dedicate to playing sports, active games or exercising in general will have positive effects.

Most of the activities for children should be aerobic, however, exercises that improve muscles strength should be performed at least three times a week (for example, as part of physical education class).

Parents in Abu Dhabi can help their children in achieving these goals. Additionally, parents need to look into ways of ensuring that children eat healthy, well balanced meals and reduce junk food intake.


Question 8 – For ladies in Abu Dhabi, weight loss programs are sometimes seasonal. In other words, some will want to lose weight for summer or a special occasion (wedding, celebration etc). Is this type of yo-yo dieting a bad idea in the long term?

Relapse weight gain has been linked to fat storage shifts and an increase in android fat distribution, hyperplasia, and active adipose tissue growth.

Therefore, initial weight gain and relapse weight gain has different outcomes on health.

Weight regain appears to be more harmful, leading to an increase in CVD risk factors, hypertension and metabolic syndrome developing, fluctuations in circulating levels of lipids and insulin.

I always advise my clients that weight loss is the start of a journey. The ultimate goal is maintaining a healthy weight and making sure that through regular exercise and eating well it becomes part of you – part of your lifestyle.


Question 9 – As part of your weight management training program how do you access the best way for your clients to lose weight, increase their fitness and ensure this is seen as a long term lifestyle change.

Every client is unique. Every client has different lifestyle, body type and fitness level.

Hence, every person receives individually designed program.

I use many different methods to access a clients needs and I listen closely to them before and during their personal training program.

Weight Management In Abu Dhabi - Top Tips.....

What are your top 10 tips for men and women who are struggling with weight and obesity problems and need professional advice.

  • Be Consistent.

    Don’t give up. Change takes time.

  • Stay In A Calorie Deficit

    Don’t trust yourself on a calorie count. Use any app available that helps you to establish the real quantity of calories in your food. Very often we underestimate our calorie intake.

  • One Step At A Time

    Don’t try to do everything at once. Make sure you make one little change every week. Start with walking 10 thousand steps every day, for example.

  • Exercise At Least 3 Times Per Week

    Make sure you are doing resistance training. Cardio is a great way to improve your cardio-vascular capacity, however, weight loss requires regular resistance workout.

  • Be Positive

    You might not see numbers on a scale move in a first week or even a month. There are several physiological processes that can explain that. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that you don’t change.

  • Keep Track Of Your Changes

    Make sure you are keeping a track of your weight, body fat percentage, lean body weight, waist line measure. I’m not saying you need to become obsessed with your scale. But make sure that you are going through a monthly fitness and body assessment. It helps to motivate you and notice the achievements.

  • Love Yourself!

    Taking care of your body must come with self-love. Feed yourself with nutrients that can nourish your body. Do things that you like the most during weight lost journey. Spoil yourself a bit.

  • Eliminate Foods Not On Your Meal Plan

    Make sure you keep only the food that is mentioned in your meal plan. Don’t keep high caloric snacks in the house and things that you should avoid reaching your goals. Creating healthy environment in your fridge is very important component of any weight management program. Remember, a healthy body starts in the kitchen.

  • Get A Meal Plan

    It is important for you to know today what you will eat tomorrow. It can be meal preparations or food diaries. Anything that suites you the best and doesn’t make you wonder “what to eat?” three times a day. A diet and nutrition specialist like me can always help with menu and meal planning basics.

  • Ask For Professional Help

    There is a reason why there are so many weight management and diet personal trainers in Abu Dhabi. Ask for qualified advice and make it easier on yourself. I can provide free and informative consultations.

Find a great at home male or female personal trainer in your local area of Abu Dhabi, Dubai or Sharjah for weight management.

Whether you have tried to lose weight in the past and failed or need guidance on your diet a personal trainer in the UAE can help. 

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