Dubai PT Halil – Training Tips & Advice

Dubai PT Halil – Training Tips & Advice
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Training Tips & Advice From Halil – Dubai Kickboxing & Sports Fitness Trainer
Personal Trainer and diet specialist in Dubai - Halil

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Personal Trainer Q & A Contributor: Halil

Finding a great personal fitness coach in Dubai is easy with the UAE Personal Trainers website.

We’ve asked the male and female personal trainers in Dubai to provide information on their favoutite fitness methods and more. That way you get to learn more about a trainer and their training methods.

Question 1 – Halil, you’re a professional trainer and kickboxing coach in Dubai with extensive experience in the health and fitness industry. Can you sum up why you think actively taking an interest in nutrition and physical fitness can help people lead healthier lives.


Taking care of Physical fitness and being curious about nutrition is related to self-awareness.

People with those interests are more likely to know what they consume and what they look like in front of the mirror and this will lead them to a more confident lifestyle and this will release their stress level which is a main source of countless problem.

Basically, a stronger mind will achieve what others can’t – not matter what your fitness goals are.


Question 2 – We often hear that nutrition in Dubai should be the basis for any personal trainer workout plan. Why is nutrition so important?


As they say; ‘’you are what you eat’’. As such, an appropriate nutrition plan as part of your fitness plan in Dubai will lead us to the right path mentally and physically.

The second we consume anything, the respiratory and digestive system will be affected depending on the quality of nutrition either positive or a negative way.


Question 3 – Being a kickboxing personal trainer in Dubai as well as a fitness coach what methods do you use to ensure your nutrition is in great shape?


For a long time now I have been able to control my weight/nutrition intake so I am familiar with my own body and its reaction to the foods I eat.

Most of the time I eyeball on food consumption and over the years this has led me to make a few mistakes such as not reaching my goal as quick I want or the stress-free, solid program to know what to eat and knowing the timing of the nutrition.

I started using a phone application which allows me to put everything I eat or burn such as my own training.

I also started writing down every week’s food consumption (meals) before the week starts so I don’t scratch my head and think what to cook or eat that day or week.

And yes I count my calories and yes everything should be under control. For instance if I have any pain in my body that I can’t find out the reason I would go and do some tests in a local clinic to check what’s happening.

Another instance would be not reaching my personal fitness goal on time as I planned. I would immediately go back and check my nutrition timing, type and amount along with my exercise routine and find out the cause behind it.

Additionally I would recommend everyone to take a close look on nutrition timing as it’s crucial to reach our goals whether it is to lose fat in Dubai or to gain muscle.


Question 4 – What’s your weekly workout schedule to help keep yourself in good shape?


I used to work out 6 times a week but now I have started a new method which allows me to workout for 7 days until I feel really tired. I then take a day off.

This method works great for me but of course I probably wouldn’t recommend it for beginners.

Self-awareness is essential – know your limits and definitely listen to your body.


Question 5 – What’s your favourite cardio workout and why do you think it is the best?


As my main goal is to gain more muscle I don’t work out only for cardio (due to time restrictions)

However, my workouts are filled with supersets which allows me to keep my heart rate on a high level.

If I really had to do it for cardio fitness then I would go for HIIT since it distracts me from focusing on time and feeling tired.


Question 6 – When it comes to muscle building and strength, what are your favourite exercise types?


For muscle building and strength I prefer free weights and I don’t like compound movement that much. I personally love to focus on a single muscle group, also free weights allow me to move my joints freely since everybody has different bone and muscle insertion.

In Summary – Halil’s top 10 tips when it comes to personal training, physical fitness and nutrition are:


  • Love yourself (if not for yourself for your partner,family, children etc)

  • Leave your comfort zone for your own benefit

  • Know your body and its reactions

  • Choose a knowledgeable personal trainer in Dubai and ask questions, be curious

  • Learn how to eat – proper, sensible foods

  • Research and learn information related to your fitness and nutrition

  • Motivate yourself and find a reason to workout

  • Quit smoking/drinking/any addiction or lower it to throw yourself into the fitness lifestyle

  • Don’t be scared to visit a doctor for advice

  • Face the reality and live with them (such as obesity, heart issues, diabetes) but put your effort to get rid of them through living a fit and healthy life

Whatever your fitness goal is, the UAE Personal Trainers website connects you with the best trainers in your local area
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