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Stretching before exercise is crucial, it helps to warm tight muscles before you start exercising. It’s important to do this before any exercise but especially important before you start a vigorous workout or start to lift weights.
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Viktoria is an expert when it comes to healthy ways to lose weight (and fat) and maintain a healthy weight in Dubai.

Her main goal is to build new healthy habits, motivate and make the client truly love sport and healthy food.

Being specialised in a body weight loss programs for the ladies and gentlemen of Dubai Viktoria can promise visible result after just 10-12 sessions.

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Why Is Stretching So Important?

Stretching – For many people the first thing they instinctively do in the morning when they wake up is stretch. That ‘feel good’ stretch first thing in the morning feels great for a reason.

Even though your brain is awake your body and your muscles have been out of action for a long period during the night and a good stretch helps to get the blood pumping to your muscles. Stretching helps to loosen the ligaments and realigns the muscles too.

According to research studies stretching is not just important before and after exercise, stretching should be thought of as an exercise in it’s own right.

We asked a personal trainer for Dubai who is an expert in stretching and flexibility exercise why stretching is so important and why it should be part of your personal training program.

Stretching For Health

Question 1. Most of us know that stretching regularly is an important part of everyday fitness. As a female PT in Dubai who specialises in stretching exercise programs can you tell us why you think doing stretching exercises are important?


Have you noticed how a good stretch in the morning can help you feel more awake? That’s because you are getting more blood pumping to your muscles and waking up your body for the day ahead.

Of course even though stretching in the morning helps, you should add stretching exercises to your daily routine for a wide variety of reasons.

Stretching before exercise is crucial, it helps to warm tight muscles before you start exercising. It’s important to do this before any exercise but especially important before you start a vigorous workout or start to lift weights.

Lifting weight for example before warming up and stretching can result in injuries to the muscles which can take time to heal. However, if you include a good range of stretching exercises in your personal training routine in Dubai you are far less likely to injure yourself.

As a PT I recommend try doing a variety of stretching exercises every day for at least a month. You’ll be amazed at how you feel after even a short time.

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Question 2. As well as increased mobility and flexibility what are the main benefits of incorporating a good stretching routine into our daily exercise routines.


The UAE is often seen as a more relaxed, sedentary place to be. However, a lack of physical activity does take it toll on the body over a period of time and this get more noticeable as we age. It’s important to remember though that even in old age stretching can provide huge benefits.
As well as increased flexibility regular stretching exercises play an important role in general fitness. Some of the major benefits of stretching and flexibility exercises include:


  • Reduced risk of training related injuries

  • Improved posture

  • Enhanced training performance

  • Improved mobility for the elderly and seniors

  • Prenatal stretching exercises can help with back pain

  • Reduced aches and pains

  • Increased blood flow to all muscle groups

  • Improved drainage if you suffer from water retention

  • Stretching is ideal for employees who are seated for long periods


It should be noted that stretching exercises are not a magic pill. You need to perform stretching exercises on a regular basis to feel the full benefits of improved flexibility in Dubai.


Question 3. Stretching exercise is something that is also important for seniors in Dubai. How do stretching exercise benefit us as we age?


Doing stretching and flexibility exercises are important for all of us no matter what our age is.

However, for seniors in Dubai the benefits can be amazing, especially if age related conditions are effecting their mobility.

Seniors and the elderly do need to take some precautions when it comes to exercising either at home or in the gym which is why they should hire a personal trainer who has experience in stretching and flexibility techniques before they start a new exercise regime.

Some of the main benefits of stretching exercises in Dubai for seniors include:

  • Increased flexibility

  • Regular stretching can help with mobility for seniors

  • Helps to prevent posture problems

  • Can help with certain age related conditions like arthritis

  • Helps to improve blood flow

  • Can also help aid more restful sleep

  • Helps seniors stay more independent

  • Stretching as an exercise method is low impact and will not cause additional pain

Most seniors will feel the benefit of regular stretching and flexibility exercises within a few weeks of starting to do them.

Question 4. For your personal training clients in Dubai what methods of stretching exercise do you use, how do they work and why do you think they are beneficial?


Stretching is a form of exercise in it’s own right. Many people think of stretching and flexibility as something we just do before a workout but this is not true.

In my experience as a professional PT in Dubai stretching exercises as part of your daily routine provide so many benefits.

The types of flexibility exercise do depend on many things including the age of the client, their current fitness level, their health condition, any injuries they might have and more.

Because of this, a good personal trainer will always access the clients needs and then created a program based on their individual needs because what might be right for you wouldn’t necessarily be right for someone else.

Stretching needs to be looked at like any other form of exercise routine, it needs to be done correctly with correct alignment and posture to make sure you get the most benefit and also to reduce injury.

Examples of effective stretching and flexibility exercises in Dubai include:


  • Yoga. Yoga is one of the most well know stretching and flexibility exercise routines. A good Yoga Teacher in Dubai will be able to create a customised program based on your fitness level. Yoga stretching is great as a low-impact exercise method and is suitable for all ages including kids and seniors.

  • Pilates. People often think you need to be super flexible and thin to do Pilates in Dubai. However, like Yoga Pilates is suitable for all ages and fitness abilities because it can be started at a beginner level. Stretching exercises using Pilates are also great if you suffer from posture related problems including back pain.

  • Hamstring stretch. Stretching the hamstrings can really help improve the flexibility in your legs over a period of time. Like all stretches, it’s important to start slowly and only go as far as you feel comfortable with to prevent over-stretching which can lead to injury and pain.

  • Hip stretches. Stretching the hip muscles can also help if you suffer with pain and discomfort after sleeping or resting. For stretching exercises to work well it’s important to not sit in one position for too long. Even if you take a break every couple of hours or so it will help.

  • Back and shoulder stretches. Overhead arm stretches and bent over back stretches can also help you feel more flexible. Do them gently and with a wide range of motion for the maximum benefit.

Question 5. Prenatal women in Dubai can also benefit from stretching exercise, how do you think this helps and do pregnant women need to take any precautions?


If you are pregnant in Dubai the first thing you should do before starting any new exercise regime is to consult your doctor. If your doctor tells you that you can do moderate and safe exercise you should then only do stretching routines under the guidance of a professional prenatal personal trainer in Dubai.

Like any exercise program when you are pregnant, stretching and flexibility workouts need to take into account what stage of pregnancy you are in.

For example, in the first trimester the range of stretching exercises you can do would be different to those you can do when you are in your second trimester and so on.

In Summary - Top 10 Benefits Of Stretching Exercises.....

We can all benefit from adding stretching exercises to our daily routine in Dubai, here are the top 10 reasons you should start today.

Find a great at home male or female personal trainer in your local area of Abu Dhabi, Dubai or Sharjah

Whether you want to include stretching and flexibility exercises as part or your training routine or do them on there own a personal trainer in your local area can help show you the ropes and help you avoid injury.

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