Battle Rope Training In The UAE – Is It Good For Muscle Gain?

Battle Rope (Battling Rope) training. Get for an all over body workout that will leave you shattered but can you use it as part of your muscle gain training in the UAE?

Can Battle Rope Training In The UAE Help You Build Muscle?

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So you’ve decided you need to lose some weight – great idea. But, is the amount of weight you want to lose and the timescale realistic?

For anyone new to training in Dubai can you provide a brief run down on what battle rope (battling rope) training is?

Battle rope training is using a weighted rope for exercise and training.

There are various exercises you can do with the ropes as I will explain below.

You can use the battle rope training for increasing muscle, toning muscle and also for a cardio vascular training.

They’re especially great for targeting your core and upper body, since those are your primary movers in battle rope training


What muscle groups are used in Battle Rope training workouts?

You can single out certain muscles depending on the workout but they mainly use full body so all muscles.

As a personal trainer in Dubai who provides workout routines with battle ropes do you think they are beneficial for gaining muscle mass?

Battle ropes are valuable for anyone in the UAE looking to build muscle without turning to ultra-heavy weights.

The ropes create forces and tension from angles that are harder to achieve with basic weight training, they confuse and surprise your muscles into making new gains.


What’s involved in a typical battle rope workout routine (how do you use them for example)?


There is a various amount of different workouts you can do with battle ropes.



Probably the most common battle rope swing, the standard wave is a great way to focus on your biceps.

Tuck your elbows into your sides and alternate pumping your arms up and down, creating alternate waves in the rope.

When you’re ready to step up the difficulty, switch to a double wave, where your arms move in tandem.


Lift both ends of the rope overhead, and then slam the rope down with full force onto the ground. Make sure to maintain good posture.

This move engages your shoulders, arms, back, and core, especially your abs.


Move each arm in independent circles in front of you. You can rotate each arm outward (left counterclockwise, right clockwise) or inward (left
clockwise, right counterclockwise).

It’s a great way to focus on your shoulders. You can also hold both hands together and make a single circle with both ends of the rope—start moving clockwise, and then switch to counterclockwise halfway through the set.


Squat low and whip each end of the rope in tandem, as if you’re flapping your arms like wings. Keep your elbow bent only slightly.

It’s a seriously challenging workout for your whole back.

Grappler Throws:

Keeping both your feet grounded, pivot your torso from side to side. During each pivot, flip the ropes over as if you were throwing them to
the floor on the side you’re pivoting toward.


How many times per week do you recommend your clients do Battle Rope training for the best muscle gain results?

Again depending on many times a week you work out but I would definitely suggest without a doubt once a week.

For my clients we general do them at least twice a week as I believe they give a great overall body workout and at the end of each time of using them they are shattered

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