Exercise In The UAE – It’s Not Just Physical

A healthy body equals a healthy mind. In this article Abu Dhabi female personal fitness trainer Chloe explains why it is important to take regular exercise for mind and body.
Exercise is not just physical but mental - uae personal trainers

Exercise In Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah – It’s Not Just Physical

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A Healthy Body Equals A Healthy Mind…

In the UAE Most people are aware of the physical benefits of exercise, and do so to maintain a healthy body weight and reduce the risks of getting health related illness such as high blood pressure and heart disease. These are all great reasons to get physical and stay in shape, however there are many hidden benefits contributing to a healthy mind that get forgotten.

It’s scientifically proven that regular light to moderate exercise can boost your mood, this is due to the release of endorphins that your body produces during exercise. Endorphins, also known as the happy hormone play a huge role in our everyday lives, and the higher they are the better you feel. As a result of this exercise can be used as a way of reducing and even preventing depression, anxiety and stress.

Exercise Over Prescriptions…

Prescription medicines provide a quick fix however the long term use of these have health implications of their own, putting particular strain on the liver and other vital organs, whereas exercise only benefits the body.


Mental Barriers…

It can be hard to find motivation to do many things if you’re suffering with mental health issues and going to a gym to exercise can seem very daunting, but exercise doesn’t just mean running on a treadmill and lifting dumbbells. Exercise can be done in any place at any time, walks on the beach, bike rides, playing sports and gardening are all forms of exercise outside of a gym environment that can be done at your own leisure.



Most importantly find something that you enjoy doing, if you’re forcing yourself to do an activity you don’t like you’re not going to feel motivated to continue.

45 minutes to one hour of exercise three times weekly is recommended for the best results, however if you are not used to exercising or haven’t exercised for a long period of time, it is advisable you build yourself up gradually starting with shorter sessions.

Exercise, look good, feel good and be happy!

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