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You have a great personal fitness tool at your disposal 24/7 – Your body! So how does bodyweight training at home in Dubai work and can a female PT help you learn how to do bodyweight personal fitness?
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No Gym? No Problem – Bodyweight Training At Home In Dubai Is What You Need.

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Whether you have access to a gym in Dubai or not you also have a powerful exercise tool that is available to you 24-7. Your own body.

Many women who are looking for a personal trainer or fitness coach in Dubai want to train at home.

Training at home does have benefits but some people will have no access to training equipment or a gym in their building.

As such bodyweight training workouts are ideal for them when they are not training with their PT/Coach.

As a female personal trainer in Dubai who has knowledge and experience of bodyweight workouts what tips can you provide to explain how and why bodyweight exercising at home in Dubai is a good choice.


No Gym in Dubai? No Problem!


Way too often people have a belief that if they don’t have a gym available, or they don`t have time (which is the quite common answer we hear for not training), they can’t have fit body and stay healthy.

That`s where body weight training becomes extremely important to master and take advantage of.

When the client doesn’t have access to the gym, or simply doesn’t have time to go there, home training can be a great solution.

We can definitely find 15-20 minutes to move our body. Change is never a matter of ability, it`s always a matter of motivation.

And the trainer can always provide the strategy and the plan for execution.


Body Weight Exercises At Home In Dubai – Variety Is The Key


As most of my clients currently are female, whom I train mainly at home, I always adopt body weight exercises into training.

I have decided to put the most common exercises I use, into sub-groups. It’s always good to have variety in training, and client can know what are they working on.

I would use these lower body exercises, such as: air squat, lunges, bulgarian split squat, single leg deadlift and glute bridge.

The exercises for upper body would be: tricep dips, push-ups.

One of the most important, in my opinion, body parts will be the core, as our spine needs a solid support of its vulnerable structure.

My favorite core exercises for the core would be: plank, side plank, hollow hold and shoulder taps.


Cardio Workouts & Weight Loss From Body Weight Training At Home


And the last, but not least, I would add the exercises that increase a heart rate and support the weight loss.

Weight loss in one form or another still remains the most common goal for the client, and at some point of life, most of us will need it as well.

Such movements as bear crawl and burpees provide required challenge to cardiovascular system and engage the whole body. This means you will end up with spending more energy for required fat loss (definitely not undermining the huge impact of nutrition habits in reducing the weight).

I consider that these are non-negotiable, that every person must learn to do.

Such exercises as bulgarian split squat and single leg deadlift are more for intermediate level. They require more core and knee stability, and I wouldn’t recommend them for beginners.

All the rest of exercises can be scaled down according to the fitness level. For example plank can be performed on the knees, burpee can be done with elevation and not on the floor. Some overweight clients struggle to carry their weight and their wrists are more often than not simply not ready to handle the load of their own body.


Kind Of Bodyweight Exercises and Duration


All the above exercises can provide minimum required stimulus for the whole body.

I would recommend to use them as intervals 30 seconds – work, 30 seconds – rest, 40/20, or 45/15 for 15-30 minutes.

For example, the training for the beginner can look this way:

1 – squat

2 – knee push-up

3 – plank hold

4 – elevated burpee

5 – complete rest

30 seconds work, 30 seconds – recovery and the last minute to use as complete rest, can be done in 3-5 rounds, which will take only 15 to 25 minutes overall.


Consistency Is Also Key


I do believe that the most important thing in training journey is consistency.

Remember, there are no miracles. People constantly look for a quick fix but there are no 30-days transformations that work long-term.

It is always much better to do 20 minutes for 5 days a week, rather 2 hours training every second week.

It is always much easier to build up on the existing habit and then expand it, to keep momentum going.

We are all just a bunch of our habits and training is definitely a must to adopt for the rest of our life.

In Summary.....

Bodyweight training at home for women in Dubai can help in many ways, including:

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