Martial Arts In The UAE For Reducing Stress

If you suffer from stress in the UAE then practicing martial arts with a personal trainer in the UAE can help reduce your stress levels and improve fitness.
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Suffering from stress? It effects so many people on a daily basis and not just work related stress.

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Stress in the UAE is something many people suffer from daily. Martial arts can help reduce stress in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Stress can be a problem for many people living in the UAE. Whether stress is related to work or just simply day to day living taking regular exercise can help you reduce stress. Martial arts as an exercise type in Dubai & Abu Dhabi can help reduce stress levels effectively.


Does Martial Arts help to reduce stress?


Question: Many people in the UAE suffer from stress, be it from work or any other source. Studies have shown that practicing martial arts regularly can help to reduce stress levels and generally be beneficial to health? As a martial arts personal trainer in Dubai what are your thoughts on using martial arts to combat stress?

I love the idea of using martial arts to combat stress. I incorporate it into a lot of my Dubai personal training clients plans whether it be boxing, muay thai, kickboxing etc. and they all admit that they go home feeling relaxed and at ease. I myself even use it if I’ve had a tough day/week and throw a few rounds on the heavy bag into my plan.


Which style of Martial Art is best for reducing stress?


Question: Martial arts is quite a general term and can relates to many different forms of ‘martial art’ Do you think where the stresses of daily life in the UAE concerned one type of martial art is better than another?

Not at all. Some people like to punch stress away, some kick and some grapple. MY opinion? Whichever one makes you loosen up and put a smile on your face? That’s the style for you.

Although the best way to reduce stress is to tackle the underlying cause this is sometimes not as easy as it sounds, especially when some people are in stressful jobs that cannot be changed.


Work place Martial Arts training in the UAE


Question: Do you think employers in the UAE could benefit from group martial art classes – similar to how some companies offer yoga classes?

Definitely! I know of a few places that have considered things like boxercise and the staff love it. Yoga is great and relaxing but it isn’t for everyone so having the added option of some martial arts fun can be a great addition.


So how does Martial Arts training in Dubai or Abu Dhabi reduce stress?


Question: How exactly does practising martial arts effect and reduce the stress levels for an individual?

A key thing I notice in stressed clients in the UAE is that they tense up and go into a kind of ball of frustration.

Allowing them to release this in a productive manner by firing endorphins with powerful punches and kicks in a safe controlled environment relaxes their muscles and puts them at ease.

I very rarely (if ever) find a client comes out of one of these sessions as tense or stressed as they came in.


Is Martial Arts suitable for children and teens who get stressed?


Question: In the UAE it’s not just adults who suffer from stress. Stress is also associated with children of school age. Do you think early enrolment in martial art classes could also help kids deal with the stress of youth and school more effectively?

Of course. Martial arts is not an age restricted activity, it is for everyone. Whether it be male, female, old or young everyone can use it as a way to release some stress and help relax.

A key part to a lot of disciplines is also about controlling aggression so teaching this from an early age can greatly benefit children for future stresses of adult life.

In Summary.....

There are many benefits to joining a local martial arts class in the UAE – stress is just one problem that can be solved with martial arts training. 

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