Zumba Training In The UAE For Tummy Toning

Zumba in the UAE is a fast paced, energetic workout. Did you know that Zumba can also help you tone and trim your tummy area? If you want to get that toned ab look then Zumba could be right for you.
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Zumba is a fast paced, fun workout but can it really help with losing weight and toning in the stomach area?

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Zumba - Often seen as providing a great cardio workout, can it also help you reduce tummy fat and tone the abs?

If the thought of a fun, fast paced and energetic workout appeals to you then you should definitely try a Zumba class or Zumba personal training in Abu Dhabi & Dubai. Can Zumba also help you tone your abs?

Professional Dubai based female PT Lenie provides some answers in this Q&A session.


Zumba for ab toning


Question: Many men and women in the UAE find that getting a toned tummy area (abs) is one of the most difficult parts of training. As a Zumba personal trainer in Dubai do you think Zumba exercises can help?

My opinion as a professional Zumba Trainer in the UAE is that Zumba could help to reduce body fat as during 1 hour session the body burns about 400-600 calories.

When it is coming to fat loss , specially at the stomach area it is very important the client has a good diet too as any exercise alone doesn’t provide all the results you need.

With a calorie surplus the client could even end up gaining more weight as people are more likely to eat more and feel more hungry after exercise.

Losing belly fat is key when it comes to getting a flat and toned stomach.


Fat burning


Question: Although it’s difficult to ‘selectively’ burn belly fat does a high energy Zumba workout help to lose the fat as well as tone in the tummy area?

With Zumba classes choreographed to provide intervals of intensity in both pace of music and type of movements, class members’ energy expenditure is maximized for fat-burning benefits.

Fitness moves are also incorporated within Zumba dances, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself moving from a fast merengue beat to a long, slow set of push-ups on the wall, or doing several sets of squats followed by plyometric jumps.

What this means is the more muscle we work on hard during the workout the higher the after-burning effect will be in the body what helps to reduce the fat from the tummy area as well.


Targeted weight loss with Zumba


Question: Zumba is often seen as more of a dance style exercise but can different elements of a Zumba routine be tailored to work different parts of the body, the stomach/abs for example?

There are so many type of Zumba , some of them have more dance movement and others has more aerobic and pylometrics, Zumba is a dance and a fitness class so it has plenty of simple movement like squats, lunges, crunches, torso twist, even press ups what you would normally do in the gym or in other fitness classes in the UAE.


How much time does it take to see results from Zumba classes?


Question: Everyone’s body is different but the big question is how much time does it take to see results of tummy toning when doing Zumba?

The first few sessions are always about learning the movements and getting better and then once the movements are more familiar the client could focus more on the intensity as well so it usually takes a few weeks or one or 2 months to see good result but everybody is different.

Some people catch the movement very fast and also having better control over their body.


Zumba for weight loss training examples


Question: Can you provide some examples of Zumba routines that would help reduce belly fat and tone the tummy area?

Zumba Tone is based on body weight movements like squats and lunges mixed up with boxing movements with the arms what can help to tone up the body and make the tummy area stronger.

Zumba also provides a workout for the whole body. From head and shoulder rolls that loosen up the neck and warm up the upper body, to footwork that strengthens and stretches calves and ankles, this fitness method touches on nearly every muscle and joint.

Even those who are just learning the dance steps will find themselves waking up the day after a Zumba class with a definitive post-workout feeling.


Can all ages and abilities do Zumba?


Question: Is Zumba for toning suitable for all ages and abilities and can Zumba training classes be tailored based on a client’s current fitness level?

Classes are offered at all levels, including standard Zumba, Zumba Gold for senior citizens in the UAE, Zumba for kids and even Aqua-Zumba done in swimming pools.

Because Zumba is based on music and dance, it seems to speak a universal language that people of all nations can relate to.

There is no large learning curve in a Zumba class. New participants may receive small-scale step rehearsals before some longer dances, but in most cases, first-timers can simply jump right into a class and follow along with the Zumba instructor in Dubai or Abu Dhabi.

As a Zumba instructor in Dubai I always have plenty of modified options for clients if they have some issues with the knee or if they are a bit more overweight and can not do quick and intense movements like jumps etc..

Each movement has a modified option what gives people more comfort and confidence to join any class even if they are a beginner.

I also explain before the class to client , if they are can not follow the movement first time it is no problem at all , it is all about keep doing it and practice and that is when the brain learn the movement and the muscle memory happens.

In Summary.....

If you’re looking for a fun and active way to tone your body and possibly lose some fat in the tummy area joining a Zumba class in your local area of the UAE could help. 

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