Should I Be Exercising During Ramadan In The UAE

Should I Be Exercising During Ramadan In The UAE
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Keeping On Track With Your Personal Training During Ramadan – Part 2

The most important point I can make is that Ramadan doesn’t mean you need to stop exercising.

The reasons as to why you exercise, whether you’re wanting to lose weight, slim your waist, tone your arms, drop body fat, run a marathon etc etc are all still there. Ramadan doesn’t change those reasons for wanting to improve your body.

And taking a full month off training is going to leave you even further away from were you want to be, Making your return to exercise even more difficult and daunting.

The trick is you need to change your goal

Exercising typically involves striving for improvements.  Improvements in the way we look and feel or the way we move and perform. And as a lot of you will already know, these improvements are difficult to come by – even in a well rested, well fed and hydrated state.

And because Ramadan directly effects all 3 of the above, it isn’t realistic to expect to be making ‘gains’ during this period of the year. Despite what you may think, this is ok.

  • Implementing a maintenance goal is the key to exercise success during Ramadan.
  • Reduce the expectations you put on yourself.

For many of you, the thought of attempting to complete your current exercise regime is enough to put you off from even starting it.

  • Instead reduce the amount of time you spend in the gym
  • Spend more time stretching & mobilizing
  • Take longer to warm your body up
  • Then reduce the amount of sets you are doing, or the amount of time you spend on the X-Trainer
  • And finish by doing more core work


Your body is going to become more and more depleted of Glycogen (energy) and water the further we go into Ramadan – so by reducing the amount we do is a sensible option as physically your body is going to find it much harder to complete even basic things.

If you’re already working with a Personal Trainer in Abu Dhabi they should already be acutely aware of reducing the demands they put on you during Ramadan, to reduce fatigue and prevent injury.

Remember the goal isn’t to improve; it is to not lose the improvements you have already made. Speak to your Personal Trainer in the UAE for more support or advise, aware of reducing the demands they put on you during Ramadan, to reduce fatigue and prevent injury.

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