Mastering the art of swimming in cities like Abu Dhabi, Dubai, or Sharjah is an essential skill that holds immense importance for people across all age groups, not just for children.
Engaging in swimming lessons under the guidance of a professional coach can be instrumental in helping you learn to swim from scratch or even refine your current swimming abilities. These lessons can provide you with the necessary skills and confidence to navigate through water safely and efficiently.
Whether your preference leans towards learning in a group setting or you would rather have private swimming lessons within the comfort of your home or local community pool, the classes listed below are designed to cater to your specific needs. Each of these classes is meticulously planned and executed by a professional swimming trainer who is fully qualified. Regardless of whether the trainer is male or female, their expertise in the field ensures that you receive top-notch training, paving the way for you to become a proficient swimmer.
Get fit and have some fun in the water too in Dubai with these Water Aerobics Classes - private at home or your community pool. Suitable for Adults, Seniors and Children.
Beginner Swimming Lessons in Abu Dhabi for children. Learn to swim with the help of a professional swimming coach at various locations in Abu Dhabi. Suitable for kids and younger teenagers.
Take your swimming to the next level with stroke correction lessons in Abu Dhabi. Reduce injury, swim faster and improve your endurance in the pool. All lessons are provided with a fully qualified male or female swimming coach.
Learn to swim in Dubai at home or various other locations. Swimming lessons and private classes for all abilities - from complete beginner to those who want to improve or use swimming for fitness.
Learn to swim in Abu Dhabi for Adults. These classes are suitable for beginners where you will learn water safety, basic swim strokes and more. Classes held at various locations throughout the city on various days of the week.
Advanced swimming lessons for kids and young teenagers in Abu Dhabi. Improve all your swim strokes, endurance and more. Prepare for competition or joining a swim squad in Abu Dhabi.
Attention parents of infants and toddlers! Looking for a fun and safe way to introduce your little ones to the water this summer? Look no further than our Aqua Baby water recreation swimming lessons!
If you have some swimming experience but want to build on your current swimming skills these swimming lessons in Abu Dhabi will help you improve.
If you already know the basics, these intermediate swimming lessons for adults in Abu Dhabi will help you improve your swimming skills, increase you endurance, improve your speed and also increase your fitness.
2024 Swimming lesson packages in Abu Dhabi. Get a great deal on private and semi-private swimming tuition. Available at 16 different locations in Abu Dhabi with a professional male or female coach. Babies, children, adults and seniors.
Swimming lessons in Abu Dhabi for kids and young teenagers who want to improve their current swim level. Intermediate level classes are ideal for children who have already gained some experience in basic swimming techniques.
Aquatic therapy (pool based water therapy) offers a refreshing and effective approach to musculoskeletal rehabilitation in Dubai. Its unique properties provide numerous benefits for individuals seeking healing and recovery.
Ready to take your swimming to the next level? Advanced swimming classes help with speed, endurance and fitness. They can also help you prepare for competition and triathlon events in Abu Dhabi.



Learning to swim is an important life skill. This is true for children and adults too. Many kids have problems learning to swim because they have a fear of water or lack of confidence in the water. In Abu Dhabi, Dubai or Sharjah a professional swimming coach knows how to guide you through basics of learning to swim through to advanced swimming techniques.


Swimming classes are not just for learning to swim. Many of the coaches on the UAE Personal Trainers website provide swim fit classes like water aerobics. These are ideal for prenatal women, seniors and even those who are bored with the general fitness routines. Water based fitness gives you a great cardio workout and also is a low impact form of exercise.,


Whether you are a complete beginner or have some swimming skills. A professional PT in Abu Dhabi, Dubai or Sharjah provides years of experience in helping all ages learn to swim. They can also provide advanced lessons to help you get stronger and faster with stroke correction, sports fitness or even competition preparation.

Each personal trainer profile page includes a quick contact form. You can contact the coach direct and they will get back to you as soon as possible.

Use the filter options on the page below to closely match your training goals with the right coach and even select to show male, female or all personal trainers. 

The price for personal training in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and RAK can be found on the personal trainer profile page. Each coach has their own price information and training fees. When you contact a PT they will provide full details about price, discounts and promotions. 

All personal trainers listed on the UAE Personal Trainers website will provide a free fitness consultation to get a better understanding of your health and fitness goals. 

Freelance personal trainers and fitness companies provide PT at home, your gym, outdoors. Online personal training is also an option for many coaches and their clients.