Anti-Bully Classes In Dubai For Kids

Anti-Bullying classes for children in Dubai. These classes are designed to help children deal with bullying in many different ways including learning about awareness, respect, responsibility and self-defence.

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Anti-Bulling Classes In Dubai For Children - Teaching Techniques For Self-Defence, Respect, Awareness & Martial Arts

Anti Bully Classes In Dubai - Infographic


Believed to be the first anti-bullying program in Dubai, this is a very unique program that builds kids self confidence as well as their ability to defend themselves if any physical attack occurs . This program will also change kids character making them more sociable.

This anti-bully class for children in Dubai focuses on 6 main aspects

1. Awareness

Your child will learn and differentiate between joking and bullying both at school and in social situations in Dubai.

2. Self-confidence

Children often lack self-confidence which is often associated with peer pressure. Taking an anti-bullying class in Dubai helps to develops a child’s confidence. Enabling them to stand up for themselves in any situation.

3. Martial arts skills

The martial arts elements taught during these classes in Dubai allow children to be able to defend themselves in threatening situations. Martial arts are used for defense only.

4. Discipline

Self discipline helps children grow into strong, committed and thoughtful adults. Through commitment to an anti-bullying program your kids will learn self-discipline methods.

5. Responsibility

Being responsible and taking responsibility is a key aspect of a child’s growth. During these classes children are taught that they need to take responsibility for their actions.

6. Respect

Ethical behaviour is at the heart of this anti-bully class in Dubai. Children will understand through teaching that respecting others is paramount.

Anti Bully Classes In Dubai With Coach Mhamad

About the coach

MMA and Boxing Coach In Dubai - Mhamad

Dubai Coach Mhamad “o lutador“ Karaki is a professional MMA fighter, an icon in the Arab world and one of the very few fighters who helped grow the sport of Mixed Martial Arts in the region.

He is an active pro MMA fighter who holds a 9-1 record and is currently signed with One Championship – the second biggest martial arts organization in the world . Mhamad is the Arab MMA Champion in 2 different divisions – middleweight and light heavyweight .

Coach Mhamad is very passionate about martial arts, he loves sharing the knowledge he has acquired during these years of training. He has trained in the world’s best gyms and among the best athletes in this game, he learnt the best from the best .

Mhamad is going to share with you years of training and a lot of experience to customize the ideal training program that suits your training goal.

Mhamad is a certified Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt, a certified Red Mongkol in Muay Thai and has a Black Belt in Karate Shotokan.

Click Here to view Mhamad’s full personal trainer profile.

Class Availability

Thursday 5:00 pm – Sunday 12:00 pm

Class suitability

These classes are suitable for children. Boys and Girls in Dubai

Class Location

STRONG COMBAT GYM. The shed warehouse 10, alqouz industrial 3. Dubai

Contact The Class Organiser

For further information about this class or to ask any questions please use one of the contact methods listed below. 

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