Aqua Tone Classes At The Abu Dhabi Golf Club

Aqua tone classes in Abu Dhabi are a great way to get in shape with gentle exercise. Because this is a low impact method of training it's ideally suited to seniors too.

Aqua Tone Classes Abu Dhabi Golf Club - Ideal For Gentle Exercise & Rehabilitation For All Ages

Aqua Tone – Exercise & Fitness Classes In Abu Dhabi


Aqua toning exercises are a great way to keep in shape in general and also for people who need gentle exercise techniques for rehabilitation after illness or injury.

The Aqua Tone classes in Abu Dhabiare specifically designed as a moderate activity to stretch, tone and strengthen the muscles. These classes are also very beneficial for those who may be recovering from an injury, or those who have not exercised recently as a gentle introduction back into exercise. Provided on various days and times at the Abu Dhabi Golf Club.

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About The Class Instructor/Trainer

Aqua Tone can be provided with a male or female swimming coach. The coach is a fully qualified PT in Abu Dhabi. 


Abu Dhabi Swimming Coach - Sako
Sako is an expert when it comes to providing swimming lessons and private tuition for all ages and abilities in Abu Dhabi. Whether you have some experience or are a complete beginner he can help.
UAE Location:Abu Dhabi
Coaching Experience: Swimming Lessons, Swimming For Kids, Stroke Correction, Swimming for Fitness….
I Can Train: Men, Women & Children
Swimmng Coach In Abu Dhabi - Walid
Walid is a professional swimming coach working in Abu Dhabi with Advantage Sports UAE. He can provide you with well-structured Swimming Lessons and professional swim coaching including Aqua Baby, Learn to Swim and Stroke Correction for Children & Adults.
UAE Location:Abu Dhabi
Coaching Experience: Swimming lessons for beginners, advanced swimming, stroke correction, swimming for fitness
I Can Train: Adults, Kids & Seniors
Swimming Instructor In Abu Dhabi - Lisle
Want to learn how to swim in Abu Dhabi? As a professional swimming coach Lisle can help with lessons for beginners and advanced. She can also provide swim fit classes, stroke correction and speed techniques for competition preparation.
UAE Location:Abu Dhabi
Coaching Experience: Learn To Swim, Adults Swimming Lessons, Swimming For Kids, Speed & Endurance, Stroke Correction, Swim Fitness…..
I Can Train: Men, Women & Children
Noura - Swimming Lessons & Swim Fitness Trainer in Abu Dhabi
Want to learn to swim in Abu Dhabi? Noura can provide swimming lessons and coaching for all ages including kids swimming lessons – beginner or advanced.
UAE Location:Abu Dhabi
Coaching Experience: Personal Swimming Lessons, Swimming For Adults & Kids, Swim Fit…..
I Can Train: Adults, Kids & Seniors

Class Availability

These classes are run on different days and different times. Please contact the class organiser for up to date information. 

Class suitability

These classes in Abu Dhabi are suitable for adults of all ages and abilities.

Class Location

Abu Dhabi Golf Club – Abu Dhabi, UAE

Contact The Class Organiser

For further information about this class or to ask any questions please use one of the contact methods listed below. 

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