Tennis Classes Abu Dhabi – Beginner & Improver – St Regis Saadiyat

Join a fun tennis class in Abu Dhabi for beginners and those with some tennis experience. Held on various days and times these tennis lessons are ideal for all.

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Adult Mixed Class Tennis Lessons In Abu Dhabi For Beginners & Improvers

Tennis Lessons For Adults (Mixed) For Beginners & Those Who Want To Improve Their Game


These mixed Adult tennis lessons in Abu Dhabi are ideal for beginners and also for player who want to improve on their current tennis skills. All classes are provided by a professional tennis coach.

Beginner Level Lessons

You’ve either never played, just started playing or haven’t picked up a racket for years. You aren’t ready to enter competitions yet but may be thinking of having lessons or joining a group session. Tou cannot sustain a rally yet and you are working primarily on getting the ball into play. You are learning to judge where the ball is going although court coverage is weak. You are also getting to grips with basic positions for singles and doubles play.


Improver Level Lessons

You know the basic techniques and are able to keep a rally going with someone who hits the ball back to you. However, you still make quite a few mistakes and my find serving difficult. You are becoming more consistent when hitting medium pace shots but you are not comfortable with all strokes and lack control when trying to hit with accuracy, depth or power. Your game probably lacks variety but you are developing a tactical approach and awareness of teamwork in doubles. You may have played some matches.

tennis personal trainers and coaches in dubai and abu dhabi

About The Class Instructor/Trainer

This tennis lesson coach in Abu Dhabi is Alina. Alina works with the Advantage Sports Tennis team and has many years of tennis coaching and training experience. You can view full details about Alina’s personal tennis training on her profile page by clicking the link below.

Click Here to view Alina’s personal tennis coach profile.

Class Availability

Sundays: 08:00

Tuesdays: 08:00

Sundays: 20:30

Tuesdays: 20:30

Class suitability

These tennis lessons in Abu Dhabi are suitable for adults of all ages.

Class Location

St Regis Saadiyat Island Resort – Abu Dhabi, UAE

Contact The Class Organiser

For further information about this class or to ask any questions please use the contact form below and the class organiser will get back to you asap.

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