Tennis Lessons In Dubai For Beginners & Advanced

Tennis lessons for all ages in Dubai. These tennis classes are suitable for complete beginners or those who want to improve on their tennis playing skills in Dubai. Various locations and times.

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Private & Group Tennis Lessons In Dubai For Beginners / Advanced

Learn how to play tennis in Dubai or improve on your current tennis skills with these professional led tennis classes for adults and children.

Tennis lessons are available for both complete beginners and those who want to progress further in the sport.

Beginner lessons:

Beginner tennis lessons are ideal for those with no or minimal tennis experience.

You’ll learn the basics of tennis, game play rules, warming up correctly, how to position yourself correctly, service techniques and much more.

Beginner tennis training can be on a 1-2-1 or group basis which makes it an ideal and fun exercise activity for the whole family or friends.

Advanced lessons:

If you already have some experience playing tennis in Dubai the advanced classes are ideal to help you improve on your current skills.

For adults and children, advanced lessons will provide you with more confidence in your game play, introduce you to more advanced playing techniques, improve your forehand and backhand techniques and much more.

Tennis is also a great way to add a fitness element to your lifestyle. It can help you stay in great shape, make you more flexible and even help with weight loss.

Dubai Tennis Coach Elahe

About the tennis coach

Dubai Professional Tennis Coach Elahe has been playing and has been a referee since 2007.

She can help men and women of all ages learn to play tennis or improve their game. 

Being a referee on the Davis Cup tour has taught Elahe that with the right training and the right coach you can learn to play tennis for fun or as a competitive sport. 

Being a freelance tennis coach in Dubai Elahe can provide you with 1-2-1 or group tennis lessons at many different locations including your home. 

Click Here to view Elahe’s full tennis coach profile. 

Class Availability

Various days and times are available. Contact the coach for full information. 

Class suitability

Adults & Children. Mixed classes or female only.

Class Location

These tennis lessons can be provided at many different locations in Dubai. 

Contact The Class Organiser

For further information about this class or to ask any questions please use one of the contact methods listed below. 

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