Upper Body Strength & Conditioning Fitness Classes In Dubai

Build strength and tone in your upper body with these professional, personal trainer led fitness classes in Dubai. Suitable for men and women.

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Upper Body Strength & Conditioning Classes In Dubai With Personal Trainer Cameron

A class focused on the strength and conditioning of the upper body muscles with the use of compound and isolation movements in varying levels of intensity.

Build your overall strength or muscular endurance in these classes to help towards your goal of achieving full body athleticism under the watchful eye of a fully qualified Dubai fitness coach.

Classes have a capped class capacity to ensure each member gets the watchful coaching they need when learning these lifts.

Strengthening the upper body can help with other aspects of fitness too.

Muscle mass can naturally diminish with age, working the muscles of the upper body regularly can help reduce this.

If body fat reduction is your goal, strength building in Dubai can effectively reduce stubborn areas of fat.

These fitness classes in Dubai are ideal for men and women and are provided as a mixed class.

What will you learn?

Movements range from low rep, heavy weight compound strength movements to higher rep, lactate threshold enduring movements to prime muscles for endurance based tasks.

Learning the correct way to perform strength building exercises is also important to ensure you use the correct technique and prevent injury. Dubai PT Cameron will ensure you trainer safely and correctly. 

Personal trainers in the UAE for strength training and conditioning

About Cameron

Cameron is an experienced and qualified personal trainer from the United Kingdom who has lived the Majority of his life in Dubai, UAE.

Educated in a British School in Jumeirah and moving back to the UK for University where he pursued his passion for Health and Fitness by studying Sport & Exercise Science at Leeds Metropolitan University and honed his skills for some years in the UK before making the move back to Dubai.

He can train men and women in Dubai who have very different needs, always helping them to reach and exceed their fitness goals with a combination of great training techniques and positive lifestyle changes.

Class Availability

Class Days & Times: Sunday – 6am, 7am and 8am

Class suitability

These fitness classes are suitable for men and women – adults only

Class Location

TheDENDXB, Unit 11, Dubai Autodrome, Motorcity (Behind cycle hub)

Contact The Class Organiser

For further information about this class or to ask any questions please use one of the contact methods listed below. 

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