Water Aerobics Swimming Classes In Dubai

Get fit and have some fun in the water too in Dubai with these Water Aerobics Classes - private at home or your community pool. Suitable for Adults, Seniors and Children.

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Get Fit In Dubai With Water (aqua) Aerobics Classes

If you’re bored of the same off fitness training then try something new. Water/Aqua Fitness Classes in Dubai provided by a professional swimming coach. 

This unique private workout (each session takes 45 mins) is designed to burn calories, nourish your joints, and improve your muscle function. Doing exercises with water resistance helps you build muscle strength with less strain on your joints.

With the impact of gravity being less when you’re in the water, you would be able to do bigger movements with less effort. These water exercise routines are also effective to relieve pain in the neck, shoulders, back, knees, hips, and arms.

The sessions can be taken by both kids and adults, regardless if you’re fit, pregnant, injured or suffering from a physical condition.

Join a group of friends or even work colleagues for a fun, active workout session. 

A professional water therapy specialist will come to your private or community pool  in Dubai to teach a customized routine to address your specific needs.

Workouts will incorporate the use of exercise materials, with sessions gradually building up in intensity as you progress through the program.

You can book 1 session or choose between 5 sessions or 10 sessions for considerable progress. Classes can be rebooked as manty times as you want until the desired results are achieved.

aqua aerobics classes in Dubai with Nader

About The Class Instructor/Trainer

These fitness classes are provided by professional swimming coach Nader. 

Click Here to view Nader’s full swimming coach profile


Class Availability

Timings for these Water Aerobics classes is flexible. Contact Nader for full information.

Class suitability

All ages can participate in these classes. Ladies only, mixed adults, children and seniors.

Class Location

These Water Aerobics classes can be provided at your private or community pool throughout Dubai. 

Contact The Class Organiser

For further information about this class or to ask any questions please use one of the contact methods listed below. 

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