7 Great Reasons To Train At Home In Abu Dhabi

If you’ve considered at home personal training in Abu Dhabi but can’t decide if it’s right for you these 7 great reasons will help. There are many great benefits to working out at home for all ages and abilities – both men and women.
At home personal training in Abu Dhabi - 7 great reasons

7 Of The Best Reasons To Train At Home In Abu Dhabi With A Personal Trainer

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If you’ve been thinking about a fitness goal for a while but don’t have a clue where to start this article will help.

In previous articles we’ve covered how and why using a male or female personal trainer can help you achieve and exceed your fitness and lifestyle goals.

In this article we want to expand on 7 of the main reasons why working out at home with a personal trainer is a great choice for men and women of all ages.

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What Is Home Personal Training In Abu Dhabi?

Let’s be honest. Abu Dhabi has no shortage of gyms or fitness professionals but finding the time to visit the gym even a couple of times per week can be challenge for many busy men and women.

Add in travel time, the cost of going to gym and other factors and you might be left wondering if there is another way.

Luckily there is. Home based personal training in Abu Dhabi.

There are many fitness professionals including male and female personal trainers, yoga coaches, nutrition advisors and more who provide a fully mobile fitness service in your local area.

Personal trainers will visit you at home at a time that is suitable for you for your workouts. This kind of flexibility is great for busy people but also for men and women who would prefer not to go to the gym.

The Different Types Of Personal Training That Can Be Provided At Home In Abu Dhabi

  • Face to face fitness coaching


The face to face at home personal training option means your fitness coach will come to your home and provide your fitness training. You decide on the day and time.


  • Online fitness coaching at home in Abu Dhabi


Online training is hugely popular now. Due to the recent pandemic men, women and families have been able to continue their personal training or start a new training programs thanks to online coaching. What’s more you don’t need any specialist equipment. All you need is an internet connected device like a laptop or TV.


  • Face to face and online coaching – the best of both


Many fitness professionals can easily provide a great combination of face to face and online coaching too. This means you can schedule a face to face training session when you have time in your schedule and also arrange for a couple of online training sessions in Abu Dhabi when you can’t necessarily fit in a home session.

Face to face and online coaching in Abu Dhabi is also great if you travel with your job or you are on vacation. You can still use your personal trainers services while you are aware which means you can stay on track with your fitness goals.

With both face to face and online training you get 100% attention from your PT unlike you would in a gym. You also don’t necessarily need any specialist fitness equipment.

7 reasons to hire a great pt for at home fitness in abu dhabi - uae

The 7 Best Reasons To Train At Home

Reason Number 1 - You're Not Seeing Results

Training on your own towards a fitness goal can be difficult when you don’t know the best way to go about it.

Most men and women are not professionals when it comes to fitness but a personal trainer is (that is their job after all!). If you just want to stay in shape then training in the gym or at home is an option but if you are new to fitness or you don’t seem to be getting the results you need from your own fitness program it’s time to call in professional help.

What about fitness videos, workout routines and more in the internet? Do a search on YouTube and you’ll be amazed at home many fitness videos there. Whether you want to lose weight, get into kickboxing, do a Yoga session or train for a triathlon you will find a video on the internet that promises to help.

However, all of these training videos lack one thing – the personal approach. The personal approach is needed 100% when you are not seeing results from your training program.

Because personal training in the privacy of your home in Abu Dhabi is done on a 1-2-1, private basis the coach can work you through why you aren’t seeing (or feeling) results.

They can correct any mistakes you are making, ensure your exercise technique and form is correct and if required setup new exercise methods to get you back on track. You will never get this dedicated, personalised type of service from watching training videos online.

Reason Number 2 - You Don't Know Where To Start

The second reason why home training with a PT is a great choice is because you might not know where to start when it comes to your fitness journey.

Knowing where to start is crucial for those who are new to exercise and fitness. As a beginner you probably have very little knowledge about the best exercises to do, the best ways to adjust your nutrition, the correct ways to exercise to avoid injury and also the intensity and variety of workouts you should be doing.

For beginners – personal training at home in Abu Dhabi will get you off on the right track:

  • Advice about what exercises would work well based on your body type, your current level of fitness and your time scale for reaching your goal

  • At home, your PT will not only show you how to do an exercise, they will educate you on why you are doing it and what benefits it provides

  • Whether you are a wiz in the kitchen or prefer healthy take out meals in Abu Dhabi your PT will know all about fats, carbs, macros and nutrition supplements and changing your nutrition habits could be the key to success. Nearly all personal trainers will have a basic understanding of how changing your diet will help but if nutrition is a key part of your fitness plan make sure you train with a coach at home who is a specialist in nutrition advice

  • When to train, how often to train and at what intensity? This can be confusing for beginners which is where you home PT will help. Personal training programs in Abu Dhabi are usually customised to each client which means reps, sets and more are explained in full detail

Knowing where to start isn’t just for beginners. Many men, women and children in Abu Dhabi already appreciate the benefits of leading a fit and healthy lifestyle through getting regular exercise but want to try something new – a new fitness challenge.

For example, let’s say you want to learn kickboxing in Abu Dhabi. You might be fit already but you still need to learn kickboxing from a basic level. This is where a specialist PT who is experienced in training clients in kickboxing techniques will help.

Reason Number 3 - You're Bored With Your At Home Fitness Program

Let’s be honest. For some people exercise is more of a chore than something they do for fun. If you have a fitness goal and exercise and training is not something you normally do workouts can seem even more boring.

Boredom with exercising leads to other things and before you know it the odd off day turns into a week, and then another week and so on. This can cause havoc with your personal fitness goals whether that is simply weight loss or body transformation.

So how can personal training at home in Abu Dhabi with a fitness coach cure boredom and get you back on track?


  1. Introduce you to different methods of exercise

    Changing up your fitness routine is a great way to reduce boredom. By adding other elements of training you become more excited about your workouts. Try something new like Zumba or HIIT based exercises like boxing or kickboxing. CrossFit and Bootcamp are also great choices because you won’t be working out on the same old routine and equipment time and time again.

  2. Increase your focus by learning something new

    Adding new exercise ideas and training types is what a male or female personal trainer is there for. They have the experience and knowledge you need to decrease boredom and get your focus and motivation levels up.

Reason Number 4 - You Need To Be More Challenged In Your Workouts For Better Results

So you’ve been working out at home for a while and have made good progress. However, as time goes on you find your workouts are as challenging as they used to be.

Whether you have a fitness goal or workout in general fitness if you don’t find your training methods challenging enough you might not see or feel the results you need.

This applies to most fitness methods, whether that’s increasing reps and sets for muscle building or increasing intensity for cardio based workouts.

When you train at home in Abu Dhabi with a PT they can closely your progress and make suggestions based on your abilities to increase the intensity of your workouts which will challenge you more.

You might find that completely different training methods will help to keep you challenged too.

sweat is just fat crying infographic

Reason Number 5 - You Suffer From Procrastination Or Lack Of Focus

Training at home in Abu Dhabi can be tough for many men and women. Among the many excuses people use is that there is always something else that needs to be done and your fitness regime tends to gradually fall to the bottom of the queue.

At first you are excited and looking forward to the challenge but it doesn’t take long for this enthusiasm to wane. You’re not alone though, this is a typical scenario in the work of fitness – just like most new years resolutions where people swear they will improve their lifestyle in the coming year.

It’s not always the case but you need focus and motivation to get rid of procrastination and for many people it’s a difficult hurdle to overcome – especially if you have a family too.

The answer here is to hire a male or female personal trainer who can not only workout with you at home but also provide support via telephone, email and even video for the times when you are not training together.

When you hire a professional coach you become not only accountable to yourself but them too. You won’t be able to get away with making excuses to yourself about why you can’t train today. You’ve paid good money to hire the services of a professional so unless you want to waste money you need to do your training at the time and days you’ve specified in your agreement with them.

Trainers are not just there to show you how to do an exercise or explain why a particular exercise works well. They are there to make sure you stay focused, motivated and up-beat about your health and fitness.

Reason Number 6 - You Have A Special Condition Or Special PT Need

Training at home is ideal if you have an injury, illness or special condition than would otherwise prevent you from working out in the gym in Abu Dhabi.

Just because you have a special condition doesn’t mean that you need to stop your current exercise regime or even prevent you from starting a new one.

Let’s look in more detail about what we mean by ‘special condition’


1. Injury Rehabilitation

Whether you’ve suffered from a training injury, an injury at work or any other kind of injury using the services of a rehabilitation personal trainer at home in Abu Dhabi can work wonders when it comes to getting you back on your feet in a shorter time and more importantly safely.

Using their specialist knowledge in training clients with varying injuries they can plan your program around your current abilities and increase your training intensity as and when your feel like you can do more.

It’s important to note here that when you look for a rehab coach in Abu Dhabi you need to make sure the coach is fully qualified in working with clients who need rehabilitation services.

Training with a specialist also means you are less likely to injure yourself even further which can put your progress back by weeks or even months. Training at home, they will teach you how to listen to your body and not overdo it, they will also teach you correct form and technique.


2. Illness Recovery

If you’ve been ill for any reason it can be tough to get back on your feet and back to fitness. Many Doctors in Abu Dhabi agree that using a professional fitness coach can really help with the recovery process.

Taking into consideration your illness, your fitness level, diet and nutrition needs and more a rehabilitation coach will design a program based around your own, individual needs.


3. Prenatal Ladies In Abu Dhabi

As we’ve discussed in many other great articles about pre and post natal training in Abu Dhabi just because you are pregnant doesn’t mean you need to stop exercising. If you trained before you can continue to do so and if you want to start a new pregnancy fitness program you can do that too.

What you need to consider though is the type and intensity of exercises you can safely do at all stages of your pregnancy. For example, first trimester exercise routines would be different from third trimester exercises.

You can ensure you are not putting yourself or you baby at risk by hiring a prenatal fitness coach in Abu Dhabi who will visit you at home to provide your workouts.

They will also closely monitor your progress, make sure you using proper form and technique and of course not putting too much pressure on yourself.

This can help you stay in great shape throughout your entire pregnancy and also help you get back your body shape after you have given birth.


4. Seniors & Elderly

Although gyms and other fitness facilities are used by seniors in Abu Dhabi sometimes it is more appealing to have personal training services at home. This is especially true for senior and the elderly who have limited mobility.

In these situations home based Senior PT is ideal. They can help seniors and the elderly work on their fitness and lifestyle which can improve their mobility and help them continue to lead a more independent life. Many coaches are specialists when it comes to senior fitness and can provide low impact exercise methods and targeted fitness for improving flexibility.

Having a PT at home for seniors will ensure they don’t feel outpaced or intimidated as many do when attending a gym.

And Finally....Reason Number 7 - You Need Help Training For An Event

If you want to reach the peak of your sports fitness or enter competition then having the guidance of a professional can really help.

They will not only show you how to train harder but using their own experience they can provide valuable tips and tricks.

Training at home for an event helps to remove distraction and the coach will provide 100% of their attention to you.

A few examples of home PT for event preparation include:

  • Football fitness – improve your speed, strength, agility and endurance with specific football fitness personal training.

  • Bodybuilding – it’s all about prep when it comes to doing well in bodybuilding competition. A coach will help you get ripped, reduce your fat to muscle ratio with excellent diet and nutrition advice and even help you pose correctly

  • Kickboxing – kickboxing requires power and endurance. Training at home gives you much more time to really work on your moves and your overall fitness levels

  • Boxing – training with a boxing coach at home is ideal. Used as a sparring partner your coach can improve your hand-eye coordination, increase your punch power, tone your muscles for defence and much more

In Summary.....

There are plenty of reasons why personal training at home with a professional fitness coach in Abu Dhabi will help you. 

We’ve covered a few of the main reasons in the article above but if you are still undecided you can contact any male or female coach listed on the UAE Personal Trainers website for a free consultation about your training needs.

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