8 Health Reasons To Do More Cardio Exercise In The UAE

Did you know that doing more cardio exercise in the UAE can help improve your mood? There are many other reasons why you should do more cardio.
8 benefits of doing cardio exercise in the UAE

Doing More Cardio Exercise In The UAE

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It really doesn’t matter what sex you are, how old you are or even how fit you are in the UAE, adding more cardio based exercise to your workout routine can help improve your fitness levels.

The term cardio exercise can easily be explained. Cardio exercise, aerobic exercise or cardiovascular exercise relates to any fitness activity that increases heart rate and respiration which ultimately raises oxygen and blood flow.

Cardio workouts make you fitter, no doubt about that, but most well designed weight loss program also include cardio training at their core because high intensity cardio workouts will help you burn more calories both when you are working out and when you’re not.

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Cardio Exercise Explained

One of the biggest benefits of doing more cardio for many men and women in Abu Dhabi and Dubai is that you don’t need that much space and you don’t need equipment.
Unless you train regularly you probably need to do more cardio. According to the HealthLine website, doing more cardio has so many health and fitness benefits including reducing your risk of heart disease and more.

Many readers will be looking for information about cardio based fitness programs with a simple goal, that being weight loss. Although in this article we won’t be covering cardio for weight loss you can find in-depth weight loss articles here.

1. Cardio Improves Cardiovascular Health

Doing cardio based (aerobic) exercises should be part of your overall heart healthy lifestyle. It doesn’t mean you should do just cardio, strength training for example is important too.

However, numerous studies prove that by doing moderate levels of cardio exercise daily (preferred) or weekly can really help with heart health over time.

Cardio workouts train your heart, which is a muscle. Training your heart is just as important as exercising any other muscle in your body.

However, doing less cardio as we age means the heart has to work harder in shorter bursts compared to if you regularly do cardio training. In other words, if you notice you are out of breath or your heart rate increases just by walking short distances you really need to look at improving your cardio health.

To provide a better idea of how often you should do cardio training the American Heart Association recommends at least 150 minutes of moderate intensity cardio based exercises per week. Of course this shouldn’t be done in a single day. Instead spread the time out over a period of a week.

Even if you feel you are very unfit or too overweight to do cardio in Abu Dhabi or Dubai you still can. There are plenty of gentle exercises you can do to start with before moving on to more vigorous workouts.

Professional cardio fitness personal trainers

Your heart health is important but so is your health in general. If you are overweight or unfit in general you should seek advice from a profession personal trainer in Abu Dhabi or Dubai before you start any exercise program.

The same applies if you have a medical condition in the UAE. Seek advice from your medical professional first.

2. Can Help Lower Blood Pressure

As we mentioned above, cardio exercise helps with heart health. This ties in with blood pressure too.

When you do regular physical activity in the form of an aerobic workout in the UAE you are maker your heart strong, just like training your legs, arms or back will make those muscles stronger too.

When your heart is stronger it is able to pump more blood with less effort and because of this the force on your arteries deceases which in turn lowers your blood pressure.

High blood pressure is suffered by many people in the UAE which is associated with both a sedentary lifestyle and of course weight.

However, unless you have been advised not to exercise or have a medical condition that causes your blood pressure there is no reason why you can’t get your blood pressure in check with good diet and regular exercise.

8 benefits of doing cardio exercise in the UAE

3. Helps Blood Sugar Levels

Physical activity like cardio exercise can help to keep blood sugar levels in check.

By making your body more sensitive to insulin, physical activity can lower your blood sugar levels for 24 hours or more depending on your blood sugar levels.

It’s important to note here. Exercise and physical activity is not meant to be a replacement for any medications you are on for blood sugar related conditions.

4. Cardio Exercise Helps You Sleep Better

Sleep is something many of us in the UAE need more of.

Whether it’s because you lead a busy life, have a hectic schedule or simply suffer from bouts of bad sleep, getting a good nights sleep can sometimes seem impossible.

However, when you consider that sleep really does have an impact on your overall health and fitness, finding ways to sleep better (and sometimes for a longer time) should be something we all need to look into.

Doing cardio training in the UAE is almost guaranteed to help you sleep better.

According to the Sleep Foundation Website, exercises like cardio can help with both mild and severe cases of insomnia.


How does cardio help you sleep?

There are many ways in which doing cardio exercise in the UAE can help you get a better nights sleep. One of these is related to stress and anxiety.

When you are stressed or anxious your mind is racing and it almost seems that you can’t switch off. However, to combat this, when you exercise your brain releases more ‘feel good’ hormones which help you to relax. When you are relaxed you’re far more likely to switch off (mentally) and fall asleep.

Secondly. Exercises, particularly cardio based exercise in Abu Dhabi or Dubai tend to be high intensity. These exercises can literally tire you out which in turn means you’ll drop off quicker and stay asleep longer. The active you are during the day the more your body is pushing you to sleep better at night.

5. Cardio Can Help Reduce Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is something that many of us will suffer with at some point in our lives. With many people looking to more holistic methods in the UAE to treat chronic pain can cardio exercises help?

The answer to this question is a resounding yes but of course it also depends on the type of chronic pain you suffer from.

Cardio based fitness programs can help increase your mobility, decrease inflammation and help you control pain better.

Depending on the type of pain you have, for example back pain, neck pain, leg pain, you should combine gentle cardio exercise with other forms of training like yoga, stretching, Pilates and others.

hiit exercises for cardio health in the uae

6. Cardio Helps Strengthen The Immune System

You might also be surprised to hear that doing cardio exercise regularly can really help to improve your immune system too.

Basically, when you do cardio exercise you are increasing your blood flow and also lymph flow because your muscles are contracting. Immune cells are also circulating more because of this.

This in turn helps to increase your immunity.

7. Cardio Improves Your Mood

Do you ever feel like you’re on a high after you’ve done a great cardio workout session in the UAE?

Cardio exercise (any exercise) can help make you ‘feel’ in a better mood for several reasons.

First, when you exercise your body produces what are called endorphins that often help improve your sense of well-being.

Secondly, cardio based exercise routines can also increase neurotransmitters like glutamate, serotonin and norepinephrine which can be low in some people.

Third. As we mentioned above, exercise can help improve sleep. If you get a better nights sleep you will find you are in a better mood the next morning and throughout the day.

Final Thoughts.....

Most people in the UAE need to do more cardio based exercises throughout the week. Not only if you are trying to lose weight but for other reasons too related to your overall health and fitness.

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