How Can Running Help Your Fitness In Dubai?

There are many benefits to adding running as part of your training routine in Dubai. Running can help you lose weight and tone up. It can also help you maintain your fitness levels.
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Running As An Exercise Method In Dubai - Can It Help Improve Your Fitness Program?

Article Contributor: Daniel

If you are already following a personal fitness training program in Dubai or are thinking about starting a new one adding running for fitness provides many great benefits.

For most men and women in Dubai running is an option you could choose for a variety of reasons. Whether it’s weight loss, improved cardio health, as a competitive sport or simply because they want to try something new.

There are of course precautions you need to take if you are new to fitness which is why a professional running personal trainer in Dubai can help.

In this article we’ll be taking a look at why running is one of the all time greats when it comes to personal fitness and we’ll also take an in-depth look at the positive effects running has for different fitness goals.

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Top Reasons To Add Running To Your Workouts In Dubai

Putting on your running shoes and hitting the road or even the treadmill provides great overall benefits to your fitness levels.

In detail, how can running in Dubai help?


Improved cardio fitness


Running, whether for short distances or long increases your heart rate. As your heart rate increases it pumps more oxygen rich blood around your body.

The heart is a muscle and like any other muscle in the body it helps if you train it. A healthier heart means you are less likely to suffer from heart related disorders.

According to a large scale study by the American College Of Cardiology found here running regularly as a fitness method reduced the risk of heart attack by up to 40%

Running In Dubai Helps you lose weight

There’s no denying the fact that exercise types like running burn calories. To effectively lose weight you need to be in a calorie deficit.

What this simply means is that if you consume more calories during the day than your body needs you are more likely to put on weight.

How does running have an effect on your calorie deficit? It’s simple really. Running helps to burn huge amounts of calories. So, if your eat more calories than your body needs during the day, running off those extra calories helps use up those ‘extra’ calories.

Running has been proven time and time again to be one of the best exercise methods to burn fat. So, not only will it help you lost weight but because you are burning fat you will be toning your body at the same time.

Of course where weight loss in Dubai is concerned you can’t out train or even out run a bad diet. You might think that a 5k run will effectively melt away the fat from those large pizza you had for lunch but nutrition is about more than just losing weight. Even skinny people can be unhealthy on the inside from eating too much junk food.

So, if running is a good way lose weight make sure you combine it with a good and nourishing diet in Dubai.


Running Helps To Tone Your Body

If fat loss and body toning are your goals in Dubai, running everyday (if you have the time) can really help.

As well as losing weight and burning off fat running can tone your thighs, your calves and of course your buttocks.

The movement of running itself helps to keep the muscles strong and gives the legs and even your core a good overall workout every time you go out for a run.


Sports Fitness


If you play any kind of sport in the UAE running can help.

For example, if you play (or want to play) sports like tennis in the UAE running will help increase your speed on the court and also increase your endurance levels. A high level of endurance training is required if you want to do well at tennis.

Football requires players to be super fit. Running as part of your training program will help increase your overall fitness levels and allow you to play for longer.

How To Start Running For Fitness In Dubai

There is no reason why most men and women (including kids in Dubai) can’t enjoy the health and fitness benefits of going for a run on a regular basis.

However, like any type of exercise, if running is going to be used as a way to reaching a fitness goal you really need to consider certain things.


Start Slow And Build It Up


We don’t mean run in slow motion but your pace needs to adjusted according your many things.

These include:

  • Your current level of fitness
  • Body Weight
  • Underlying health conditions


Looking at the above points in more detail:

Your current level of fitness has a direct impact on running. If you are already in great shape then this doesn’t need to apply to you but for newbies who are just starting to run (or jog) as part of their fitness program how fit you are dictates both the intensity and duration of your runs.

This is why it’s a good decision to hire a personal running coach in Dubai. They will set your pace the intensity of each and every session.

If you are unfit and trying to get in shape you don’t want to overdo it on your first few running sessions because this can lead to injury and burn out.

Both of these things can cause a negative effect on your body (through injury) and your mind-set because it might put you off exercising.

Bodyweight does of course matter when it comes to running for fitness in Dubai. If you are overweight and unfit you might find that you tire quicker when doing different forms of cardio exercise.

This is why you need to start on short runs and don’t overdo it. Pace yourself, let your coach monitor you and provide advice about when you can start longer, more intense runs.

Underlying health conditions can impact on the speed, distance and intensity of your runs. As mentioned above it’s a good idea to hire a PT in Dubai with running training experience because they can adjust your program to fit your needs.

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How Often Should I Run?

Running is seen by many as a pleasurable exercise but that really depends on your viewpoint.

If you are already super fit then running 5km a day might seem like a breeze. But, if you are 50lbs overweight and trying to shift some of that weight then you might think of running as an extreme chore.

The number of times per week you should aim to run as part of a personal fitness program depends on you, your schedule and of course your goals.

  • For weight loss and improved cardio fitness try to run every other day

  • For maintenance, I.e. staying in great shape many people choose to run daily

What Else Do I need To Think About Before Starting To Run In Dubai

Running is one of the oldest exercise types. There are many good reasons why it’s still as popular now as it’s ever been as a cardio fitness tool.

However, like many exercise methods it’s not something that everyone enjoys.

Running in the heat of Dubai can not only be uncomfortable but can be dangerous too. If you are new to fitness and not used to exercising outdoors take it slow, drink plenty of fluids and do your running sessions with a partner.

It also needs to be pointed out that if you are overweight running can sometimes put excessive pressure on the joints, ligaments and bones. With this in mind it’s also best to seek professional medical advice before you start running.

In Summary.....

We hope you have found this article useful. Personal trainers in Dubai with running coaching experience are always here to help.

Find the best male or female personal trainer in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman or RAK.

Running For Fitness Personal Coaches In Dubai

pt and sports fitness coach in dubai - daniel
PT and sports fitness coach Daniel knows the science behind health and fitness making him the ideal trainer / sports fitness coach in Dubai. At home training or outdoors for all levels of fitness.
PT Location:Dubai
PT Experience: Weight Loss, Sports Fitness, Body Toning, Kickboxing, General Fitness, Endurance, Triathlon.....
I Can Train: Men & Women
James - PT in Dubai for Men & Women
James is a fully qualified coach in Dubai who can help you get fit and healthy through CrossFit, Olympic lifting strength training and more. He is also a specialist when it comes to female fitness and pre/post natal training for ladies.
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PT Experience: CrossFit, Endurance, Olympic Weight Lifting, Pre & Post Natal, Women's Fitness, Strength.....
I Can Train: Men & Women
Kickboxing and Boxing Coach In Abu Dhabi At Home For Adults - Children - Hamada
Train at home in Dubai or in your gym with Hamada. Kickboxing, muscle gain. Senior fitness & medical condition exercises. Youth and teen fitness. Lose weight and look great with great weight loss and muscle building programs.
PT Location:Dubai
PT Experience: Kickboxing, CrossFit, Boxing, Senior Fitness, Kids Fitness, Bodybuilding, Weight Loss, Muscle Building.....
I Can Train: Men & Women
Sharjah Female PT - Pre Natal Coach - Gemma Ovens
Safe and effective personal training programs for pregnant ladies in Dubai and Sharjah and postnatal coaching for new mothers. Gemma provides diverse exercise methods based on trimester and your current fitness levels.
PT Location:Dubai, Sharjah
PT Experience: Pre & Post Natal, Female Fitness, Sports Fitness, Weight Management, Nutrition & Diet.....
I Can Train: Women Only
Dubai Female Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Coach Mary
Mary is a professional PT in Dubai who can help with all aspects of your fitness needs including weight issues, cardio fitness, body transformation, strength, pre and post natal and more.
PT Location:Dubai
PT Experience: Bodybuiling, Muscle Gain, Body Toning, Strength, Pre & Post Natal, Running, Weight Loss, Endurance.....
I Can Train: Men, Women & Children
Dubai Female Personal Trainer Amira - Beginner and Advanced Fitness Programs
Looking for a great female personal trainer in Dubai? Amira is a specialist in fat loss, body toning, diet planning and nutrition, and pre/post natal training. Programs for at home, online and gym coaching in Dubai.
PT Location:Dubai
PT Experience: Fat Loss, Body Transformation, Diet, Functional Training, Pre Natal, Cardio Fitness, Online PT, Ladies Specific Fitness.....
I Can Train: Men & Women

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