Is Online Personal Training In Dubai Cheaper?

We’re all looking for a great deal. Can online personal training in Dubai be cheaper and as effective as face to face coaching? find out the benefits and the price of online PT
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Can Online Coaching In Dubai Save You Money?

Article Contributor: Andrew

Advances in technology and the way we interact have been changing. Thanks to these changes online personal training in Dubai is becoming more popular than ever.

In the past, online personal training was bit hit and miss but now, thanks to faster internet, large screen TV’s and platforms like Zoom in Dubai online PT can be as good as trainer with a coach face to face.

The price of personal training in Dubai is always changing. In this article we’ll take a look at online PT options, benefits and whether online coaching really can save you some money.

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If going to the gym or meeting a trainer face to face doesn’t really fit into your schedule, online personal training in Dubai might be the best option for you.

You might be thinking that it’s a less effective way workout but that’s simply not true. Online training can be even more beneficial because there are no distractions, travel time and it’s often cheaper too.

What Is Online Personal Training In Dubai?

It’s not confusing, online coaching is exactly what it says it is. You train with a Dubai PT online at home.

However, online personal training takes many forms depending on what you want to achieve.

It could include a full hour workout session if you want to lose weight and tone your physique or it could include something like a small group Yoga class or even Zumba.

The good thing about online coaching in Dubai is that it can be tailored to your exact needs. So, what this means is that if weight loss is your goal your online coach would create a customised program for weight loss. If muscle building is your goal your coach would create a customised program to help you gain muscle.

Training online doesn’t need to be that different from face to face coaching. It’s just different in the way the training session is delivered.


Do you need any special equipment?

Many men and women ask the question – do I need special equipment to train online.

The quick answer is no. As long as you have a good internet connection and an internet connected device you can enjoy all the benefits that online coaching offers. Although a smartphone is a bit small for your coaching sessions a laptop or even an internet connected TV would be ideal.

The Benefits Of Online Personal Training

There are many benefits to training online opposed to face to face coaching. During the long periods of lockdown many men and women were concerned with weight gain and general reductions in their fitness levels.

Online personal training really helped to get many people back in shape and continues now. Online coaching has become mainstream thanks for the many available apps that provide video meeting services.


Time saving

Sometimes it seems there simply isn’t enough time to fit in a gym session. You finish work for the day, have to drive to the gym, workout, take a shower and before you know it a large chunk of your evening is gone.

Booking your online coaching sessions in Dubai in advanced saves you so much time which gives you more freedom to spend time doing other things like spending quality time with family and friends.

With no travel time involved you simply set aside an hour or so for your fitness sessions. Because you do your training at home no travelling involved.


Communication is easy

Taking your personal training in the gym means there are many distractions. If you use the services of a gym employed PT these distractions can be even worse because you might not be getting 100% of their attention.
When you train at home, online, there are very few distraction for both you and your PT. You get 100% attention, allowing you to focus on your workout.


Wherever you are your trainer is available

Many people hire a personal trainer in Dubai with a long term fitness goal. This same people might have jobs that include travel.

Travel, whether for work or pleasure can interrupt your training and although a couple of days off from time to time isn’t a big problem, when this happens fairly frequently it can cause your workout program to take a negative hit.

The beauty of online personal training is that wherever you are, as long as you have an internet connection (in a hotel, private house etc) your coach is available.


Support and guidance always available

Training clients online, whether that’s weight loss, prenatal coaching, muscle building, yoga or Pilates, saves a trainer time. This free time allows them to be more available for their existing clients in the form of support.

Basically, using WhatsApp and other online tools they can provide support and guidance as part of your training program when you need to ask a question or need a little encouragement.

If weight loss is your goal, your online coach can even send you weekly meal plan ideas to accompany your training program.

online personal training in dubai - cheaper

Is Online PT In Dubai Cheaper?

Generally, training online in Dubai is a cheaper option but this does depend on the trainer and your personal fitness goals.

Why is training online cheaper?

• Zero travel time. Some coaches will charge you more if your location is outside of the areas they normally cover. This is perfectly normal because not only does it take time to travel to your location but the trainer has to been transport fees too. When the coach doesn’t have to travel the price decreases.

• No wasted time between appointments. Like travel time, it can take a trainer more time to get from one client to another. There are only so many hours in the day so a coach has to factor this in to their prices and their schedule. When training online with clients a coach can book more clients into a single day. More clients means they can reduce their prices and pass this saving on to their clients in Dubai.

• No gym fees. Some trainers will come to your home but sometimes when you have a specific fitness goal you’ll need access to a gym. However, if you have smaller items of training equipment at home there is no need to visit the gym with a trainer which saves on gym fees.

• Combination training. Face to face and online coaching can be combined which means you still get some face to face sessions and the rest will be done online. Combination training can also lower the price of a PT in Dubai.

In Summary.....

Online fitness coaching is now more popular than ever in Dubai thanks to new technologies. Your coaching sessions can easily be designed to work in the same way as face to face training but you’ll be saving time and money too.

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