Price Of Personal Training In Abu Dhabi

How much can you expect to pay for your personal training in Abu Dhabi? As you will see in this article the price does vary depending on many factors.
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Price Of Personal Training In Abu Dhabi - What's included and why is it different from trainer to trainer?

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The price of hiring a personal trainer in Abu Dhabi - things to consider

In Abu Dhabi, the cost of personal training can vary from trainer to trainer.

For many people this is confusing but there are many reasons why one personal trainer in Abu Dhabi for example may be more expensive or cost less than another.

Cheaper is not always the best option but then again paying too much doesn’t always mean you are getting a better service either.

We always suggest you research more than one personal trainer to ensure you are getting a good deal for your money.

The price of hiring the best male or female personal trainer in Abu Dhabi doesn’t need to be overly expensive.

Investing in a local coach is an investment in your health and fitness.

Remember, all the fitness professionals on the UAE Personal Trainers website do offer a free consultation so you have nothing to lose.


Why Is There A Difference In Price For Personal Trainers In Abu Dhabi?


Experience Level:


Firstly, the price of a personal trainer in Abu Dhabi is reflected in their experience level.

Like any job, as you rise through the ranks your experience level will increase.

The more your experience level increases the more you can expect to charge for your services.

This is no different in the world of personal fitness.

Whether it’s a male personal trainer in Abu Dhabi or a female personal trainer in Abu Dhabi, the price you pay will definitely increase with the more experience a PT has to offer.

A trainer who has many years experience in training clients with very different needs will tend to charge more.

But, even though you can expect to pay more you are gaining access to someone who really knows the ropes.

The more experienced a trainer is, the more services they can offer to you which can result in you seeing results quicker.

Also, diet and nutrition trainers in Abu Dhabi are in high demand. The best PT’s in your local area will often include a great nutrition plan as part of their customised fitness plans for you.

This can mean you get great advice and experience and not have to pay separately for diet and nutrition advice.


What should you check:


  • How many years experience does the trainer or coach have
  • Did they gain experience in different roles within the fitness industry
  • Is their experience a match to your personal training goal
  • Can they also offer free diet and nutrition advice
  • All of the above factors will influence what the price of the personal trainer in Abu Dhabi will be.


On-Going Personal Development:


Like any business, a personal trainer in Abu Dhabi has overheads.

One of these overheads is the continuation of their own personal development through training courses, seminars and other certifications.

More often than not a personal trainer who invests in themselves might need to charge a little more. But you as the client also benefit from using updated training methods, new techniques and more.

PT’s who often attend training courses and learn more about their industry can often provide leading edge methods.


What should you check:


  • How often does the coach update their own training methods through their own education
  • Do they offer more advanced and sophisticated training methods


setting exercise goals in Dubai and Abu Dhabi


Company Or Freelance Personal Trainers In Abu Dhabi:


Personal trainers in Abu Dhabi are either working on freelance basis, for a sports fitness company or as part of a gym.

Freelance trainers don’t usually have the same overheads (offices, gyms etc) as a company trainer but this is not usually reflected in the price.

Although freelance trainer don’t have the same overheads they are also sometimes limited in where they can train you.

For example, some gyms don’t allow freelance trainer to use their facilities.

If training location (for example at home training in Abu Dhabi) is important to you this might bump up the price because you will need to join a gym.

However, all coaches will be able to provide smaller items of fitness equipment which is ideal for at home training in Abu Dhabi.


Things to consider:


  • If the PT is company based do they have access to a gym for your workouts
  • For freelance personal trainers in Abu Dhabi do they have access to training facilities or can you only train at home
  • Many gym personal trainers only allow you to train in the gym where they are employed in Abu Dhabi


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Sought After Training Skills:


This is something that is definitely reflected in the price of personal training in Abu Dhabi.

Both male personal trainers and female personal trainers can (and do) charge a premium for their services if they are qualified to work with clients who have specific needs.

For example, pre and post natal personal trainers in Abu Dhabi have to be trained and certified to work with pregnant women.

You wouldn’t (and shouldn’t) use a coach who is not specifically trained in this area.

The same applies to senior fitness PT’s, children’s fitness coaches and rehabilitation too.

Training and certification in a specialist subject does take time, experience and money which means the trainer can charge more for their services to clients in Abu Dhabi.

However, think of it this way. Would your prefer to invest your time and money with someone who is qualified and knows the best training methods for your fitness goal or would you prefer to take a chance?

Most people would definitely choose the first option.


Things to consider:


  • If the reason you want hire a personal trainer in your local area of Abu Dhabi includes specialist training expect to pay more
  • Trainers with sought after skills often invest more time and money in their own education and career
  • Make sure your coach is not only experience but also certified to provide specialist training services


Membership Of Professional Services:


Joining and becoming a member of a professional body in Abu Dhabi like UAE Reps costs time and money.

The price of a personal trainer in Abu Dhabi who is reps registered isn’t always higher.

But, using a reps registered trainer does indicate that they have proven to a governing body that they are fully qualified and able to provide fitness coaching.

Of course there are other registration and professional organisations that many personal trainers are part of.

In Abu Dhabi many of the fitness coaches are from overseas and these coaches are normally registered with professional organisations in their home countries.

However, all personal trainers should eventually become registered with UAE Reps.

As part of their membership of UAE Reps the trainers have to undertake regular training courses to ensure they meet specific criteria.


Things to consider:


  • The price of a personal trainer in Abu Dhabi can go up if the coach is registered with a professional organisation
  • Ongoing training and membership of professional bodies is usually yearly so PT’s have to budget for this in their pricing structure


Lower The Price Of Personal Training In Abu Dhabi & Get A Better Deal With Block Bookings:


Like any business, the more you buy the less you pay.

This is the same when looking at the price of personal training in Abu Dhabi.

Almost all personal trainers want to take on clients who are looking at their health and fitness as a long term goal.

With this in mind most trainers and fitness coaches will offer a great deal when you book a set number of personal training sessions.


For example, many PT’s will scale their discounts:


  • 10 personal training sessions with a 10% discount
  • 20 personal training sessions with a 20% discount

When you speak with a trainer make sure you ask what discounts they can provide – both for short term and long term fitness goals.


Finally, Train In A Group For More Savings:


Many people in Abu Dhabi can save much more on the price of their Abu Dhabi PT.

If you hire a personal trainer or fitness coach as part of a group you can split the fees between you.

The higher the number in your group the lower your overall fees become which can result is great savings over time.

So, ask around – friends, family and even co-workers might have the same fitness goals as you.

In Summary.....

In conclusion. The price of a PT in Abu Dhabi is changeable depending on many factors, including:

Find A Personal Trainer, Sports or Fitness Coach In Abu Dhabi

If you are considering using a PT, Sports Or Other Fitness Coach in your local area of Abu Dhabi check the fully qualified male and female PT profiles on the UAE Personal Trainers website. 

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