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Protect yourself and others too with self-defence training in Dubai. Why is self-defense important? We asked a professional PT in Dubai for his advice and tips.
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Boxing trainer - Self Defense Coach Dubai - Samer

Article Submitted By: PT Samer

Samer is passionate about using martial arts for fitness in Dubai.

Whether you are new to boxing, kickboxing, martial arts or self-defense he can create the perfect training plan for you.

By using his many years of experience and different training techniques you can progress from a complete novice to a more experienced client in a short time.

Self-Defense training in Dubai - good for all ages and all fitness levels

Self-defense training and classes in Dubai are there to give you the confidence you need if you find yourself in a tricky situation. Self-defense is not about violence, it’s about being able to protect yourself. 

We asked a professional self-defense coach for his advice and tips about learning to defend yourself. 


Self-defense in Dubai


Question 1 – For men and women in Dubai who aren’t aware of what self defense training is can you give us a run down on what it is?

Self-defense training is like a seminar or workshop that gives basic yet important tips and valuable knowledge to individual men and women how to protect themselves.

This can help when they find themselves in a certain situation or conflict where they are in danger of facing violence or physical abuse from someone else usually more powerful.

Self-defense will definitely increase someone’s chances of being able to protect themselves and get out of tricky situations with less damage physically and sometimes mentally.


Question 2 – As well as being able to defend yourself in tricky situations does self defense training provide other fitness benefits too? If so can you explain what these are?

Self-defense training is not so focused on fitness or improving fitness levels in Dubai, however it will help its trainee be more flexible and have faster and smarter reflexes and a much better and effective reaction time.


Question 3 – How long does it take to become proficient when learning self defense?

A seminar or workshop in self-defense in Dubai can be up to 8 sessions.
In my experience of training many different clients in Dubai (adults and children) I think it depends on the individual. Some people learn and pick up self-defense tactics quicker than others.

However, many do become proficient at defending themselves within just a few weeks.


Question 4 – What are the overall benefits to children in Dubai when it comes to learning self defense in a group?

The overall benefits to children in Dubai is being able to protect themselves the same as adults.

Self-defense does not teach children any form of violence or reaction.

It helps children to defend themselves in they find themselves in a threatening situation.

The major benefits for children learning self-defense in Dubai include:



Being trained to defend themselves does increase a child’s confidence. Knowing that they can apply self-defense tactics helps many children that suffer with low self esteem.


Self-defense training for kids of all ages gives kids a sense of security and peace of mind (this also applies to their parents too)


When children learn self-defense they also learn focus. This can help in other aspects of their life too. At school and in groups for example.

Dealing with bullying.

Bullying at school and even out of school can be a nasty experience for both children and parents. During their early years bullying can really impact a child’s development and cause high levels of stress.

Self-defense training can help children in Dubai deal with bullying and provide them with a safe and secure environment in which to grow and excel.


Question 5 – Can you take us through what methods you use in one of your typical self defense classes in Dubai – from the start of the lessons to the end of the lesson?

One of the typical self-defense classes I provide in Dubai is training a woman how to defend herself against possible harassment.

The class starts by teaching women how to communicate with the dangerous person and how to manage to stay away from him and try to calm him down, trying to avoid any violent act from him.

Second stage would be teaching her how to find and look properly for an escape within this stressful and panicking situation in case communication seems helpless, and how to execute her escape in direction and timing.

Third and unfortunately if all methods failed and she found her self under attack or offence the class teaches the lady how to act fast and respond smartly and promptly to her offender to get rid of his grip and stop him with minimum required time. This stage of training also focuses on defence techniques and accuracy of movement.


Question 6 – As a professional self defense trainer, do you think men and women have to have a certain level of fitness before they can learn self-defense moves?

The self-defense training methods I use for men and women in Dubai ensure that no fitness level is required to be able to learn self defense.

In contrast, self-defense is designed to be a defensive weapon for those who are weak or not fit and have no experience in any martial arts, A martial art expert might manage to protect himself/herself without knowledge of self-defense and a fit person might do so also or at lease manage to escape.

In Summary.....

Self-defense training in Dubai can help you in many different ways. It can also help with some aspects of personal fitness too. 

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