The Benefits Of Using A Training Partner

Why do we think that using a training partner in the UAE is a great idea? Focus, motivation, improving your exercise technique and much more….
the benefits of a workout partner or personal trainer

The Amazing Benefits Of Using A Training Partner In The UAE

Article Contributor: Andrew

Whether working out in the gym in Abu Dhabi or training in the park in Dubai, a training partner is a great idea for many reasons.

Having a friend, relative or even a personal trainer in the UAE as your workout buddy helps with motivation, advice and can just be more fun than training alone.

So what are the main benefits of having a training partner in the UAE? Read on for some excellent tips and advice.

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How Can A Training Partner Help You?

Some of us like to be alone, some of us need to be around people. Even for loners having a good training partner has many benefits.

Working out on your own is fine but for beginners it is more difficult because both men and women in the UAE might find it difficult to do certain exercises or have trouble working some training items in the gym.


We all get off days, days when even the thought of working out or going to the gym is probably the last thing we want to do.

However, these off days can unfortunately become more frequent. Before you know it the odd off day becomes an off week and so on. We lose out motivation and focus on why we started a new training goal in the first place.

But, when you workout with a training partner it’s unlikely that you’ll be both having an off day at the same time. This means you can motivate each other, bring each other back to focus.

Motivation isn’t just about having an off day though. It’s about pushing each other to train more and train harder. Sometimes when we train alone our motivation wanes a little (or a lot) depending on our mood.

With a training partner, or even a personal trainer in Abu Dhabi, Dubai or Sharjah your motivation levels will always be higher. You’ll remind each other why you are training, help you keep on track with your fitness goals and much more.


How do training partners motivate each other?


  • Push each other to train harder
  • Help each other focusing
  • Keep each other consistent
  • Remind each other about training goals
  • Support each other on off days

Correcting Form

Correct form is a critical part of training correctly. If your form isn’t correct you won’t realise the full benefits of a particular training method and movements are wasted. This means you will probably need to work harder to see results.

One of the dangers of not using correct form when you are starting out on a new training program in Abu Dhabi or Dubai is that you can seriously injure yourself. As well as the obvious problems this can cause you medically it can really know your confidence which in turn can have a serious detrimental effect on your training goals.

Proper form is also needed when you want to target a particular muscle group, if you train incorrectly you might end up working muscles and bulking up in areas that you want to avoid.


Training partners and correct form

You can watch training videos and even mimic others in the gym but these methods of correcting your form are very limited. What you ‘think’ is correct compared to what ‘is’ correct is probably way off mark.

When you work with a training partner you can help them with their form and they can do the same.

Of course this might not work as well early on in your training program unless you or your partner have some experience already.

This is why using a male or female personal trainer as your training partner works well initially. They have the experience and knowledge to know when you are or you are not training correctly.

Let’s look at a couple of examples.



Yoga can be a great fitness method. It’s definitely one of the most popular training and relaxation fitness methods in the UAE at the moment. It’s not hard to understand why. Yoga helps with both your physical and mental health and can really relax you after a long day at the office.

The trouble is, many men and women in the UAE who are new to Yoga rely on internet videos to get a better understanding of how Yoga works. While this might be ok when you have some experience it’s not the best option for anyone new to Yoga.

The reason behind this is that Yoga uses poses (asanas) and each one of these poses targets one or more muscle groups. Unless your form is spot on you won’t be getting the best results from each pose.

So, if you are a beginner team up with a training partner who has some experience already. They can not only demonstrate correct form but also help you correct your form.


Muscle Building

Whether you want to work on a particular muscle group for definition, the arms for example or you want to give your entire body a well-defined, muscular look your form when doing muscle building exercises has to be correct.

But why? The answer is very simple. If you are lifting weights incorrectly or not aligning your body correctly you can quite easily injure yourself.

Correct form when doing any muscle building exercise is also important if you only want to work on a particular muscle or group of muscles. If your form is off you’ll be inadvertently working parts of your body that you don’t want to.

the benefits of a workout partner or personal trainer

Sharing The Pain

Yes, you read that correctly. Sharing the pain of a good workout session really helps with support and motivation.

If you are training with someone in Abu Dhabi or Dubai who is at a similar fitness level, and has the same goals as you, you’ll both appreciate how hard it can be. This can help you in many ways.

Because you are both going through the process together you both know there will be good days and bad days, days when one of you might need that extra push to do a few extra reps or run that extra mile.

It’s about sharing the emotional pain too. While you might both be on the same track to reaching your fitness goals, you probably wont always be synced when it comes to enthusiasm for a workout. Being there for each other emotionally give each of you a shoulder to lean on.

It's More Fun!!

Let’s face it. Training on your own can be lonely and sometimes even boring.

Not for everyone of course. There are plenty of men and women in the UAE who love to get in the zone and train on their own but for many people having someone to workout with add a fun element to their daily workouts.

Although training definitely has a serious side there is no reason why you can’t have some fun too.

Training and working out with friend is a great idea. You can use this time to discuss the day, gossip about work or simply enjoy each others company.

Reliable Spotter

In case you don’t know what a spotter is it’s a term normally associated with weight lifting. So, if weight lifting in Abu Dhabi or Dubai is one of your fitness goals you really do need a reliable spotter.

A spotter is there to ensure you don’t injure yourself when you are lifting weights. It’s fairly easy to find a spotter if you regularly go to the gym in the UAE but if you are training at home or somewhere else you need to ask a friend or a training partner to be a spotter for you.

Progress Photographer

Posing in front of a mirror admiring how you are doing when it comes to training is more important than many people might think.

Although some people might think you’re just being vain there is an important reason for doing this – to ‘see VISUALLY’ how you are doing when it comes to your fitness goals.

When you start a training program you’re probably start to feel better about yourself before you see any visible results. However, keeping a photographic record of your progress is important for a couple of reasons.

  1. Asking a training partner to photograph you over a period of time (let’s say weekly) will help you see visually how you are improving. This is really useful for weight loss training and body toning.

  2. It helps with self-esteem, motivation and even focus. Feeling better, both mentally and physically is just the start of the process. When you can actually see how much progress you are making it really help to motivate you to keep going, keeps your focus on your fitness goals and makes you feel great.

In Summary.....

Whatever your reasons are, having a training partner is a great idea.

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