Price Of A Personal Trainer In Dubai 2024

What’s the price of personal training in Dubai in 2024? It’s more affordable thank you might think but what’s included in the cost and what are the benefits of private or group PT?
Personal Trainers in the UAE - Are They Worth The Cost?

The Price Of A Personal Training In Dubai In 2024 - Why Is The Price So Different?

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Probably the most asked question when thinking about personal training is how much will it cost me to train with a male or female PT in Dubai.

In short, when you look at what’s involved the price has gone down over the past few years and in 2024 personal training in Dubai is no longer seen as a luxury or out of most peoples budget.

Instead, many people are seeing the true value of personal training in Dubai and seeing this as a great investment in their health and fitness.
With that said, there are still many way you can get a great deal on your PT in Dubai. The average price of an hourly session of personal training ranges from 200 – 300 AED but that price is just an indication. 

In this article below we’ll take a good look at why some personal trainers charge more than others, what’s included with a normal PT program and also how you can take advantage of some great deals and therefore great savings in 2024.

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Has The Price Of Personal Training Gone Down 2023 - 2024?

Going into 2024 the price for personal training seems to have remained stable in price when compared to 2023. 

This is due to several reasons. 

Firstly, there are now more freelance male and female personal fitness coaches in Dubai than ever before. Because there are more, competition increases which ultimately pushes the price down. 

Secondly, people are finding new ways to train and exercise. In the past gyms were the place to go in Dubai if you wanted a good workout. But, in recent years home fitness personal training in Dubai has become more available because men and women are investing in their own fitness equipment or even have access to gyms in their building. 

Third, over the last couple of years online coaching in Dubai has grown. Many PT’s are now offering purely online coaching (because of the pandemic) or a mixture of online coaching and face to face training. This allows men and women who have busy schedules to combine their training and fitness needs into a more diverse range of training options.

When we look at online training, the price per training sessions is often reduced because the trainer doesn’t have any associated travel costs or travel time. This means they can fit more clients into their training schedules.

Why Are Personal Trainers Charging Different Prices In Dubai?

If you’re looking for the best deal you need to firstly understand why nearly all personal trainers (freelance) charge different prices. 

A PT in Dubai provides professional services. Being a coach is their business which means they have costs associated with it.


Experience and Industry Knowledge

PT’s, sports coaches, Yoga coaches and more spent years building up experience in the fitness industry. Many will spend time working in different companies and different regions building up knowledge and experience.

Like any professional, the more experience you eventually have, the higher your fees are likely to be. 

Trainers with more experience can demonstrate their professional track record which is something you need to look at if you are serious about achieving a specific training goal. 

Boxing in Dubai for example. If you’re serious about learning how to box you need to hire a coach with experience rather than a PT that just has an interest in the sport. The same applies to Yoga in Dubai. Yes, you can learn Yoga on your own but an experienced Yoga trainer can help you get the best out of all your Yoga sessions. 

Having more experience means charging more. However, that’s not to say that trainers who have less experience are not going to provide you with a lesser service. 

You just need to weigh up the pro’s and con’s where experience and price is concerned. For many people their budget also constrains them when looking for a good PT in Dubai.

In-Demand Skills


For many men and women in Dubai their fitness goal is to lose weight, tone up or build muscle.
However, for others they have a specific fitness goal, these include:

  • Learning kickboxing

  • Prenatal or Postnatal Training

  • Yoga

  • Pilates

  • Sports Endurance

  • Martial Arts

  • Senior Fitness Programs

  • PT For Children


When you have a specific goal this is often reflected in the price of a personal trainer in Dubai. The main reason for this is because these kind of trainers spend more time and ultimately more money developing their specialist subject areas. 

For example, prenatal personal trainers in Dubai should be qualified to provide fitness and coaching services to ladies. These specialist qualifications take time and money and there are fewer trainers offering these services. This means their services are normally more expensive.
When considering hiring a Dubai PT you need to be aware that if you have a specific need you might need to spend a little more.

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Training Location Effects Training Price


You might only live a short walk from a gym in Dubai but where you live is also often reflected in the personal trainer price.

Not all gyms allow external trainers but the problem is your gym might not provide the services you need.

Both male and female freelance personal trainer in Dubai will often visit you at home for your personal fitness sessions.

However, if you live some distance from the PT they might charge you for coming to your location.

If your personal training goals are more general this shouldn’t be a problem because you are bound to find a PT local to you.

But, if your requirement is more specialised then be prepared to pay more for travel etc.

However, location doesn’t always bump up the price. As we mentioned earlier in this article, many trainers will provide an online personal training in Dubai option. This, when combined with face to face training can in fact make it cheaper.



Personal training is a career – professional PT’s are not hobbyists who only have an interest in fitness. 

As a professional, all personal trainers will invest in themselves but what do we mean by this and why does this matter when accessing personal training costs in Dubai?

It’s simple really. Any good trainer will spend time and money learning new training methods, fitness techniques, fitness methods, equipment and more. This investment in themselves puts them one step ahead of the game which ultimately means they can charge more. 

Like any industry, the freelance personal training industry in Dubai goes through changes. New and more advanced techniques for dieting, nutrition and well-being are always being developed. 

Personal trainers need to keep up with these changes which can be costly and time-consuming. But, by investing in themselves they will always be providing the best options for their clients which is often reflected in their price.

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Membership Of Professional Organisations


The personal training industry in Dubai is regulated by UAE REPS and Personal trainers who are registered with a regulatory body have to pay an annual fee. As well as being registered they will need to take evaluations to prove they can provide PT to clients.

This does mean more expense for the trainer and as such professionals who are registered with such organisations will generally charge more for their services.

However, this does provide peace of mind to their client in Dubai because they can rest assured that their chosen PT is a fully qualified professional, insured and basically can do what their CV says they can do.

Cutting Trainers Some Slack - The PT Price Is Justified

What’s Included In The Price 


Unless you are a millionaire without any worries about a personal fitness budget you’ll want to know that you are getting a good deal for the price – it’s human nature. 

However, we need to remember that personal trainers in Dubai are running a business too and as such have fees associated with their business. You are of course free to haggle about pricing as much as you want but don’t expect PT’s to provide their services for virtually nothing.

For example, if the hourly (or session price) is listed at 300 AED it’s unlikely you’ll get that price down to 200 AED. Just be realistic with your expectations. 

Getting to the point, let’s take a look at why personal training prices are definitely justified.


Preparation of your customised PT program

The best personal trainers in Dubai won’t simply be showing you how to do a particualr exercise and just leave you to it.
It’s their job to listen to, and understand your fitness goals. They’ll take a look at your history, your lifestyle, your body measurements and much more.
Then, using this information they will make a plan which includes the best training methods, training frequency, nutrition changes and more.
You are paying for their services and also their expertise.


On-going monitoring

Without on-going monitoring it’s difficult to really see how you are improving on your fitness journey which is why monitoring of your progress should always be included in your PT program.
The way this works differs from one coach to another but usually includes recording your body measurements over a period of time, your weight over time, your strength and endurance over time too.


Out of hours support

Many coaches are not just there for you during your hourly training sessions. A really good coach is on hand outside of these hours to.
They will often provide coaching support (necessary for motivation) via telephone, whatsapp and email.

How Can You Get A Better Price On Personal Training In Dubai?

Group Training Or Semi Private Training

Getting a great deal on your personal training price is doable. As we mentioned at the top of this article, the price for private PT services, whether that is from a freelance Dubai PT or a fitness company has come down. You can get these prices even lower if you want to train in a group.

Group training is not like a fitness class. The group (usually less than 10) still gets a professional personal training program, designed by a PT. The difference is because there are more participants the price per person is much lower.

Like group training, semi-private training is also an option for many men and women. Semi-private options usually involve 2 – 3 people and are therefore ideal for friends and even families. Semi-private training is great when you all have similar goals, weight loss or muscle building for example.

Look At Training As A Long Term Investment To Save More Money

What’s your training goal in Dubai? If you are looking for a quick weight loss plan you might be paying more than someone who needs a PT for a longer term goal.

The reason for this is simple. Most trainers will offer great discounts when you block book a set number of sessions.

For example, the price of a single sessions (it’s rare to offer this) will be much higher than if you book 50 sessions in advance.

Almost all personal trainers in Dubai want to take on clients who have longer term goals and you can’t blame them – it’s regular income.

So, before you hire a male or female coach think about your fitness goals.

Also, what you think might be achievable in a short time isn’t always what ‘IS’ achievable.

The best thing you can do is get in touch with trainers in Dubai on the UAE Personal Trainers website.

They all offer a free, no-obligation consultation. You will then have a better idea of how long it might take.

Train At Off-Peak Times

There are only so many hours in a day. Many busy professional want (or need) to take their training either in the early morning or early evening. These are known as ‘peak’ hours. 

Off-peak times are usually during the day. So, if you can schedule your training times around these off-peak hours many trainers and fitness coaches will offer a discount. This helps them to keep their schedules full and helps you save a little money too – win, win.

In Summary.....

There are many different factors that need to be taken into consideration when looking at the price of personal training in Dubai in 2024.

However, if you shop around and take notes on the advice given above you will get a good deal.

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