Tips For Hiring A Personal Trainer In Sharjah

Whether you want to train at home or your gym in Sharjah – find great tips and advice about the price of personal training in Sharjah, what to expect from your coach and much more.
Tips For Hiring A Personal Trainer In Sharjah

Great Tips & Advice If You're Looking For A Personal Trainer In Sharjah

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Personal training in Sharjah is becoming more popular with both men and women of all ages. In Sharjah, like other Emirates in the UAE people are becoming more aware of the importance of leading a fit and healthy lifestyle.

Nowadays personal training isn’t something that is too expensive or requires access to a fully equipped gym.

Because there are more PT’s and fitness coaches in Sharjah than ever before the price has gone down and nearly all coaches will provide basic items of training equipment which means you can easily train at home, either face to face or even online.

In this article we will provide some useful tips on how a PT can help you and also provide a number of reasons why personal training in Sharjah works if you have a specific goal.

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What Is A Personal Trainer?

A personal trainer is a male or female fitness professional who helps clients with different needs either work towards a particular fitness goal or provide ongoing fitness services to maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle.

Of course the above definition is not the only way a fitness coach in Sharjah helps. Yes, they can help you lose weight, change the way you look through body transformation or even teach you Yoga but their service includes many other things too, including:

  • Helping you overcome a fitness goal failure

  • Providing great motivation on your fitness journey

  • Expert advice when it comes to healthy eating and fitness goal nutrition

  • On going support through various methods including telephone, email and social media

What Are Your Reasons For Hiring A PT In Sharjah?

Before we take a look at the main reasons why a personal trainer in Sharjah can help you let’s explore why many people feel they need professional help that only a fitness coach can provide.


  1. You’ve tried and failed. Failing, when it comes to a fitness goal is nothing to be ashamed of. So many people have great intentions about losing weight, getting fit in general or changing their lifestyle but as they say, life gets in the way and you end up back at square one.

    There are many reasons why people fail. Lack of motivation, lack of support or even a lack of time all contribute to whether you will succeed or not.

  2. You don’t have the experience or knowledge. Let’s be honest. Most of us are not professionals when it comes to knowing what exercises work best, which diets provide the best results and of course how often we should train.

    And then there’s fitness equipment, sometimes you feel like you need a degree in engineering just to use the training kit at the gym.

  3. You might have a specific goal. Many men and women in Sharjah look for a personal trainer because they have a specific goal they want to achieve and without the help of a professional it would be hard to reach that goal.

    For example, if you want to learn boxing, kickboxing or a martial art in Sharjah it might be difficult to do that if you are a complete beginner.

  4. Special training requirement. Sometimes only a professional PT who is qualified in a certain area of fitness can help. This includes exercising during pregnancy with a specialist prenatal coach.

    Training programs designed for rehabilitation after injury or illness in Sharjah or even senior and elderly fitness.

    Now we’ve covered some of the main reasons why you might be thinking about PT let’s go over how a professional can help you.

How Can A Personal Trainer, Sports Or Fitness Coach In Sharjah Help You?

There are several ways in which personal training in Sharjah can help you with your health and fitness goals.

Whether you need help because you don’t have a clue when it comes to exercise or you have a special need you will find that a professional has the experience and knowledge to ensure success.


Knowledge & Experience

Even if you think your goal is easy to achieve the road to success can be a difficult and time consuming one if you don’t really know what you are doing.

You might find that watching a few fitness videos on youtube provides you with the basics but this never includes the ‘personal’ aspect of fitness coaching.

Any exercise or training method requires instruction. If you’re not doing it right, doing too much or over-working yourself it means you’re not only ‘not’ going to achieve your fitness goals it also means you could cause injury to yourself along the way.

When you hire a male or female personal trainer in Sharjah you are in effect hiring their knowledge and experience which has been created over many years by working with many different clients.


Professionally Qualified

Trainers, sports coaches, Yoga teachers and more need to undertake training themselves in order to become qualified to provide professional services.

Only when a trainer can prove they are qualified will they be provides with certificates and become members of professional fitness coaching associations.


Focus & Motivation

Much of time men and women fail at achieving a fitness related goal because they become demotivated and their focus wanes.

It’s harder than it seems at first to constantly work towards a fitness goal. In the early days it’s easy, you see results quickly (especially if you are trying to lose weight in Sharjah) but as the weeks pass the way you look and feel might start to slow down.

These changes are perfectly normal as the bodies metabolism changes but the result is you might find yourself with less enthusiasm when it comes to doing your daily or weekly workouts.

A personal trainer at home in Sharjah or in your local gym is there to provide support and motivation too, helping you get through the days when you really don’t want to train and helping you remain super focused.



If seeing and feeling great are the reasons why you need a PT many coaches will provide a guarantee that if you follow their program exactly then you will see great results. The same can’t be said if you’re training on your own.


Diet & Meal Planning

If weight loss, weight gain, fat loss of maintaining a healthy weight in Sharjah is your goal then a PT can really help. Most of us know that nutrition plays a major part in being fit and healthy.

But, most of us are not experts when it comes to portion size, micro and macro nutrients let alone being on a diet for a specific fitness goal (muscle building for example.

Many PT and sports fitness coaches are also well qualified to provide nutrition advice which can be closely matched to your needs.

Meal planning can also be provided if the thought of cooking from scratch at every meal fills you with dread.

Planning your meals and pre-preparing meals is a proven way to prevent over eating which of course leads to weight gain.


Training Safety

Another great reason to use the services of a fitness professional is knowing you will learn how to train safely.

Running before you can walk comes to mind and this is often true for many people.

You get excited about your new fitness regime and can’t wait to see the results. However, this can lead to you rush in and try fitness methods that really are not suitable for your level. The same applies to training equipment.

This can result in serious injury and also knock your confidence which can eventually put you off exercise.

A PT who is qualified will access you during an initial consultation in Sharjah and decide what the best training methods will be for your body type, your current fitness level and much more.

train insane or remain the same motivational quote - uae personal trainers

Why Is A Personal Trainer Better Than Gym Training In Sharjah?

Training in the gym is definitely an option for many people.

However, there are many more benefits when choosing to hire a PT for at home training.


• Privacy – when you book a personal trainer for at home coaching you do so knowing that your workout sessions will be done in private. This appeals to many men and women who would prefer not to use the gym for cultural and other reasons.

• Trainer gender – if you would prefer to train with a female personal trainer in Sharjah or a male coach it can be difficult to find a suitable coach at a local gym for the times you want to train.

Timings of training and classes are normally set which means if your schedule is busy finding the time to visit the gym at a specific time isn’t possible.

• Personal attention – you will often see better results from your workouts if you get 100% attention from you trainer. This is normally difficult in the gym but when you choose home personal training the coach is all yours for the entire time of your session.

• On going monitoring of your progress – progress monitoring is a really important part of any successful coaching program.

When you are monitored regularly with various tests including BMI, body measurements, weight and more a private PT will know when and if changes to your program are required to ensure continued success.

• Online coaching – online training in Sharjah is a popular option with many men and women. It means you can save money on your training costs.

Many coaches will provide a combined service which includes online training and also face to face coaching – ideal for busy people who might have a tight schedule.

What Is The Price Of Personal Training In Sharjah

Private personal training, either at home, in your building gym or online doesn’t need to be expensive. Each year the PT industry in Sharjah grows and because of this more trainers are now available.

This of course means that there is more competition in the market which helps to make services cheaper.

To make it even more affordable all coaches will provide great discounts when you pre book a set number of sessions.

Ultimately personal training should be seen as an investment in yourself, your health and your fitness which will pay off in the long run.

In Summary.....

There are many reasons why personal training in Sharjah can help you – a few have been listed above. If you need further information or just have some questions you can contact any of the fitness coaches listed in the Sharjah section of the UAE Personal Trainers website for free advice.

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