Training & Exercise As A Family In The UAE

Training and exercising as a family in the UAE can save time and money. Get great tips and advice about family fitness programs in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah.
Family Fitness In The UAE

Exercise & Training Programs In Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah & RAK For Family Fitness

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Let’s face it, many parents in the UAE lead hectic lives and try to juggle work and family commitments on a daily basis.

Quite often exercise and fitness training is at the back of the queue because for medium to larger size families there just isn’t time for separate sports and fitness classes – that and the cost can become prohibitive too.

However, when you train or exercise as a family in Abu Dhabi or Dubai there are many benefits, not just time and money.

In this article, let’s take a look at some of the benefits of training as a family.

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Why is family fitness important?

We all know that health and fitness benefits that even small amounts of daily exercise can provide. For parents, a good training program can help relieve the stresses and strains of the working day. For kids in the UAE exercise helps instil a sense of achievement and also teaches them from an early age that regular exercise is important.

One of the major reasons many families choose to exercise together is to keep their weight in check and this is especially true for kids. Many kids in the UAE simply don’t get enough extra-curricular exercise which in turn can lead to obesity. It’s all too easy to come home from school and sit on the couch in front of the TV or games console.

Kids also learn habits from parents, training with your children is not only great for you but is also helping your kids learn valuable lessons.

Healthy eating and nutrition is of course also important for family fitness. Many families who have busy schedules tend to turn to take out food as the quick option but if you use the services of a personal trainer with diet and nutrition experience you’ll be surprised how quick and easy meal preparation can be – plus it’s something the entire family can get involved in.

What types of exercise and training programs are suitable for families?

Although there are not really any restrictions on what exercise and training you can do as a family there are others things to consider like your likes and dislikes, some kids might not like the same types of exercise as adults and of course space does play a part.

You can of course train at home as a family and using a home based personal trainer in Abu Dhabi or Dubai is a great place to start because they can design fitness programs the entire family can take part in an enjoy.

General Fitness

General fitness workout programs can easily be created at home and you don’t necessarily need any expensive or bulky training equipment.

By doing aerobics and body weight exercises all members of the family can join in, even kids and seniors.

What’s more there are plenty of aerobics and cardio based exercises programs to choose from depending on your fitness levels.

Weight Loss Training

If your goal as a family is to lose some weight and get in better shape HIIT based workouts at home are a great. 

Especially when you combine a good HIIT program with a professionally prepared diet and nutrition program.

Yoga At Home

You must have heard of Yoga even if you don’t really know how it works. Yoga can provide a great way to relax and unwind, improves flexibility, improves muscle tone and more.

Yoga at home is best when done with a professional Yoga coach in Abu Dhabi or Dubai because a professional teacher can take you from a very basic level (understanding) to more advanced Yoga poses correctly. This ensures you get more out of every sessions and reduces the risk of injury.

For children, Yoga can help them focus better and even create a calming mood – every for the most hyperactive kids.

Sports Fitness Programs For Familes

There are many sports facilities in the UAE and many different types of sports fitness classes.

Even if you don’t want to attend a sports facility you can still enjoy all the health and fitness benefits that playing sports can provide.

Tennis. Playing tennis is a great way to get adults and children actively involved in sports fitness. Tennis provides a great overall body workout and can help adults and children lose weight and keep the weight off.

What’s more, you don’t need to be super fit or have any previous experience of playing tennis in the UAE. A personal tennis coach can teach your family as a group which is a cost-saving way to learn too.

• Swimming. Great fun for all the family and especially great for many kids because it’s a fun way to do exercise. Swimming can help with weight loss in the UAE, staying in great shape and even improve your cardio fitness.

Can’t swim? No problem, there are plenty of swimming classes and even swimming personal trainers in Abu Dhabi and Dubai who can provide swimming lessons for adults, kids and even entire families.

• Cycling. A good way to get outdoors in the fresh air, cycling can be enjoyed by all ages and while children might think riding a bike is just for fun parents know that it also providing some really good exercise benefits too.

If you think you might enjoy cycling for family fitness in the UAE try to limit your cycling to the early morning to stay out of the heat of the day. Alternatively an indoor exercise bike can help too and is ideal for cycling fitness at home.

• Football. Not just or the boys, football can be enjoyed by adult and children. The larger your family the more players you have! While it might seem like just a fun sport football provides some surprising health and fitness benefits too.

It will help you build strong muscles, football can help with co-ordination, it will definitely help you lose weight and for kids and adults alike it builds confidence and a feeling of achievement. To really up your game book a football personal fitness coach in the UAE.

• Walking. Although it might not seem like an active ‘activity’ taking a good stretch of the legs everyday in the UAE provides so many benefits for all the family. It can help with digestion after your evening meal, it helps to get the blood pumping which in turn supplies important nutrients to the muscles. Walking can also help you stay mobile and flexible too.

Taking either a good walk in the morning or evening (or both if you and your family have time) will help you clear your head too.

family fitness personal training in abu dhabi and dubai

The benefits of training as a family in the UAE

Training (exercising) as a family in Abu Dubai and Dubai is a great way to get some additional exercise into your daily lives.

• Increased motivation. Training in a group tends to increase motivation and focus because all members of the group are there to support each other.

• Educational for kids. Parents who train with their kids are providing them with a valuable life lesson and instilling the importance of daily exercise into children from a young age. Kids often see exercise as a boring chore but with a cleverly designed children’s fitness training program it can be fun and active.

• Time saving. For many parents even the idea of separate sports or training activities is impossible to fit into their busy schedule. However, when a family trains together (at home or in the gym) time commitments are reduced leaving families more time to spend ‘quality time’ together.

Cost-saving. Paying for different fitness clubs, activities and even personal training in the UAE on a per person basis can be costly for many families. However, when you train as a family either in the gym or by using a personal trainer the price can be substantially reduced.

• More time with the kids. If you’re a busy parent you can appreciate that your time with your family is precious. Sometimes it seems like there are not enough hours in the day to spend quality time with the family. However, training as a family allows you to spend more time together while you are doing something important for you and your kids – working on your health and fitness.

Nutrition and healthy eating for families in the UAE

So far in this article we have discussed the benefits and many different types of exercise and training that can be done as a family in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

However, as they say ‘you can’t out train a bad diet’ and that statement is very true.

In the UAE, like many countries, there is a growing tendency to order take out many times per week and while some take out foods are healthy most are considered unhealthy in the long run.

The occasional take out as a treat is not going to hurt but if you find as a family you are eating more and more unhealthy fast foods then you need to take a look at your lifestyle and make positive changes to your diet.

Children learn from their parents and even though it can be difficult for some parents to prepare home cooked, healthy meals on a daily basis your kids will be healthier in the long run.

So, how can busy families juggle the time commitments often required for cooking at home?

  1. Meal planning. When you plan ahead of time what your family will be eating on a weekly basis it’s much easier. You’ll also find that shopping for groceries is easier and quicker too because if you have a weekly or even fortnightly meal plan you’ll be less likely to be tempted with too much fast food and snacks.

  2. Meal preparation. A great time saving technique is to prepare family meals a day or two in advance or if you enjoy cooking you can batch cook and freeze many types of dishes which can easily be reheated. Meal preparation doesn’t need to be difficult or time consuming either.

  3. Diet and nutrition specialists. Many male and female personal trainer in the UAE offer diet and meal planning advice on the one to one or family basis. This can really help educate you and your family on the importance of healthy eating and also take some of the pressure off when it comes to juggling family commitments and work.
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In Summary.....

Ultimately, training and exercising as a family in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah provides many benefits compared to each member of the family following their own personal fitness program.

Find the best male or female personal trainer in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman or RAK for your family fitness goals.

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