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Mummy fit Dubai offers the best & safest prenatal and postnatal exercise for all Mums in Dubai. Exercising throughout pregnancy is about maintaining the cardiovascular & muscular fitness level of the mother and preparing her for birth & motherhood. Our classes also offer social support so Dubai mothers in similar situations have a chance to meet.



During your 1st trimester this is where major physiological changes are taking place, even though the maternal body changes are few. This is where most women feel most fatigue & during this time, the fetus is undergoing its most important growth, including development of organs & limbs. A hormone called relaxin is produced which makes joints feel unstable. 1st trimester classes will be focusing on maintaining level of current fitness in a safe & effective manner.


During your 2nd & 3rd trimester dramatic changes occur in a woman’s body. The normal weight gain is between 22 & 35 pounds & is centered around the abdominals & pelvis; this results in lack of balance. 2nd & 3rd trimester classes’ will be focusing on posture & preparing the body for birth & motherhood.


During out postnatal classes we have very clear goals. A mothers body has been put under extreme changes & stress throughout pregnancy and birth. We aim to retone the pelvic floor to reduce the risk of stress incontinence. Also to retone the abdominal muscles to increase strength and enable them to support the spine.

Regaining good posture and developing correct technique in daily tasks will be a main focus. Women are generally expected to put on between 11-15kg in weight during pregnancy so weight loss will also be a focus during our postnatal classes.

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