Swimming Lessons In Dubai For Adults, Children & Seniors – Radisson Blu Residence

Learn to swim or improve on your swimming fitness with these swimming classes in Dubai - provided by a professional swim coach
  • Dubai Swimming Lessons – All Ages & Abilities – Learn To Swim – Swimming Improvement

Swimming Class Description: Whether you are new to swimming or have some experience, these swimming lessons and classes in Dubai can help you learn or improve on your current swimming level. Designed not just for kids but for adults and the elderly too. Learning to swim provides everyone with a valuable life skill and also provides many people with a fitness experience that is more gentle than other exercise methods. This makes swimming ideal for all ages and all abilities. For seniors in Dubai swimming classes can also help improve your mobility and flexibility without placing too much stress on the muscles of joints.

These Dubai swimming classes are held on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at the Radisson Blu Residence.

If you feel a group swimming class isn’t right for you or you want to take your swimming fitness to the next level (stroke correction etc) then private and semi-private swimming lesson options in Dubai are also available.



Swimming Class Benefits: People choose swimming as an exercise method for different reasons. Whatever your reason you will soon see and feel the benefits that regular swimming and swim fit classes can provide. If you are a complete beginner then swimming lessons provide you with a useful and valuable life skill. For children in Dubai swimming provides much needed extra-curricular exercise, for adults swimming is a great way to shape, tone the body and lose some weight. For the elderly swimming is a great social activity as well as a low impact exercise tool.

Swimming Classes In Abu Dhabi For Adult Beginners
  • Fitness Class Timing:

Mondays: 14:00 – 20:00

Tuesdays: 14:00 – 20:00

Wednesdays: 14:00 – 20:00

Lessons start every half hour during the above times/days.

  • Location Details:

Radisson Blu Residence, Marina – Dubai, UAE

  • Fitness Class Organiser:

This fitness class in Abu Dhabi is organised by:

Thane Sparks, Go Sports Dubai

  • Contact & Questions – Dubai Swimming Lessons For Adults, Kids & Seniors – All Levels Of Swimming Abilities

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Rehabilitation & Sports Medicine Personal Trainer In Dubai - Thane Sparks
About The Class Instructor/Trainer

Thane is a professional sports fitness personal trainer in Dubai with experience in swimming and rehabillitation.

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