How To Improve Your Posture In 2 Minutes

How To Improve Your Posture In 2 Minutes
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Yes, you can improve your posture in Abu Dhabi with an easy exercise method – at your desk or at home

If you spend much of your day sitting – either at work or at home you could be suffering from bad posture which might lead to other problems. This quick exercise method can help.

Posture Improvement

You may be sitting at your desk in Abu Dhabi right now while pretending to work ūüėČ


You may be slumped watching Vikings (love it) or some other TV show that takes your fancy.


Whatever your position¬†at the current time, it’s likely your posture is crying out for some relief!


Here’s a quick, easy to follow ‘fight the turtle back’¬†routine that’ll greatly help improve your posture,¬†make you generally¬†feel much better¬†and perhaps even help you grow a couple of inches ūüėČ


Posture Improvement Video

Posture Improvement Step By Step

1) Towel Dislocates x 10 reps

2) Towel Ws x 10 reps

3) Towel Ls x 10 reps

4) Towel Pull-Aparts x 10 reps

5) Chair Thoracic Extensions x 10 reps


1-2 rounds 


*If you’re at work, prepare for some funny looks!



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