Mens Bodybuilding In Dubai & Abu Dhabi – The Basics

If you are new to bodybuilding in Abu Dhabi or Dubai this short guide will help you understand what’s involved in bodybuilding in the UAE.
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Men's Fitness - How To Become A Bodybuilder in Abu Dhabi or Dubai - Training Basics

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Bodybuilding is an unusual sport for many, but a very big passion for others.
The sport of bodybuilding first came out way back in 1880 when the first strong men gathered together to compete in weight lifting.

Bodybuilding experienced a serious rise in popularity in the late 19th century when the first actual bodybuilder came out.
The sport was promoted in England by a German fellow named Eugen Sandow.

People were amazed by what the human body could look like when continuously trained and since then bodybuilding as a sport has grown tremendously.

Today’s prize for winning the biggest bodybuilding show “Mr.Olympia” is around 400 000 USD. So that’s one good indicator that the Fitness and Bodybuilding industry is very profitable both for bodybuilders and business men.

With that said, many men join gyms in the UAE or hire a professional bodybuilding trainer in Abu Dhabi, Dubai or Sharjah with an aspiration – becoming a bodybuilder. This article aims to explain more about the basics of becoming a bodybuilder in the UAE.

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Bodybuilder Training In The UAE

Although having an aspiration and a wish is great, doing the hard work is the only way to accomplish your goal.
Training is a big part of bodybuilding. 

You hear it all the time that 80% of your success in building muscle is granted by your diet, but in reality training is the spark that starts the fire. 

If you don’t stimulate the muscle for growth, having even the cleanest and most perfect diet won’t make you bigger. 

Human muscles grow with the process of adaption. Every time you go to the gym or workout with your bodybuilding personal trainer you put some degree of stress onto that muscle. That makes micro tears in the muscle, which after you provide your body with the proper diet, grows back stronger. 

So basically every time you go to the gym in Abu Dhabi or Dubai, workout after workout, you become a little bit stronger and a little bit bigger.

Bodybuilder Training Principles

As we explained above, your body adapts to the given stress every time you workout. That being said, a big mistake that many people make is not progressing with their training. 

This is called the overload principle, and it basically means providing your muscle with a bigger stimulus than before, every time you workout a particular muscle group. This can be done either by increasing the volume(sets, reps) or intensity (weight). 

There are also other variables that can be manipulated to enable progressive overload, but that’s a topic for another article.
In relation to the type of training, there are two types: strength and hypertrophy training. 

For beginner lifters it’s a good idea to implement both types of training, meaning you should have some days when you lift moderate weight with higher reps, and some days when you lift heavier weight with low reps. Other variation for this is separating your strength and hypertrophy training into two separate mesocycles.

Difference between strength training and hypertrophy:

Strength training will increase strength, help to build your muscles and improve durability. 

Hypertrophy training will increase the size of your muscles. Help you reduce fat around muscles which can lead to a more defined, muscular look.

Diet & Nutrition For Bodybuilding In The UAE

Diet and training go hand in hand, they cannot be separated nor compared value wise. 

If you train like an animal and eat like a 9 year old you probably won’t grow any muscle. On the other hand if you eat like you should, and don’t have a very good personal training program you still won’t progress much.

There are two ways you can go with a diet which has been specifically designed for bodybuilders in the UAE: bulking or cutting. 

Bulking is a process where you eat in a caloric surplus which makes your body anabolic and builds muscle. 

Cutting is a phase where you eat bellow your maintenance calories and lose weight. If you start out as a very skinny individual your best bet is to start a bulk, otherwise if you are a bit fluffy or obese you should first slim down to a reasonable body fat percentage and then start bulking.

bodybuilding workouts in the gym in Abu Dhabi

Personal Training For Bodybuilders

Personal trainers who specialise in bodybuilding are a must for beginner and even those looking to advanced in the sport of bodybuilding in the UAE. 

Almost every top bodybuilder has a coach and it really is a necessity at that level of competence. 

If you’re an absolute beginner and you want the fastest and safest way to become a bodybuilder you should probably hire a coach. 

They will not only make you a training plan, but will also help you diet wise and even help you with prepping for a bodybuilding show.

In Summary.....

All in all, becoming a bodybuilder isn’t a particularly easy task. Not only does it require very good knowledge about the human body, but it also requires you to be patient, disciplined, consistent and devoted. Lack one of these and you won’t make it. 

Keep your mind focused on your goals and learn as much as you can about the human body and the sport of bodybuilding.

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