No Time For The Gym In Dubai? Training At Home Workouts

No Time For The Gym In Dubai? Training At Home Workouts
If you have no time for the gym in Dubai you can still train at home – even if you have no fitness training equipment.
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At home training in Dubai is perfect if you don’t want to visit the gym regularly. But, what exercises can you do at home for effective results?

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Personal Trainer Q & A Contributor: Szabina

Many men and women who are looking for a personal trainer or fitness coach in Dubai want to train at home.  Training at home does have benefits but some people will have no access to training equipment or a gym in their building. But, do you really need all that expensive training kit at home?


Way too often people in Dubai have a belief that if they don’t have a gym available, or they don’t have time (which is the quite common answer we hear for not training), they can’t have a fit body and stay healthy.

This is where at home workouts become extremely important to master and take advantage of.

When my personal training clients in Dubai don’t have time for the gym or simply would prefer to train in private home training can be a great solution.

We can definitely find 15-20 minutes to move our body.

Change is never a matter of ability, it`s always a matter of motivation.

A great personal trainer in Dubai can always provide the strategy and the plan for execution for at home training.


So what are the best methods of training and exercise for at home fitness?


As most of my clients currently are female, whom I train mainly at home, I always adopt body weight exercises into training.

Below are the most common exercises I use in sub-groups, as it’s always good to have variety in training to prevent boredom for one thing and increase motivation for another.


I would use these lower body exercises:

Air squat, lunges, bulgarian split squat, single leg deadlift and glute bridge.


The exercises for upper body training at home would be:

Tricep dips, push-ups.


Core Workouts In Abu Dhabi - Train Your ABS

Don’t forget the core!


One of the most important body parts to train at home is definately the core. It provides solid support for the rest of the body and also helps you perform other exercises correctly and therefore reduce injury.

The core is not just your abs. It’s the entire middle region, back and front.


My favorite core exercises for the core would be:

Plank, side plank, hollow hold and shoulder taps.


Last but not least. I would advise that you always add exercises that increase a heart rate and support weight loss.

There are so many fun and fast paced cardio based workouts you can easily do at home. Even training to a fitness video helps!

Incorporate movements like bear crawl and burpees because these really challenge the cardiovascular system and engage the whole body.

These exercise types will expend more energy which is great for fat loss.

In Summary – If you don’t have the time or inclination to go to the gym in Dubai there are plenty of ways to stay fit and healthy with exercising at home. Any good personal trainer will be ale to create a great, home based workout and nutrition plan for you based on you likes and dislikes. 

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