Online Personal Training In Abu Dhabi, Dubai & Sharjah

Online Personal Training In Abu Dhabi, Dubai & Sharjah
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Thanks to personal trainers, sports and fitness coaches in the UAE you can still stay fit and healthy during the Covid-19 Pandemic
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During these difficult times you can still start or continue with your personal or family fitness routines from the comfort of your own home in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or Sharjah

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Online Personal Training In Abu Dhabi, Dubai & Sharjah


The Covid-19 Pandemic in the UAE has caused a challenging time for many of us. Safely staying at home has meant that fitness regimes have had to change.

Thankfully, many of the professional personal trainers on the UAE Personal Trainers website are now offering great training and workout sessions at home in Abu Dhabi, Dubai & Sharjah.

This means that while the way you do your regular fitness workouts has changed it doesn’t need to stop completely.

By doing personal training online with a professional you are still benefiting from all the health and fitness benefits that ongoing training provides.


Why is it important to still continue (or start) online PT in the UAE during the Pandemic?


The personal trainers and fitness coaches listed at the bottom of this page can create a 1-2-1 or small group class that can be taken in the comfort of your own home by you or with members of your family.

Fitness goals in the UAE are not just physical. While we are all following the stay at home restrictions due to Covid-19 we need to focus on our metal health and well-being and the mental health of our families too. This is why online exercises and customised workouts in the UAE are perfect for all ages including seniors and children too.

Many of you have weight loss goals too and being at home more than usual can play havoc with dieting and eating plans. As well as fitness for weight loss many PT’s in your local area of the UAE can provide great advice, tips and even diet plans.


How does PT online in Abu Dhabi, Dubai or Sharjah work?


When you connect with one of the male or female personal trainers listed on the page below they will explain how their invidual online private classes work and what requirements there are with regards to streaming video content. It’s very easy and takes no time at all to setup.


What are the benefits of doing personal training online?


During these ‘temporary’ times it’s important that we pay attention to both our physical health and our mental well-being. Whether you were already taking regular exercise before the lockdown or want to start the PT’s and Yoga coaches on the UAE personal trainers website can help.

Doing a workout session daily or even just a couple of times a week can really help make you feel refreshed and revived. As many of us are staying at home it’s important we remain active and focued on our health. Some of the many benefits of at home online training include:


  • Weight management
  • Continue with your fitness goals
  • Improved sleep
  • Decreased stress levels
  • Increased flexibility


Do I need any special fitness equipment to do personal training online?


You don’t necessarily need any fitness equipment at home. You’d be surprised at what you can achieve with items you have lying around the house and also by doing bodyweight, stretching and functional training exercises.

If you have specific goals like muscle building, core conditioning, body toning and more then many PT’s can guide you through routines using smaller items of home fitness kit like dumbells, TRX resistance bands, kettlebells etc.


What types of workouts can I do at home with a personal trainer?


You can basically do any type of workout at home that doesn’t require any specific training equipment like you would find in a gym. If you have trained at home before you’ll appreciate that with even just a small space you can do a complete workout.

These are difficult times but trainers are adpapting their most popular workout plans for men and women of all ages.


How much does online Personal Training in the UAE cost?


You can view pricing information on each personal trainer profile page. However, because there is no physical contact and no travel time many of these coaches in the UAE will offer a temporary reduced rates for private and family coaching during the Covid-19 crisis.


Personal Training and On Demand Coaching online sounds great for my needs, what do I need to do?


To start benefitting from either a new Personal Training program or continuing your current one online in the UAE all you need to do is contact any of the personal trainers below for further information. They will provide full details about their service, pricing, time slots and the technology they use to allow you to take your training sessions online.

Get your fitness and health back on track with an online fitness coach in Abu Dhabi, Dubai or Sharjah.
  • Train at home in Abu Dhabi or in your gym with Hamada. Kickboxing, muscle gain. Senior fitness & medical condition exerc…
    PT Experience: Kickboxing, CrossFit, HIIT, Senior Fitness, Kids Fitness, Cardio Training, Weight Loss, Muscle Building…..
    Training Since: 2013
    Languages: English, Arabic
  • Moji is a professional female PT in Abu Dhabi with excellent skills in private and group coaching for many different fit…
    PT Experience: Nutrition, Diet Programs, Teen Health, Body Transformation, Strength, Pilates, Lifestyle Coaching…..
    Training Since: 2015
    Languages: English, Persian
  • If you want to learn boxing, use boxing for fitness or even kickboxing for weight management – Hassan can help. He is qu…
    PT Experience: Boxing, Kickboxing, Weight Loss, Cardio Fitness, Bootcamp, Circuits, Rehabilitation, Kids Fitness, Martial Arts…..
    Training Since: 2010
    Languages: English
  • Veronika is an at home female personal trainer based in Abu Dhabi. She can provide weight loss, body toning and speciali…
    PT Experience: Bodyweight Training, Nutrition, Body Toning, Fat Loss, HIIT Training…..
    Training Since: 2016
    Languages: English, Slovakian, Hungarian, Czech, Polish
  • On Demand fitness and wellness training in Abu Dhabi takes the stress out of regular health and fitness training. Train …
    PT Experience: On Demand Coaching, Weight Management, Physique Transformation, Total Wellness Coaching, Fat Loss Training…..
    Training Since: 2017
    Languages: English
  • Providing weight and obesity management training in Abu Dhabi are Olena’s specialist areas. Using a variety of training…
    PT Experience: Weight & Obesity Management, Lifestyle Coaching, Female Fitness, Behavioral Modification, Pilates, Bosu
    Training Since: 2012
    Languages: English
  • Whether you want to lose weight or improve your physique. Loubna can help with fat loss, HIIT exercise, muscle building,…
    PT Experience: Weight Management, Fat Loss, Body Toning, Muscle & Strength Building, Cardio HIIT, Pre & Post Natal Exercises…..
    Training Since: 2017
    Languages: English, French, Dutch, Berber
  • Claudia is a Mixed Martial Arts specialist with a passion kickboxing for ladies. You don’t need martial arts experience …
    PT Experience: Kickboxing Classes, MMA, ZUMBA Classes, Body Conditioning, Strength Training, Kids Fitness, Cardio Fitness
    Training Since: 2015
    Languages: English
  • With a background in running his own gym, Ronan is a PT with experience in training many different client types includin…
    PT Experience: Fat Loss, Muscle Building, Cardio, Boxing, Football Fitness, Sports, Weight Management, Children, Seniors, Rehabilitation…..
    Training Since: 2017
    Languages: English
  • With a background in weight management, fat loss and body sculpting Tanvi can create the best workout plan for you in Ab…
    PT Experience: Muscle, Strength, Prenatal Yoga, Weigh Lifting, Weight Loss, Fat Loss, Body Sculpting, Nutrition…..
    Training Since: 2012
    Languages: English, Hindi, Gujarati
  • Want to slim down and improve your physique? Halima provides the full range of personal training services in Abu Dhabi f…
    PT Experience: Bodyweight Training, Physique Improvement, HIIT Exercise, Group Training, Body Slimming, Cardio Workouts, Nutrition, Bootcamp…..
    Training Since: 2011
    Languages: English, Basic Arabic
  • Want to learn Zumba, take a Pilates lessons or get fit? Personal trainer Abu Dhabi Sky is an expert in female fitness an…
    PT Experience: Zumba, Pilates, Body Toning. Weight Loss, General Fitness…..
    Training Since: 2010
    Languages: English, Russian, Lithuanian
  • Fabiola works with private clients and groups in Abu Dhabi. Using her specialist skills she can create a personalised wo…
    PT Experience: Weight Loss, Diet & Nutrition, Muscle Growth, HIIT, Body Weight Training, Boxing For Fitness
    Training Since: 2017
    Languages: English, Italian
  • Aysun is a weight and fat loss specialist. She created personal training programs which include detailed nutrition guida…
    PT Experience: Weight Loss, Fat Loss, Muscle Toning, Body Slimming, Cardio Health & Fitness, Nutrition Guidance, Flexibility, Functional Training…..
    Training Since: 2017
    Languages: English, Turkish
  • Aileen is a female personal trainer in Abu Dhabi who has more than 10 years experience in health and fitness. She specia…
    PT Experience: Weight Loss, Diet & Lifestyle Coaching, Strength Building, Pilates, Yoga, Teen Exercise
    Training Since: 2005
    Languages: English
  • Abu Dhabi female PT Tash can help you reach your fitness goals in so many way. Whether you want to lose weight, tone up,…
    PT Experience: Strength, Muscle Building, Weight Loss, BootCamp, Tabata, HIIT, Body Toning, Free Weights, Diet & Nutrition
    Training Since: 2015
    Languages: English
  • Whether you have a sports fitness need or want to improve your general fitness and physique, Stefan can help. He provide…
    PT Experience: Sports, Muscle Building, Swimming, Cardio Fitness, BootCamp, Weight Loss, Fat Loss, Kids Fitness, Strength Training…..
    Training Since: 2016
    Languages: English
  • Women’s fitness coach Nermin will help you reach all your fitness goals whether that is to lose weight, tone up your phy…
    PT Experience: Women’s Fitness, Bootcamp, HIIT, Weight & Fat Loss, Diet Planning, Flexibility, Strength…..
    Training Since: 2017
    Languages: English, Swedish
  • Stefan is a sports fitness and fat loss training specialist. He can work with adults, seniors and children in Abu Dhabi …
    PT Experience: Fat Loss, Body Toning, Sports Fitness, Weighlifting, Bodybuilding, Childrens Fitness, Seniors Fitness, Nutrition…..
    Training Since: 1999
    Languages: English
  • Anna has a passion for fitness and can help you lose weight, change your physical appearance and ultimately increase you…
    PT Experience: Bodybuilding, Functional Training, Body Toning, Fat Loss, Aerobics, Prenatal, Postnatal, Training for Sports……….
    Training Since: 2009
    Languages: English, Russian
  • CrossFit for weight loss and body toning exercises are what Rachel focuses on. She can help you reach all your fitness g…
    PT Experience: CrossFit, Weight Management, Fat Loss, Body Toning, Muscle & Strength Building, HIIT, Childrens Fitness
    Training Since: 2010
    Languages: English

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