Personal Trainer In Dubai & Abu Dhabi Cost

Personal Trainer In Dubai & Abu Dhabi Cost

The price of hiring a personal trainer in Dubai or Abu Dhabi

In Dubai and Abu Dhabi the cost of personal training can vary from trainer to trainer. For many this is confusing but there are many reasons why one personal trainer in Dubai for example may be more expensive or cost less than another.

Cheap is not always best but then again more experience doesn’t always mean you are getting a better service either.  We do suggest you do your research on the UAE Personal Trainers website, find a trainer that best suits your fitness goals, check their credentials and also check their reviews.

The good thing is that most personal trainers in the UAE and other fitness professionals do offer a free consultation which allows you to discuss your health and fitness needs without committing to anything until you have found the right trainer.

Why Is There A Difference In Price For Personal Trainers In The UAE?

Experience Level:

The level of experience of a personal trainer is a contributing factor when looking at the cost of personal training services. A trainer with many years of experience might charge more for their services because they are able to offer many different training skills that have been developed over time.

On-Going Personal Development:

Like any business a personal trainer has overheads. One of these overheads is the continuation of their own personal development through training courses, seminars and other certifications. More often than not a personal trainer who invests in themselves might need to charge a little more but you as the client also benefit from using updated training methods, new techniques and more.

Company Or Freelance Personal Trainers:

Personal trainers in the UAE are either working on freelance basis or for a personal training company.  Freelance trainers don’t usually have the same overheads (offices, gyms etc) as a company trainer but this is not usually reflected in the price. Many of the freelance personal trainers in Dubai & Abu Dhabi listed in the UAE Personal Trainers website charge roughly the same as a company based personal trainer.

Sought After Skills:

When a personal trainer in Dubai or Abu Dhabi is specialised in a certain subject they can usually charge a premium for their services if there are few personal trainers in the same area offering the specialised service. Training and certification in specialised areas costs money so these trainers will usually charge more. For example, prenatal and postnatal personal training in the UAE with an experienced trainer may cost more because this is a very specialised area. The same applies to injury rehabilitation and other related PT requirements.

Membership Of Professional Services:

As well as being legally qualified in a number of different training techniques some male and female personal trainers choose to be registered with regulatory, professional services. In the UAE this is UAE REPS. Membership of these professional services costs money which the personal trainer has to pay yearly. As part of their membership they also have to undertake regular training courses to ensure they meet specific criteria. Not all personal trainers in Dubai or Abu Dhabi charge more to the client because they are a member of UAE REPS but a UAE REPS registered trainer does ensure you are getting your personal trainer services from a professional expert.

Lower The Price & Get A Better Deal With Block Bookings:

Many trainers offer special rates with substantial discounts if you are prepared to book in for a training program which includes a set number of sessions. For example, if you book 10 or 20 sessions you will definitely pay less than booking one or two sessions.

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