Personal Trainer Favourite Foods Pre-Wortkout – UAE Personal Trainers

Personal Trainer Favourite Foods Pre-Wortkout – UAE Personal Trainers
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Food provides energy but what do personal trainers eat before their workouts in the UAE?

Eating too much before a workout in the UAE isn’t a good idea but having a high energy snack to get you going can help with your energy levels during your personal training sessions in Abu Dhabi or Dubai.

We asked some of the best personal trainers in Abu Dhabi what their favourite pre-workout snacks/foods are to give you some guidance on what you should be eating.

Olena – Personal Trainer & Yoga Coach in Abu Dhabi

It’s advisable not eat heavy meals in the two hours before a yoga class in Abu Dhabi. And you can check this advice for yourself and observe how your body and mind feel as you jump to the front of your mat and back, twist and forward bend. It’s uncomfortable, and possibly even nauseating. But you do want to go to class with a good amount of energy, right?So eating something very light an hour before class usually works out well (your body may vary, of course).

By the way did you know that yoga curbs cravings? Cravings and addictions have to do with not being in the present moment, and often not wanting to be. Yoga is all about being in the present moment and paying attention to what is going on with you, right now. Yoga practice brings your attention away from cravings and back in touch with your breath, and in tune with your body.

The deep twists and forward bends you do in yoga are particularly likely to force out burps and gas, so you want to avoid things that induce those. You also don’t need to carb load in quite the same way as you do for high intensity work out. Fruits, nuts, protein bars, grains is a good to-go. Definitely avoid heavy, fried, greasy food or even smoothies and protein shakes, as it  can slosh around in your stomach, particularly in poses where there is pressure on your abdomen like salabhasana. Better to save the smoothie for an after-class treat.

Jure – Muscle Building Personal Trainer & Fitness Expert in Abu Dhabi

Best and simplest pre-workout would be coffee. Goes straight to the body for energy and brain for focus. The other thing I like to add is dark chocolate 1 piece. Activates the part of the brain that works cognitive thinking, focus and  at the same time it has antioxidants which help in inflammatory response. Energy, focus. Quality training, quality recovery.

Sky – Personal Trainer & Female Fitness Coach in Abu Dhabi

Every nutrition program depends on personal fitness goals. As a personal trainer the nutrition advice from me to clients are based on what they like, how they feel after particular food or combination of it, but it’s not must. As well there is different food intake choice depending on time of the day when you are training.

Personally my pre-workout energy food is: good fat source such as – Peanut butter, salmon, almonds or avocado before workout, pure proteins during workout and carbohydrates with proteins 30 min. after workout. As well most of times I have shot of coffee (no sugar) just before workout. At the moment this nutrition is based on my goal to gain muscle mass as I’m on preparation mode as we call it “bulking time”.

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