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Physique Transformation - Fat Loss - Body Slimming & Muscle Development For Men & Women In Abu Dhabi

Get a great body through a combination of advanced PT and diet with coach Chris. Programs also available or injury rehab, bodybuilding, prenatal, kids fitness and swimming for fitness in Abu Dhabi. At home, online or gym coaching.

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At Home PT in Abu Dhabi - Chris
Personal Trainer location: Abu Dhabi, UAE
Trainer Gender: Abu Dhabi Male Trainers
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About Abu Dhabi Personal Trainer Chris

Abu Dhabi personal trainer Christophe can provide at home or online coaching for weight loss, fat loss, body conditioning, injury prevention and more.

A motivational fitness coach, Chris will create a customised training program designed around your goals and need. Whether you want to improve your physique or get physically fit his workouts are educational and provide real results. 

He is an expert when it comes to choosing the right workout methods to suit your body type and will incorporate nutrition advice to accompany your PT program. 

Chris has worked with clients in Abu Dhabi with very different needs, he fully understand that your goals are unique to you which means all his training programs are different. 

He will help you improve your appearance by targeting workouts for the upper and lower body. He can help you recover quicker if you have suffered a training or sports injury and he can work with ladies in Abu Dhabi who want to stay in shape during their pregnancy. 

Ultimately, Chris understands that getting in great shape can be hard work but with the right training plan and a ‘can do’ attitude you will see results and feel great. 

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Christophe's Training Qualifications

Certificate In Strength Training
Personal Training Certificate
Nutritional Advice Certificate

How Can Christophe Help You?

Chris specialises in helping his clients in Abu Dhabi lose weight, tone up and increase their overall fitness levels. How does he do this? He uses a great combination of exercise methods coupled with nutrition advice and diet planning. 

Chris’s clients appreciate his motivational approach to personal training. If you are having a off day he will remind you why you want to change and help you see and feel the results of your efforts. 

Training at home in Abu Dhabi with Chris means you get all his attention. No distractions and at home coaching can be provided at a time to suit you. 

Whether your goal is weight loss or you have another fitness goal Chris can create a tailor-made workout plan which will provide excellent results. 

For clients how have suffered from injury or illness he can help you get back to your normal levels of fitness in a shorter time and most importantly with safe training methods which can prevent further injury. 

Additional Information

The types of training and exercise methods used in Christophe's workouts depends on his clients needs. Your goals and the best methods to use are always important:


  • Resistance training
  • Weight training
  • Swimming for fitness
  • Body toning workouts
  • Core stability & strengthening
  • Crossfit
  • Studio cycling (spin)
  • Flexibility exercises
  • HIIT 

Chris likes to use a combination of training equipment to get the best results from your personal training program.


  • TRX
  • Barbells
  • Balance and Plank
  • Machines
  • Circuit training
  • Free weights
  • Heavy weights
  • Battle rope



This depends on the reasons you want to hire a personal trainer in Abu Dhabi. It depends on your current fitness levels and your goals. Contact Chris for further information. 

Chris will provide diet and nutrition advice if you need it. He will check your BMR first and then plan a diet that can be incorporated into your lifestyle. 

If any training kit is required this can be provided by Chris on the day of training. If you have a gym in your building you can also train there. 

If your gym in Abu Dhabi allows you to train with a freelance coach you can train there. Otherwise you can train at home, your building gym or other locations. 

Contact Christophe

Please use the contact form below to get in touch with the trainer. 

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