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Want to learn Zumba, take a Pilates lessons or get fit? Personal trainer Abu Dhabi Sky is an expert in female fitness and can provide a customised health and fitness plan for weight loss, body slimming, fat reduction and more.

Personal Trainer & Zumba Instructor in Abu Dhabi, UAE - Sky


PT Location: Abu Dhabi, UAE

Female Abu Dhabi Personal Trainer - Sky

Sky is a qualified fitness professional and group fitness trainer from Lithuania who has more than 10 years experience training clients worldwide.

She is now based in Abu Dhabi and works with a wide variety of male and female clients with different needs and goals. If you’re ready for a change, training with Sky will ensure that your health, fitness and lifestyle goals are met in full.

As a female fitness coach her main focus is on finding every clients fitness needs and goals and applying the best training plan to achieve those goals.

Some of the tools she uses are education on fitness, healthy body image view mindset and wellness. She teaches her clients that changes you make to your health and fitness should be seen as long-term goals and not ‘quick fixes’

As a personal trainer, Sky will introduce you to the importance of mobility, flexibility, unilateral training for prevention of injuries and more.

Training techniques Sky will teach you can include: Pilates, animal flow, functional training, body weight loss programs, boxing, Crossfit, weight lifting, Zumba and so much more depending on your interest and what results you expect.

Why did Sky become a Personal Trainer? – “It happened naturally.” Having low self esteem and wrong body image view, which was mainly created by social media made Sky a typical teenager.

She decided things had to change and through her own journey and trials with high numbers of slimming/toning programs she learned that positive and visible body changes come when people change their mindset. Her personal journey from bulimia to overweight and back to a healthy fit body image wasn’t the most pleasant experience to remember, but, it was necessary to become who she is today and to love with a passion what she does.

Sky’s experience comes from Cyprus, UK, Greece, Australia, Lithuania and the UAE.

Understanding and learning about each country and their culture helps her to adapt training programs for each client – making each session enjoyable and productive.

Coach Sky customises her personal training programs in Abu Dhabi around her client’s needs. She will show you the correct way to exercise, focus on proper form which will ultimately reduce injury too. You’ll enjoy learning various techniques and have some fun on the road to being a fitter, healthier you.

How Can Sky Help You?

To train with Sky won’t be very easy as she is quite strict, demanding and honest. Patience, professionalism and knowledge will be her tools to get your attention.

Results are guaranteed for those who are serious about changing their lives to become healthier and fit. Sky will make your workouts interesting, challenging and productive. You will learn exercise techniques designed to prevent injuries, get the results you are looking for and learn new exercise styles that always brings fun into the workouts.

Working with different health conditions such as diabetes, arthritis, scoliosis, imbalances and so much more have made personal training in Abu Dhabi even more pleasurable for Sky.

She takes great pride in seeing clients becoming happier, beating depression or improving their quality of life.

Promotions & Packages

Various packages, discounts and promotions are available during the year. Contact the coach for full details. 

Sky's Training Qualifications

Certificate III as a Group Fitness Instructor (HIIT, Boxing For Ladies
Certificate IV as Personal Trainer
High Education as Dance Educator and Performer
ZUU instructor
Zumba Class Instructor
Pilates Class Instructor

Contact Skirmante

Sky is unavailable for personal training at this time. To view alternative coaches please click here. 



This depends on your overall fitness goals and your starting fitness levels. Contact Sky for free information.

Diet and proper nutrition are key elements to any training plan and with this in mind you will be provided with basic diet and nutrition advice if required.

No specialist equipment is required for at home coaching. If you need any extra home equipment that might be beneficial to you Sky will provide details.

You can train at home in Abu Dhabi, outdoors, your building gym or if needed the Vogue Fitness Facility on Yas Island is also a possibility.


The UAE Personal Trainers website is not a booking platform. Bookings for personal training services are made directly with the trainer and each trainer has their own policies. Before entering into a contract with a personal trainer you should check their booking, payment, cancellation and refund  policy.

Additional Information

Training with Sky is fun and energetic but also has a serious, results-driven side. Sky likes to use a combination of the following fitness methods to get you the best results from your training program:


  • Fat Loss
  • Mobility
  • Strength Training
  • Balance and Coordination
  • Hypertrophy (Muscle Building)
  • Core Stabilization and Strength
  • Cardiovascular Endurance
  • Zumba Classes
  • Pilates Training
  • Senior Exercise
  • Diet Advice
  • Nutrition
  • Kick Boxing Classes
  • TRX
  • Flexibility

Sky uses a wide selection of the best training kit for her clients. These include:


  • Free Weights
  • Resistance Machines
  • TRX
  • Body Weight
  • Rope
  • Climbers
  • Circuit Training Kit
  • Kickboxing Bags

Sky's Reviews & Success Stories

Very kind and professional

Amazing trainer! I show the change and the results of mine and her hard work in the first couple of weeks! She is very kind and professional! Also very focused on what you need and finds the best ways to train you matching your body's needs and strength! If you want to see and feel the positive changes Sky is your trainer!!

Great ideas for workouts

Sky!! The best trainer I’ve ever had! Always pushed me out of my comfort zone and helped me to reach my goals. Always had great ideas for workouts – HIT and LISS – so was never boring. Really miss to workout with her!

Appreciate your efforts

Sky is a very patient and professional trainer. And after attending fitness classes with her my body shaped improved and I become fit. Appreciated your effort.
Noura from Abu Dhabi

Professional, passionate and caring

Sky is an amazing person, very professional, passionate and caring. Highly recommend,,, she can tailor the personal training to your needs. U will see results in no time.
Khadija Al Marashda

You can learn a lot from Sky

Sky is a very good coach and professional, she always focusing in her work. you can learn a lot from her, she is very nice not only as a trainer but also as a person.
Jeff Lumba

Highly recommended

I trained with Sky for a short period (abt 2 months). Even though it was relatively short, my fitness level improved and my body became more toned. I highly appreciate that she focuses on form and mobility and I really miss training with her. Highly recommended!
Noof M

I reached all my fitness goals

Sky has changed the way I look at fitness, she taught me how to listen to my body, push it to the limit and keep going. She helped me reach goals I never thought I could before.

The best shape ever!

I feel lucky to have found Sky! I have trained with quite a few professionals previously, but with Sky I got in my best shape ever within a short period of time. Her knowledge is versatile, her classes are never boring. I enjoy her sunny personality too!
Anna Petrachkova

Prenatal training using the right techniques

Sky is an excellent personal trainer. She has really motivated and pushed me to work hard to tone my body. She is very knowledgeable and was able to tone me during my pregnancy and after my delivery. She is very committed and dedicated to deliver the results you want. What I like about Sky is that she is very patient and makes sure that you are training using the right technique.
Maryam Al Ali

Amazing results

Sky is the best trainer I ever worked with ! I look forward to my sessions with her , she really showed me my potential ! It’s amazing seeing my body change and getting stronger !

I look forward to my training sessions!

Sky is very knowledgeable is different aspects of fitness. She’s patient, kind and a warm soul to work with. She keeps me looking forward to my training sessions with her!
Shamma Mohd

She is the PT you need

Sky! Where do I start??? So lucky to have her as my trainer.Focused organised positive supportive!! You don t realise how fast you see the changes inside and out! Physically and psychologically she is the person you need!!! No person's needs is too much for her! So so happy and pleased to have met her and to train with her!! I would suggest her to anybody No doubt for the outcome!
Katerina Betsiou

Attentive and accurate

I have been training with Sky for more than a year now and can confidently say that Sky is a great personal trainer who is very knowledgeable in fitness and nutrition. Sky is also very attentive and accurate, always making sure that my form and the way I execute an exercise is always correct, so that I don't overexert myself needlessly or injure myself. I am now successfully gaining strength and muscle which is my goal and am continuing to workout on a weekly basis. I am thoroughly enjoying this experience!
Rawdha Al Mansoori

Sky's Video Reviews

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