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Fitness Coaching For Men & Women - Weight Management - Strength - Booty Building - Endurance. Low Impact Aerial Yoga For Strength & Flexibility Improvement

Asmaa is a professional coach in Dubai who can help with many different aspects of fitness and flexibility training. This includes weight loss, body toning, stretching, diet and nutrition and also Aerial Yoga.

About Dubai Female Coach Asmaa

Asmaa is a female personal trainer in Dubai with a wide background in health and fitness with more than 6 years in the industry.

She pursued a career in Fitness out of pure passion in helping others reach their fitness goals whether it’s weight loss, strength, mobility, hypertrophy or health improvement.

Asmaa finds pleasure in dealing with different people with different backgrounds and and she will tailor fitness and well-being programs depending on their specific goals.

Working hand in hand in with clients in Dubai she strives to give the best she can using her rich experience and science based knowledge.
Due to Asmaa’s strong passion in movement she also obtained a certification in Aerial Yoga Play and Fitness.

Aerial Yoga is a suspension kind of training where the same Yoga poses are performed as those on a Yoga mat except that a silk hammock is suspended from the ceiling to support you through various flows for improving flexibility and strength while allowing you to do more challenging poses without added pressure on your shoulders, spine and head.

Asmaa believes that fitness and leading a healthy lifestyle is way more than just pumping iron in the gym to look good. It’s a long term agreement done between ourselves and our bodies, because we want every bone, muscle, joint, fascia, tissue in our body to feel good.

Her coaching philosophy is a cooperative style of coaching. Both client and coach create a relationship of having fun and contributing to success. What a lot of coaches don’t understand, or lose sight of, is that the sport should be fun.

If the client is having fun, they respond better when it comes to work ethic and attitude.

However, just because you are having fun, doesn’t mean you can’t be serious at times and all her workouts are results-drive.

body toning and weight loss personal trainer in Dubai - Asmaa


PT Location: Dubai, UAE

How Can Asmaa Help You?

Asmaa is a Lebanese personal trainer who recently moved to Dubai where she is also continuing her fitness education. Studying towards the ICPT NASM qualification.

As a very active and disciplined trainer, she makes sure that her clients stick to their short, medium and long term goals that are put in place after performing multiple questionnaires along with a static and postural assessments for guaranteed outcomes.

Whether its weight loss, strength endurance, hypertrophy, power or simply movement for health improvement her personal training programs are created to ensure success even if you have failed at a fitness goal in the past.

Annual and monthly workouts are programmed ahead for her clients which creates more focus and motivation and helps with goal setting.

Asmaa makes sure she integrates different modules of training for optimum performance as well as active recovery days to keep her clients active and consistent.

As well as training programs she also likes to incorporate Aerial Yoga into her workouts because this is a great way to increase strength and flexibility. It’s also a fun element of your PT program in Dubai.

Asmaa also likes to include functional training in her workouts because she believes that we all need to be more aware and intentional with our movements. This can mean that even doing everyday tasks can be improved. Functional training also reduces your risk of injury (pulled muscles, strains and general aches) when you practice it regularly.

Asmaa's Training Qualifications

Reps level 3 - Personal trainer certification
NASM ICPT ( 7th edition )
Weight training for heath and fitness (SPI)
Personal Training 1 and 2 for general population (SPI)
Squats and Knee pain (Inspire Academy)
Thoracic spine, shoulder and overhead exercises (Inspire Academy)
Aerial Yoga for Play and Fitness
First Aid and CPR certification

Additional Information

When training clients in Dubai Asmaa gets great results when using a combination of the following:

-weight loss and endurance
-Muscle Hypertrophy
-Circuit Training
-Aerial Yoga

PT Asmaa is very creative when designing fitness programs and she likes to include different tools and equipment such as :

-Medicine Balls
-Stability Balls
-Bosu balls
-Elastic Bands


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Specific recommendations will depend on a client’s individual characteristics: age, height, weight, training and weight history, lifestyle, occupation, and dietary preferences.

However, the overall strategy for each type of goal (fat loss, muscle gain, or improved sports performance) may be similar for different clients.

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