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Effective Personal Training For Body Transformation Through Well Balanced Exercise & Nutrition Progams

Ibrahim is a master when it comes to personal and group fitness. With more than 20 years experience he knows what it takes to get in shape and make fitness a part of your lifestyle. Training programs available for all ages and all fitness levels.

About Sharjah PT Ibrahim

They say to be a master you have to be on the journey yourself first, Sharjah Coach Ibrahim’s journey started out with a curious desire to get in shape and has been on the path to explore the connection between fitness and life.

This rapidly turned into a desire into helping and transforming others. Personal Trainer & Lifestyle Coach  Ibrahim has been involved in coaching clients for more than 20 years, be it to lose weight, tone up, build strength and performance, improve flexibility, stress management and injury rehabilitation.

Being above 50 hasn’t stopped Ibrahim, in fact age plays no part in his personal fitness journey and by the grace of god he has also been able to progress and maintain his fitness levels, and his solid Six-Pac abs.

The point of this is just to tell you that there is never any perfect time to start, and age is just a number, with the right guidance and mindset any goal is achievable.

It has taken him nearly two decades of research and experience, completing several globally accredited certifications and working with top level coaches in several countries such as the UK and Australia to build on his knowledge and provide the most optimal coaching program for his clients here in Sharjah.

This led him into founding CrossFit Hayat in 2015 which is run by him and his wife who happens to be a wellness coach as well.

“There’s a lot you can achieve which you just don’t know, and guess what there is never any perfect time to start, the best time is often now and what brings you here” – Coach Ibrahim

Ibrahim Munshi Personal Trainer and CrossFit coach in Sharjah


PT Location: Sharjah, UAE

How Can Ibrahim Help You?

Coach Ibrahim believes in creating the most optimal and personalised training program for all his clients in Sharjah based on their body type and lifestyle, his bank of knowledge and experience allows him to understand his client’s needs rapidly to create a program that work’s best for them because no ‘one size’ fits all when it comes to personal fitness.

Whether you are an experienced trainee or someone that has never been to the gym but have a “desire” to improve and be on a path towards transforming yourself physically, then you’re on the right track.

Training with Ibrahim will ensure you learn correct posture and form which can prevent injuries. As a rehabilitation coach he can also help you recover faster and safely if you have suffered a sports injury, training injury or illness. 

Personal Trainer Ibrahim strongly believes that fitness isn’t just about losing weight, it’s also about finding sustainable habits to keep you in shape, keep you progressing to higher levels of fitness and helping you overcome your physical obstacles.

This also includes dietary habits, the best plan is not a written 4 week plan, it’s the plan that work’s best for you and goes with your lifestyle. It’s foods that you love to eat, and being on path towards self discovery.

Ibrahim's Training Qualifications

CrossFit Level 2
Certified Rehab Coach
CrossFit Gymnastics
CrossFit Olympic Weightlifting

Additional Information

With a huge amount of experience under his belt Ibrahim can provide the best personal training program to suit all your fitness goals. His experience and exercise methods are wide and varied and include:


  • Weight Loss & Body Transformation
  • Strength Training and Performance
  • CrossFit Training In Sharjah
  • Flexibility and Mobility
  • Nutritional and Lifestyle Programs
  • Injury Rehabilitation
  • Postural Correction
  • Body tone up
  • Stress Management
  • Pre and Post Natal
  • Senior Fitness

Ibrahim likes to use different training equipment which is based on his clients goals and needs in Sharjah. These include:


  • Dumbbells
  • Resistance Machines
  • Medicine Balls
  • Kettle Bells
  • Sleds
  • Battle Rope
  • Sand Bags
  • Tyres
  • Skipping Rope


Contact Ibrahim

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This depends on why you want to hire a freelance personal trainer in Sharjah. Speak with Ibrahim for full information and details about any special packages and promotions. 

Ibrahim will create personalised nutritional programs for his clients, the programs are created based on your body type, lifestyle and your body's metabolic rate.

If you train at home in Sharjah no special equipment is required. Ibrahim also has his own training facility where you can train. Separate times are available for ladies and men's training programs. 

When you train with Ibrahim your workouts can be provided at home or his fitness training facility in Sharjah.

The UAE Personal Trainers website is not a booking platform. Bookings for personal training services are made directly with the trainer and each trainer has their own policies. Before entering into a contract with a personal trainer you should check their booking, payment, cancellation and refund  policy.

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