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Sharjah & Ajman PT For Total Body Fitness - Adults & Children

Moosa is an expert in weight loss and body toning. His clients benefit from his knowledge of CrossFit, HIIT based exercise, Bootcamp and more. He is also a Kid’s fitness specialist and develops both private and group training plans for children.

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Personal Trainer In Sharjah Moosa
Personal Trainer location: Ajman, Sharjah, UAE
Trainer Gender: Sharjah Male Trainers
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Sharjah Personal Trainer - Moosa

Sharjah Personal Trainer and fitness coach Moosa’s expertise lies in Weight Loss, Cross-fit, Weightlifting, Gymnastics, Strength training, Callisthenics and Kids Fitness.

When Moosa’s began his fitness journey, he knew that two qualities are immensely important. Patience along with consistency, if anyone wants to reap rewards of any form of physical training or methodology.

Moosa’s is specialized in CrossFit andis a fully qualified level 2 Cross-fit trainer. He has done fitness courses such as PTA Global Certification in Personal Training, Active IQ Level 3 Personal trainer Course.

The sole factor that motivates him to pursue such extensive knowledge is to aid and help clients get fitter not only faster but in a safe and profound manner which improves their quality of life.

From children to elderly or an athlete that is looking for that extra performance edge on the field, Moosa’s says “whenever I am coaching, my goal is to ensure that my clients are enjoying the sessions and getting closer to their desired goals day by day with progress”

He is here now to give a big impact on your training program in all areas of Sharjah and Ajman – at home or in your gym.

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Moosa's Training Qualifications

PTA Global Fitness Instructing
PTA Global Certification
Active IQ Level 2 Certificate in Fitness Instructing
Active IQ Level 3 Certificate in Personal Training
CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
CrossFit Level 2 Trainer
CrossFit Level 3 Trainer

How Can Moosa Help You?

As a personal trainer in Sharjah Moosa’s core strengths are Weight Loss, CrossFit, Olympic weightlifting, Gymnastic strength training and callisthenics.

CrossFit is a strength and conditioning program which consists of workouts that are functional workouts performed at high intensity and can be done by individuals of all fitness levels, the benefits of performing functional movements at high intensity are enormous, such as it not only increases your strength but at the same time increases other aspects of your fitness such as endurance, power, strength and flexibility. Crossfit is also one of the best styles of training for gaining muscle and weight loss.

The purpose of gymnastic strength training is to solely focus on increasing your core and connective tissue strength as well as getting you lean in the shortest time frame possible. Gymnastic/Calisthenic Strength training can also be performed by individuals of all fitness levels, as each workout is going to have certain progressions that a person is required to master in order to move on to the next progression which will later on eventually enable the individual to master a specific high skilled body-weight movement.

Over the years working as a coach, if Moosa’s could name a thing that he loves and makes him passionate about coaching it is watching people achieve goals they thought their body would not be able to achieve.

Whichever methodology you prefer, the program of that specific methodology is going to be tailor made personal training plan to enable you to achieve your fitness goals. Moosa’s will take care of each and every aspect of your fitness while moving forward towards your fitness dreams.

Additional Information

What you can expect when being trained by Moosa’s is your approach towards physical training will change, that working out begins to feel more fun rather than a burden and this change in mindset is also going to have a positive impact on your everyday lifestyle, In addition it will also boost your confidence and self-esteem.

The programs are tailor made to help you achieve your goals, be it losing weight , gain muscle mass, learn Olympic weightlifting movements or even learn how to perform Gymnastic/Calisthenic skill movements by building the strength gradually over time.


  • Gymnastic Strength Training
  • Callisthenics and body weight strength Training
  • Olympic weightlifting
  • Bodybuilding
  • Nutrition
  • Mobility and flexibility training
  • Endurance Training
  • Customised workout planning and monitoring
  • Weight loss/gain programs
  • Functional Training
  • Senior Fitness

Moosa's Personal Training Kit includes:


  • TRX
  • Resistance Bands
  • Kettle Bells
  • Slam Balls
  • Strength Training Bags
  • Battle Rope
  • Agility Training Ladders

Training methods can be adapted on the based on your goals and initial assessment report.



In order to achieve your fitness goals in Sharjah the time it takes or the number of PT sessions required will vary from client to client. Contact Moosa for further information.

Yes, Nutrition is a key component when it comes to achieving your goals, therefore depending on your goals Moosa will provide advice regarding nutrition that will immensely benefit your physical performance and get you closer to your goals, Moosa will be following up with you as will to make sure you are consistent and if there are certain changes that need to be made.

If your training required a special piece of equipment then the trainer will inform you to get that to achieve your optimum goals.

If your gym allows you to use the services of a freelance coach in Sharjah Moosa can train you at your gym. Otherwise he can offer home training, outdoors or provide details about other suitable locations.

Contact Moosa

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Moosa's Reviews & Success Stories

Weight loss results

Musa is a great coach: knowledgeable, delicate, able to identify the right program. We work with pleasure! I feel so much better now! This is not mentioning the fact that the weight became less and my endurance increased. Thanks!

Best athlete training program for my son

My son is a professional football athlete, he has been training with Sharjah Coach Moosa for over a year now and we decided we needed a personalized training program for my son that would improve his strength, stamina and flexibility. Coach Moosa’s exercises and training has helped my son a lot with his performance for football.
Mohammad Ismail

Really understands my needs and lifestyle

I was referred by a friend about Personal Trainer Moosa , before training under Coach Moosa, I had no previous experience in training at the gym, I usually used to workout following some YouTube videos, or following different diets. Firstly training with Coach Moosa has helped me improve my lifestyle, I look and feel much better, and my stress levels have reduced, I sleep early, and I am eating more consciously without restricting myself. At times when I feel fatigued and come to train after work, Coach Moosa’ understands my body’s needs and my lifestyle for which he adjusts the training for me so that I can still get my workouts done.
Tareq Mohammad

Great training techniques

I have been training with Musa for a month now and I must say it has been a wonderful experience. The best part about training with him is that he focuses more on the technique and tries to push you harder which helps in fulfilling one's goal. I really liked the assessment carried out before the sessions. I was given detailed feedback about my strengths and weaknesses and how the sessions will be structured to work on my weaknesses. The sessions are very productive. Each session is planned beforehand hence there is no confusion during training. I was also given a workout plan on days I didn’t have a session with Musa so that I can workout on my own. The plan is well-structured so that I can workout without his assistance. Overall, it was a great experience and I would love to continue my training with Musa :)
Aiman Abdullah Anees

A great investment in yourself

The best thing to come out of 2019 is investing time and money on myself. Becoming healthier, leaner, and nutritionally savvy has been a dream of mine like forever. I tried various gyms, female personnel trainers, yo-yo dieting to name but a few. Nothing seemed to work. As a result I’ve put on +20kg.Heaviest I’ve been all my life:( Being 157cm (5ft 2”) tall and in my 50’s that’s some serious weight to be caring around especially now that we have all this excruciating summer heat here in Dubai. Then luckily for me Musa came along by way of mobile personal trainer and had been training me for the past 5 weeks at my home gym. Already I’ve lost 5kg which has exceeded any expectations I may have had Training with Musa three times a week has helped me to be consistent with my training and together with his professional, no nonsense, down to earth approach has made this journey of mine throughly enjoyable and loving every minute of training with Musa so far. I feel more confident and focused in everything I do but more importantly my energy levels is up by 50% to what it was before I started training. I would highly recommend Musa. He really is very good at what he does and one of the best personal trainers I’ve had so far. Musa is punctual, delivers interesting, complex and varied training programmes which consistently pushes you to limits that you never thought you would achieve. The price too I found very reasonable and affordable so take the plunge and go for it.
Michelle Doobeh

It's been a game changer!

It was always a challenge for me to find the right coach, as I have been to many gym’s but unfortunately I never got the result that I wanted, I’ve been training with Moosa for almost 8 weeks now, since then I must say my lifestyle has completely changed, I have lost more than 8 KG’s and gained strength as well, I had a poor posture because of my desk job, now my posture is much better as well. Moosa’s training has also helped me feel more confident about myself, and I am always eager for our next session to happen, he also happens to frequently follow up with me, even if I am outside the gym to make sure that I am on track with my nutrition. By the grace of god, Investing in my health has been the best decision for me this year, I am grateful for it.
Waleed From Sharjah

His training has improved my lifestyle

It is always said that "first step is important". I was training earlier with different trainers but without any results. This demotivated me to an extent that I started doubting on every PT I spoke with, till I met Musa. He not only listened, understood my thoughts but also provided me the correct regime to work through and converted my demotivation to motivation. His sincerity, punctuality and understanding has injected a positive wibe in me for past 3 weeks with many more to come. His training has improved my lifestyle in terms of daily routine of work, eating habits and has kept me in best of my moods in this stressful regime. Its just the beginning towards the end and looking forward for astonishing results in me under the guidance of my personal trainer, Musa. UAE is full of PT and gym sessions, but try the training of Musa and you will not regret on your decision

10 kg weight loss

I have been training with Musa for around 2 months now and it has been a great experience so far. I have lost around 8-10 KGs since beginning and Musa's insistence and encouragement was instrumental in getting me closer to my goal, I have made considerable progress since I first started and feel alot stronger. Musa is very knowledgeable and always ensures that I am performing my exercises right and has helped me improve my posture,in addition to other lifestyle and nutritional advice he has provided me over the course. Overall I feel great physically and mentally and would recommend Musa to anyone looking for personal training.
Majid Al Shamsi

Great training for Kids

Mr. Mosa is simply Amazing to make us fit , Put us in proper shape with great strength .My Kids are also enjoying and achieving same . I really give 10 out of 10 if you are really looking for personal trainer who gives you Aim , result with Motivation . Cheers!
Mazhar Digoswala

Diverse exercise knowledge

My personal training with Musa has been a very positive experience from the start. Musa is highly organized, punctual, positive and energetic which really helps in motivating me to push for more. Musa’s knowledge is diverse and despite his age, it is clear his experience is solid and rich. I enjoy the CrossFit exercises I get and the diet plans have been quite useful and user friendly. I would definitely recommend Musa as a trainer for beginners and even regular trainees in Sharjah. To top it all, Musa is pleasant, friendly and sincere in whatever he does and that is invaluable.

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Some kids in the UAE do little or no extra-curricular exercise. How much exercise should your children be doing on a weekly basis and what are some great exercise types for kids?
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