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Dubai Personal Trainer Bojan – Weight Loss, Strength & Body Toning
Personal Trainer Type : Private Personal Trainers In Dubai
Personal Trainer Location : Dubai
Trainer Gender : Male
Price (From) : 225 (AED)
Group Price (From) : 80 (AED) Per Person
Training Since : 2011
Training Locations : You Home In Dubai, Your Gym, Outdoors
Languages : English

Dubai personal fitness trainer Bojan is a specialist when it comes to training for strength and conditioning, body transformation and bodybuilding. Bojan can provide professional personal training services at your home in Dubai, your building gym and other locations. If you are looking for a personal trainer in Dubai who can help you increase your health, your fitness levels and your confidence Bojan is the perfect choice.
Bojan has more than 15 years experience in the sports and fitness industry and comes from a professional sports background. He knows that dedication and commitment to you are key aspects of a successful personal training plan. His driving force and passion for fitness are passed on to his clients – ensuring you get the results you need.

About Dubai PT Bojan:

Fitness and Sports are Bojan’s ‘go-to’ for being productive, he has been involved with sports including water polo and swimming from an early age but the majority of his childhood sporting activity involved basketball, by the time Bojan was 17 he was playing basketball professionally. For more than a decade Bojan played professionally in Europe and the Gulf. The physical and mental demands required for playing sport at a professional level have taught Bojan that commitment, subject knowledge and dedication are key requirements – he has carried these core values through to his personal training career in the UAE and ultimately wants to see you achieve your personal training goals in Dubai.

Bojan is a professional and is very keen on constantly keeping his knowledge of health and fitness and his personal training skills up to date by obtaining various qualifications, networking and self-teaching. Using up-to-date techniques he is well-qualified to pass on his training skills and his knowledge to his clients. Seeing them benefit from what he learns is another key element to his training regimes.

Bojan's Personal Training Style:

Bojan believes that strength is the foundation of any successful fitness regime but as every client is treated as an individual his personal training style is adapted to suit his clients needs. Bojan will assess your current fitness level, your likes and dislikes when it comes to training, exercise and nutrition and will create a tailor-made training plan based on the assessment. On-going monitoring is an important aspect of a personal training plan and with this in mind Bojan will monitor your progress, teach you and make professional suggestions on areas that could be improved (increasing your strength, overall fitness improvement, weight-loss and more). Motivation is a key aspect of Bojan’s personal training style – helping you achieve more with motivational techniques created to improve not only your physical self but also your confidence. As you see the results of your training sessions with Bojan you’ll be amazed at what you can achieve with the right personal trainer in the UAE to guide you.

Bojan's Certifications & Personal Training Experience:

Bojan was a professional sportmen before using his skills and knowledge to become a full-time personal trainer in Dubai. His experience and qualifications include :

  • Certified FISAF CORE Fitness Instructor
  • Certified FISAF Personal Trainer
  • UAE Reps level 3

Bojan's Health & Fitness Training Specialities:

Coming from a professional sports background, Bojan is an all-round fitness expert who can help you in many ways. His expert areas include strength and conditioning, body transformation, bodybuilding, weight loss/nutrition and improving physique.

Personal Training Methods & Equipment Bojan Likes To Use:

The kind of equipment used during your personal trainer sessions in Dubai will of course depend on what you expect to achieve from your workout sessions. Don’t be put off if you don’t know the names of pieces of fitness kit or what they do. Bojan is there to help and as a professional trainer knows what kit to use and when to help you get the most out of your personal trainer sessions. Bojan regularly uses freeweights, kettlebells, bodyweight exercises and various training machines.

Personal Trainer FAQ

You probably have a number of questions that you would like to ask a personal trainer. Below you can find questions and answers relating to some of the most popular FAQ's. You can also contact the personal trainer by using the form in the 'contact' tab above.

Where can you provide personal training services?

You can take your personal trainer sessions at your home in Dubai, at your building gym (if you have one) or at another location such as outdoors. Access to a gym may be required due to the specialist training equipment a gym uses but Bojan will let you know if this is the case.

Do you provide a fitness evalutation before I start?

Yes. Before you start any exercise programme (including personal training) it’s important for the trainer to know more about you, your current fitness levels and of course what you want to get out of your Dubai PT sessions. It also gives you the chance to get to know the trainer before you commit to any training session or packages. Using the information obtained during this initial evaluation/consultation Bojan can create a fitness/workout plan based on your personal needs.

Do you bring the exercise equipment to the PT sessions?

Bojan will attend the training session with the required equipment. Depending on your fitness goals access to other equipment may be required but you can discuss these options with Bojan. Sometimes small pieces of exercise and fitness equipment are useful to have at home – ask Bojan for his advice and he will be more than happy to provide training equipment suggestions.

Do you provide nutritional and diet information?

Yes. Proper nutrition and exercise go hand in hand.If changes to your daily habits are required to get the best results Bojan can provide advise on how to incorporate eating/nutrition plans into your diet. Of course this changes from client to client – someone wanting to gain more muscle mass for example would be on a different nutrition plan than someone who needs to lose weight.

Do you provide discounts for group training?

Yes. If you would prefer to train in Dubai with a group (family, friends etc) then discounts can be applied depending on the group size. Contact Bojan for further information and up-to-date group personal trainer rates.

Can I pre-book weekly personal training times?

Yes. It is advisable to pre-book your weekly personal training sessions in Dubai to ensure your preferred time-slots are available.

What if I need to cancel a personal training session?

If you need to cancel a training session you should contact Bojan directly and provide at least 6 hours notice.

Contact Bojan

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