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Slimming Down & Toning Up - Specialist Workouts With Proven Results

Personal trainer Irina is also a nutrition coach who can help you change and improve your life with a mixture of good eating practices and exercise. As a fitness coach she can work with all ages. Weight loss, improved cardio health & boxercise.

Irina - Female personal trainer and boxing for fitness coach in Dubai - At home or online training


PT Location: Dubai, UAE
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Dubai Personal Trainer & Boxing Fitness Coach – Irina

Dubai based female PT Irina has been a full-time personal trainer and nutrition coach for 4 years.

She started out working in Dubai Hospitality and very soon found out that her passion to fitness can become a profession.

She left the corporate world in order to become better at helping people getting their dream-body and happy life.

Irina excels when it comes to training clients in Dubai with difficult training goals. Using her knowledge of the fitness industry and nutrition she creates customised training plans which are designed to succeed.

Whether your personal goal is to slim down and lose some weight, get fitter through HIIT based exercises (CrossFit, Boxercise etc) or just make a positive change and add some exercise to your life Irina can help.

She can train men and women in Dubai and age age – adults, children and seniors.

Irina believes that success of training comes through building strong relationships with her clients.

Way too often she observes too much seriousness in training, that definitely has a place when clients are lifting 1 rep max, however, most clients aren’t athletes and not planning to be.

She always brings her happy-go-lucky personality into the personal training sessions in Dubai. This helps to make people relax and actually enjoy the training.

People who have trained for 5-10 years learned to enjoy it and she believes that is what most people want.

How Can Irina Help You?

One of the biggest advantages that you can get through personal fitness coaching with Irina is the real proof of going from no training at all towards competing in CrossFit competition.

From lifting 5 kilos towards deadlifting 100 kilos.

Everything is possible through daily installment of habits, consistency and discipline to do the work – even when you don`t feel like doing it.

Using a female personal trainer in Dubai like Irina gives an incredible advantage of shortening the time, how to move faster towards your goal, and how to break it down in realistic and manageable parts.

Physical training is one of the main parts of life to master, pushing through the resistance in training teaches you to push through the difficult tasks and situations in life.

Mastering your mind is much easier through pushing your body beyond the limits. Very often we have no idea what we are really capable of and this is how we can figure it out.

The possibility of constantly expanding relationships takes honesty and trust, Irina treats all her clients as family members and gives that level of openness about realities of fitness and nutrition.

She just loves working with the most difficult scenarios and challenging clients, as she has developed deep knowledge of human behavior over the last 6 years.

She doesn’t provide fast results, Irina is a coach for long-term commitment and developing discipline, that will stay with her clients for a life-time.

Irina's Training Qualifications

Active IQ Level 3 Diploma in Fitness -Instructing and Personal Training
Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certificate
Boxercise Instructor Training Course

Additional Information

Irina is always focused on mastering fundamentals in both nutrition and training.


Most of the people are bored with basics, they want a new thing, new diet, new training approach, but the truth is very simple and not new.


There are always vegetables, proteins, carbs and fat ratio that will influence your body composition, and there are squats, deadlifts, presses, push-ups, pull-ups, when consistently progressed can create the great body for woman or man.


All other things are the details. Irina’s main focus in training her Dubai clients is teaching all clients about fundamentals. Once they can move freely and safely, the variety and fun can be easily added.


Strength training is always a foundation of her approach, it doesn't mean that clients will lift heavy weight from first month, for someone strength is the body weight squat, for someone resistance machines.


Considering that most of the clients have a goal of weight loss, a big part of her coaching goes to nutrition and conditioning training. She is completely against the meal plans, simply because they don`t work long term, and her main focus is teaching clients how to eat food they like and creating a balance in order to get them to their desired result.


And last but not least, core training is absolutely non-negotiable for Irina, creating the strong mid-line is absolutely necessary for all people, to create a great support for the spine during the training as well as in life.


Considering that most of her clients train at home in Dubai, she always has equipment with her: different weights of dumbbells, kettlebells, KO8 suspension training, stepper and a lot of resistance bands.

She also uses boxercise as the part of fun conditioning and to bring variety into the routine, and body weight training remains a great tool to master.

Her specialist areas of fitness include:


  • Overall well-being
  • Curve training
  • Nutrition
  • Weight loss
  • CrossFit
  • Body Toning & Slimming
  • Strength and conditioning
  • Movement and technique training
  • Boxing for fitness and cardio health
  • Sports Fitness
  • Senior Exercise Programs

Having worked with many different clients in Dubai has meant Irina has gained experience in using many different types of equipment. She gets the best results from the following:


  • Free Weight
  • Resistance Training Kit
  • Kettle Bells
  • Slam Balls
  • Sang Bags
  • Medicine Balls
  • Rowing
  • Treadmills
  • Battle Rope


Contact Irina

Please use the form below to get in touch with the trainer. The trainer will get back to you as soon as possible.


Chat with Irina about how many sessions you will need because it does change from client to client.

Absolutely! Diet and good nutrition are a key element to leading a fitter and healthier life and also forms a major part of your fitness training plan.

You don’t need any specialist training equipment at home. If access to a gym is beneficial for your individual fitness goals then Irina will discuss this with you.

You can train at home or your gym if they allow you to use the services provided by a freelance PT in Dubai.

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