Dubai Personal Trainer Ruairidh McAndrew

Strength, Sports & Boxing PT Services For Improved Fitness Levels Of All Ages

Want to improve your physique by working on your muscle and body toning? Perhaps boxing, kickboxing or MMA is of interest to you. Ruairidh is an expert when it comes to body transformation through diet and exercise. Customised PT programs designed to provide excellent results.

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Personal Trainer and fitness coach at home in Dubai - Ruairidh
Personal Trainer location: Dubai, UAE
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Dubai Personal Fitness Trainer – Ruairidh

Ruairidh is a Dubai based personal trainer, boxing and kickboxing coach and all-round fitness expert who graduated from Scotland’s Sporting excellence – Stirling University.

Ruairidhs fitness industry knowledge is deeply rooted in sports science. Adopting a strength and conditioning focus.

His key fitness skills include physique improvement by increasing muscle and overall body toning, fitness through cardio conditioning, boxing and kickboxing and general physical improvement. Ruairidh uses a variety of training techniques and equipment to help you achieve a more defined look which can help your physical and mental health.

He also incorporates proper nutrition practices into his private personal training plans to ensure you meet and exceed your health, lifestyle and fitness goals in Dubai.

Ruairidh is also a competitive physique athlete and writer for various fitness magazines in Duabi and the Middle East.

If you need a personal trainer in Dubai to help you achieve your fitness goals Ruairidh has over 11 years of personal training experience combined with an impressive list of industry qualifications.

Ruairidh can provide personal training for male and female clients in Dubai at your home, your building gym or a Revolution Fitness partner gym.

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Ruairidh's Training Qualifications

Bachelors Degree in sports studies (sports science path)
CYQ Level 2 Gym Instructor
CYQ Level 3 Advanced Trainer
CYQ Level 3 Nutrition & Weight Management
TRX Group Suspension Trainer
UKSCA Strength and Conditioning
CYQ Assessors award
ETA Sports Massage
Competitive physique athlete
Currently a member of the Woman's Health Advisory Board

How Can Ruairidh Help You?

Personal trainer Ruairidh holds a degree from Stirling University, a broad range of industry qualifications and has been personal training in the region from 2007. As an athlete, Ruairidh enjoyed a lengthy and successful rugby career before moving into physique competitions and powerlifting.

As a mobile Dubai personal trainer he can help you achieve your fitness goals in a variety of locations designed to suit you and your schedule.

With his expertise and fitness industry knowledge (exercise and equipment) Ruairidh has also written articles for some of the leading health and lifestyle magazines including Women’s Health, Men’s Fitness, Aquarius, Shape & What’s On.

Additional Information

Personal training styles and methods of training differ from one client to the next. Ruairidh will adapt his training style based on your needs, requirements and of course what you feel comfortable with.

For example, some clients need and prefer a more motivational approach to their training sessions while others prefer encouragement and goal setting. Using his many years of experience as a Duabi personal trainer Ruairidh can adapt his style to suit you throughout your personal training sessions.

Ruairidh excels as a strength and conditioning coach/trainer, sport specific training and physique focus.


  • BootCamp Training In Dubai
  • Strength & Conditioning
  • Kickboxing / Muay Thai
  • Boxing Training & Boxfit
  • Powerlifting
  • Bodybuilding
  • Sports Specific Training
  • Muscle Definition & Improvement
  • Strength Training
  • Exercise For Seniors
  • Childrens Fitness In Dubai
  • Corporate Fitness Planning
  • Fat Loss & Body Slimming
  • Sports Fitness Programs
  • Rehabilitation Training


The training equipment used in Ruairidh's sessions differs depending on his clients needs. He gets great results by using a combination of the following:


  • TRX
  • Dumbbells
  • Barbells
  • Kettle Bells
  • Slam Bags
  • Sled
  • Battle Rope
  • Cardio Fitness Machines
  • Bodyweight Training
  • Striking Pads
  • Resistance Bands



Ruairidh offers different training packages in Dubai. However, the number of sessions required does depend on many factors like your goals and your starting level. Contact Ruairidh for full information.

Yes. Diet and good nutritional practices should be part of leading a healthier lifestyle in general. Ruairidh has achieved a CYQ Level 3 Nutrition & Weight Management Certification which allows him to provide the best possible nutritional advise based on your personal training needs and requirements. Because each client has different goals and objectives proper diet and nutrition guidelines are provided accordingly. For example, someone who employs the services of a personal trainer in Dubai to gain muscle mass would have a different diet and nutrition requirement to someone who wants to lose weight.

No special equipment is required for at home workouts.

If your gym allows you to train with a freelance PT in Dubai Ruairidh can work with you there. Otherwise he can provide suitable suggestions for locations.

Contact Ruairidh McAndrew

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Ruairidh's Reviews & Success Stories

I've come such a long way in a year

Personal Training with Ruairidh is simply just fun. Its basically training with a friend that knows everything there is to know about fitness. He immediately puts you at ease, explains the reasonings behind every exercise and educates you on about every kind of stretch there is. Over the past year personally training with Ruairidh, I have come a long way. Ive noticed some major changes in my body and more importantly a massive improvement in my strength. I honesty couldn’t ask for a better personal trainer in Dubai.
Dubai Personal Trainer Client Farah Mehdi

Seeing great physique changes

Training with PT Ruairidh over the past few months has been fantastic. I have always been extremely injury prone which has held back my fitness levels over the past few years. Ruairidh’s incredible amount of insight on training and nutrition makes each session fun, interesting and even, educational. He has a great way of keeping you motivated and knowing when to push you in order to get the best out of your session. This has allowed me to work around my past injury problems whilst increasing my strength, fitness and seeing some great physique changes. Despite undergoing reconstructive knee surgery, i am now squatting, dead-lifting and carry more weight during strength sessions than ever before. As a Dubai personal trainer, I strongly recommend Ruairidh. What impressed me most is how quickly and effectively he managed to change and adapt training sessions to fit my capabilities and problems.
Dubai Personal Trainer Client 'David McBain'

Finding Ruairidh was a life turning point for me

I was alarmed when my doctor first told me that I had to lose 10kgs. I didn’t want to get into any kind of FAD diet plans as I wanted results that would last. I knew this couldn’t be achieved alone. That is when I found Revolution Fitness Dubai. Training with personal trainer Ruairidh was a life turning point for me. He had a game plan set for me and journey started. In no time, we had results! Results were gradual but realistic for once. I am so glad I met Ruairidh because not only was he a fantastic trainer who is extremely passionate about his work but an awesome mentor into the world of Fitness & nutrition. His expertise and dedication got me motivated and I would look forward to each session. My perception about healthy eating, nutrition and fitness completely changed. I do not have enough words to recommend Ruairidh as a personal trainer in Dubai, he is the best!
NIsha John – A Personal Trainer Client From Dubai

Great few months training and more to come!

Training with Ruairidh is so much fun. His knowledge is the best I’ve come across in the 4 years I’ve been in the UAE. In each personal trainer session Ruairidh keeps me motivated and on my toes. Training five sessions a week I was unsure whether I’d be kept focused but each session is a challenge and I love setting PB’s with Ruairidh. I have seen great changes over the past few months both physically and mentally. Ruairidh is also very knowledgeable when it comes to nutrition and is the first personal trainer who has told me not to ‘diet’ but eat in moderation. It’s through this concept that I have stayed focused and not been running to the chocolate cupboard. I could not recommend Ruairidh enough, whether it’s to lose weight or build muscle. I’ve had a great few months and looking forward to many more challenges and changes ahead.
Sarah Sutherland

Changed my views about exercise and training

I have been personally training with Ruairidh in Dubai for over a year now and my fitness levels and strength have significantly improved. Ruairidh is a knowledgable, enthusiatic and really believes in what he is doing. That enthusiasm and belief really rubs off, making training sessions really enjoyable and fun. Before i met Ruairidh, i wouldn’t have called myself a dedicated gym user, however, now i really enjoy going to the gym and get disappointed if i miss a workout! Its a really good feeling finishing a workout and knowing your improving.
Ivan Williams – Ruairidh's Personal Training Client

A great trainer with great knowledge

Ruairidh has helped me break the cycle of bad habits. I started with weight loss as the primary goal, but then found a new pleasure in improving my performance and breaking personal bests almost every session. My running performance nearly doubled in two months! I always leave the sessions with more understanding of nutrition facts, physiology and injury prevention.Thank you for that achievement in such a short time. Ill always look forward to that high five at the end of each session.
Nathaly Challita From Dubai

Customised training which worked for me

Training with Ruairidh is an education in all things health and fitness. His enthusiasm to share his knowledge and to learn more is infectious! In understanding how each exercise affects your body physically, he can taper a programme to suit you. Ive been personally training with Ruairdh for over 18 months and have seen improvements in body composition, strength , flexibility, conditioning and my all round general health has improved immensely. Unlike many other trainers, Ruairidh is incredibly conscious of ensuring the body is prepared to exercise and each session begins and ends with specific warm-ups, stretching, mobility work and foam rolling. I’ve had a few personal trainers over the years and Ruairidh is without doubt the best.
Victoria Brownhill

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