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Specialist Personal Training For Rehabilitation & Restorative Exercise. Pain Management, Mobility, Flexibility & Weight Loss Training For Men, Women & Seniors

With a background in physiotherapy and osteopathy personal trainer Maysoon can provide a variety of restoration, rehabilitation and mobility training programs for men, women and seniors in Dubai.

Dubai Physio Personal Training - Rehabilitation Exercise - Coach Maysoon


PT Location: Dubai, UAE

About Dubai PT Maysoon

Dubai physical therapy coach Maysoon graduated from the University of Jordan where she received a BSc Honours in  physiotherapy.

She also has experience as a manual osteopath therapist and personal trainer working with clients from Canada and various other locations. Her specialist PT areas are rehabilitation and restorative exercise for  individuals recovering from motor vehicle accident, injury rehabilitation, athletic training and general strength and conditioning.

Maysoon likes to use her health background to help clients reach their goals safely and effectively.

With her specialist knowledge in rehabilitation exercise and training she can help clients reduce their pain, gain strength, improve mobility, independence, increase their confidence, and reach their fitness goals.

Although Maysoon can work with all ages in Dubai, she specialises in helping seniors improve their lifestyle with a variety of rehabilitation, restoration and general mobility exercises.

Maysoon discovered her passion for personal training at a young age and has dedicated herself to the field ever since.

For a FREE 30 minute, no-obligation online consultation about your training needs contact Maysoon today. 

How Can Maysoon Help You?

Maysoon is a highly experienced and qualified Rehabilitation and Restorative Exercise Specialist, with a solid foundation in helping clients who suffer from a variety of conditions.

With extensive experience in the field, Maysoon is highly skilled in working with clients who suffer from chronic pain, Arthritis, Osteoporosis, back pain, knee injuries, Sciatica, Sports injuries, stroke, and neurological conditions.

Her dedication to her clients is evident in her approach to her work, and she takes great pride in delivering the best possible service to clients throughout Dubai.

Maysoon is committed to ongoing education and training to ensure she stays up-to-date with the latest developments in her field, and she is passionate about helping clients achieve their goals, improve their quality of life and overall well-being.

With Maysoon’s expertise and dedication, clients can rest assured they are in safe hands.

Promotions & Packages

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Maysoon's Training Qualifications

Diploma in manual osteopath
Bachelor degree in Physiotherapy
Certified personal trainer from CPTN Canada
Apply Dry Cupping

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This depends on your reasons for hiring a specialist rehabilitation coach. Contact Maysoon for further information.

Basic nutrition advice can be included in your personal training program. 

No specialist training equipment is required for at home training. 

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Additional Information

Maysoon uses a wide variety of coaching methods depending on her clients needs and goals. 

The type of training kit used will depend on your fitness and rehabilitation goals in Dubai, this might include:


Resistance Bands

Swiss Ball


Maysoon's Reviews & Success Stories

Maysoon worked with my mom for years as an at home trainer. When she started, mom was in her late 60's, had very limited mobility, poor muscle tone and low confidence. She was also a bit nervous to start. Maysoon immediately made her feel comfortable and worked with her limited range of motion, slowly building her confidence as well as her strength. She took a personal interest in my mom's progress and success. She customized and modified her workout regimen and incorporated osteopathy as needed. I can't thank Maysoon enough. My mom has more energy and mobility now, and is enthusiastic about continuing a more active routine. Not only that, it has significantly improved her overall wellness.

Teached me not give up

I started seeing her twice a week. She helped me reach the weight and appearance I have wanted for years. She is professional trainer with multiple skills. Highly recommended from me. Thank you for teaching me not to give up


Maysoon help me to achieved my goal of losing weight,which i struggled with for years. Afer vovid i gained so much weight and I went through a stress.With her help I have lost 15kg+ and my strength has more than doubled. She really helped me by giving me the tools and motivation such as diet and training regimes. I am happy and now more confident with myself. I am still taking on line classes with her.I definitely recommend Maysoon as a personal trainer

Amazing trainer!

Maysoon trained my 80 year old mother and in a matter of days her overall strength and wellbeing drastically improved She looked forward to every session and became passionate about exercising. Maysoon understood and applied the right techniques for my mom. It was exactly what she needed while we were in dubai❤️
Besma Alnafisi

I have been taking one on one prenatal training sessions 3 times a week with Mais and am truly grateful to have been on this fitness journey with her. I was quite active pre-pregnancy and was advised to go on bedrest for the first trimester of my pregnancy due to some complications. I restarted training during my 2nd trimester with Mais, and feel so much healthier mentally and physically, as she has been focusing on preparing my body for the both the birthing process and faster postnatal recovery. My training with Mais has also impacted me emotionally, as I feel happier once I've completed my session with her in the morning. May's is not only one of the most amazing trainers I've worked with, she is knowledgeable and well informed and I feel I learn something about my body and muscles with every session which makes it more fun. Another thing I am grateful for is that Mays motivates me to do better. She motivates and pushes me to do more than I would've by myself, and also sometimes helps alter exercises where I am falling short, but keeps me going. Thanks Mais, for everything you are doing for me I hope to continue my fitness journey once the baby arrives, and truly trust the fact that you will help me reach my goals in no time! Thank you for everything
Sara – Dubai Hills

World Renound Expert Personal Trainer!!!

Maysoon is an absolute GEM of a human being inside and out! Her unconditionally loving and caring personality couples beautifully with her many years of experience and excellent expertise in physiotherapy, osteopathy, and over all physical fitness! This combination creates the perfect package that any client would wish to find in a Personal Trainer! You are NOT just another number to her, she takes you on as her responsibility, with professional integrity and genuine concern. Maysoon is also a very professional and a tough trainer, firm, skilled and determined to help you become the healthiest, best version of yourself possible! She truly, truly cares…that IS the difference! You will find other personal trainers who will just book sessions with you, charge you expensive fees, and forget about you afterwards. With Maysoon, she sews a bond with you for life, and puts the effort in to understand your specific personal physical fitness and health needs. When she takes you on as a client, she dedicates herself wholeheartedly. Such integrity is a priceless quality to find in a Personal Trainer. Maysoon worked with multiple people in our family and community, specializing in seniors care, for many years. We were so extremely sad to loose her as an integral part of our communities fitness journeys! Even when she had to move on to the next chapter of her life, she did not leave us without actually finding us a suitable replacement trainer for us before departing! Such professionalism and care is literally impossible to find! As soon as you meet her, you will know she is the Best Personal Trainer and Life Coach for you! She is living example of her own skills and abilities! And she will work tierlessly to help you trasnform your life towards health and fitness exactly as she has done with herself! Go! Go! Go!" (Maysoon signature chant). We miss you terribly Maysoon! When we come to UAE to vacation, our family looks forward to training with you again on that side of the world! Words cannot express how much we apprecaite you and all you have done for our family and community! God Bless more and more! "GO! GO! GO!"


Hi. I recently began the long haul back to fitness, at 69 Coming through Covid and recent health issues resulting in major surgery, I really felt my age. Maysoon has been so influential in my physical and mental recovery. We meet twice a week she is knowlegeable and enthusiastic. She is firm but gentle and has really made me believe this is possible. I need strength, balance, mobility and endurance with her guidance I feel that it will be possible. Beneficial for healthspan and lifespan. I would urge anyone wishing to improve their health to see her.

More than personal trainer

“I am glad I chose Maysoon to be my Personal Trainer. She has delivered exactly what I needed. My first concern was not to lose weight, but as most women, to lose my belly! I didn’t realize the difference our sessions were making as I only worked out 2 times a week for 30 minutes, and after one month I saw a HUGE difference as I lost 3% body fat! I loved that she came to every workout telling me what we would be working on that day, and that every workout was different. She also provided me with warmup exercises and cooldown stretches that helped with my tight muscles. She is not just a personal trainer she if a Physiotherapist so she knows everything about body and muscles.

Awesome Trainer!

I'm incredibly grateful for Maysoon’s guidance and support on this fitness journey. She is not just a trainer but a mentor and friend who has inspired me to become the best version of myself. I wholeheartedly recommend Maysoon to anyone seeking a dedicated, knowledgeable, and inspiring fitness coach. Thank you for everything!"
Bebe Jab

Life style

Maysoon is great! I started seeing her twice a week and she really helped to focus on my problem areas, and put together a well-rounded workout that would help me tone muscles as well as lose weight. Maysoon also created my sports performance workouts to include some speed training as well.I changed my daily routine and diet. My day start with 30mins walk and a lot of energy. Thanks Maysoon


Professional trainer with multiple skills. Highly recommended
Sam Henry

Amazing trainer

Worked with Maysoun for 2.5 years. Amazing trainer with lots of experience and makes classes fun and interesting and challenging focuses to helping her clients reach there goals. And an expert with releasing back and shoulders pain due to her background in physiotherapy and osteopath

Amazing and inspiring trainer

Maysoon is a very professional personal trainer. Not only she was helping me with my training process, but also she was spreading the positive energy and making me believe that I will achieve my fitness goals very soon. Much recommended!

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