Fat Loss & Muscle Building Abu Dhabi PT – Karim

Effective Personal Fitness Programs for Fat Loss, Muscle Building, Strength & Rehabilitation

Karim can provide at home coaching in Abu Dhabi - fat loss, body transformation, kids and rehabilitation training after injury. He is a specialist when it comes to fat reduction and muscle building.

Fat Loss And Muscle Building PT In Abu Dhabi - Karim


PT Location: Abu Dhabi, UAE
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About Abu Dhabi Personal Trainer Karim Musa

Abu Dhabi PT Karim is originally from Aswan Egypt – The Valley Of The Kings.

Having a passion for health and fitness from an early age, Karim started his fitness training career in 2012 when he joined the special forces unit of the Egyptian Army as a fitness counsellor and educator for his unit. 

He then worked with Gold’s Gym Egypt which provided great experience in training male and female clients with very different fitness goals. 

Since arriving in Abu Dhabi Karim has worked with men and women who want to lose weight, tone their bodies with fat loss training and also helped clients with rehabilitation needs. 

Karim knows from experience what exercises work best for your body type and your fitness goals. If you need nutrition advice to help you lose weight and improve your physique faster this can also be provided. 

Karim can work with clients at home in Abu Dhabi, your gym or even outdoors. 

He also helps parents who are concerned that their children are not doing enough extra-curricular exercise. He PT programs for kids are fun to do but have an educational element too. 

How Can Karim Help You?

With a background in special forces fitness training Karim knows that it can be tough to get fit and healthy but his training programs in Abu Dhabi can easily be customised to your level of fitness. This means it doesn’t matter what your level of fitness is. 

With a UAE Reps Qualification and being a ISSA certified trainer Karim can help with weight loss, fat loss, water retention training and much more. 

If physical transformation is your goal you need to know the best exercises to do ‘and’ adjust your nutrition intake accordingly, these are all parts of Karim’s PT programs. 

Karim also works with clients who are at risk of health problems like obesity, diabetes, heart conditions and more. Rehabilitation training programs are also provided for clients suffering from illness or injury.

If you suffer from aches and pains due to bad posture Karim can provide skeletal deviations adjustment training. This can help improve your life, mobility and flexibility. 


Karim's Training Qualifications

Dubai Government First Aid Certificate

Additional Information

Karim will use a variety of different training techniques based on why you want to hire a freelance PT in Abu Dhabi, this includes: 


  • Military style bootcamp training
  • HIIT for cardio health and weight loss
  • Bodybuilding for physique improvement
  • Fat loss and water retention exercises

Karim likes to use different items of training equipment in your workout sessions. 


  • Resistance bands
  • Resistance machines
  • Medicine ball
  • Rope
  • Stretching
  • Free weights
  • Bodyweight


Contact Karim Musa

Please use the form below to get in touch with the trainer. The trainer will get back to you as soon as possible.


This is different from client to client because everyone has different goals and different starting fitness levels. Speak with Karim for further information. 

Karim will provide diet and nutrition advice if you need it. Vegetarians diet, Vegans diet, Normal diet, Keto diet.

If you train at home there is no need for additional training equipment because this can be provided by Karim.

If you want to train at your gym in Abu Dhabi and they allow access for freelance coaches you can train there. 

Karim's Reviews & Success Stories

Excellent trainer

Excellent personal trainer with long experience in the field. Able to understand client needs and to implement the appropriate strategy to achieve the required target. I do recommend anyone interested to start with him.
Mohammad alkhalili

Excellent coach

PT Karim has helped me to get amazing results to lose weight and nice shape. He is always motivating me and providing support when I need it. And Nutrition to keep going with a healthy lifestyle.

Genius trainer

A great PT. He helped me to lose 6 kgs of fat and gain 5 kgs of muscles in 6 month plus improving my skeletal deviations.

Karim is amazing

Karim is amazing. he takes the time to carefully coordinate a workout plan that is tailored to me and my goals. he spends time not only on helping me thru the exercises, but educating me on the importance of nutrition and sends me encouraging communications throughout the week.
Mesbah Baroudi

The Grandiose

This man is like a magician, he always knows how yo estimate the client during the session psychologically and physically. He helped me to reach 2 targets: physical target and lifestyle target.

Very good coachh

He's amazing and funny person that can push you further than you want psychologically and physically. Helped me to lose kyphosis and gaining good muscles.
Ramy elsayed

Best trainer

A kind personal training who knows how to train safely and effectively.

Very smart

This man vanished my frustration to get something in my imagination. He’s the fat killer ;)
Ahmed Al hosany

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Karim's Articles, Packages & Classes

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