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Dubai personal trainer Craig can provide your fitness coaching face to face and also online in Dubai. With specialist nutrition and body transformation knowledge, Craig can help you lose weight, increase your muscle tone and provide cardio kickboxing routines.

Fat loss, bodybuilding and nutrition personal trainer in Dubai Craig Lapsley


PT Location: Dubai, UAE

Dubai Personal Trainer– Craig

Craig is an online and offline Nutritionist and Personal Trainer based in Dubai.

He specialises in creating completely individualised training and workout programs for busy people that know the benefits that looking great and being healthy brings.

You can take your personal training sessions at home in Dubai with an element of these being available online too.

Craig will provide you with the knowledge and the skills you need to look great, obtain life-long optimal health, increase your energy and finally see the results you deserve.

In Dubai Craig provides personal training for weight loss, muscle building, core strength training, kickboxing and more. Whether you have a specific training need to feel you want to be fitter and healthier in general Craig has the skills to ensure all you personal fitness needs are met in full.

Craig’s journey into the world of health, fitness and personal training involved reading, researching, training and experimentation. Not just reading about training or nutrition but on the psychology of confidence and happiness. You could say it become an obsession. He likes to think of it as finding his passion.

It took a good number of years to get to where Craig is now. He is now completely medication and symptom free. Craig went from a skinny weakling to a strong, muscular, confident and happy person.

How Can Craig Help You?

Craig coaches people as a personal fitness expert one to one in Dubai and online worldwide, changing peoples lives for the better through physique development.

No matter your starting point you can make a massive change to your mind, body and health. It may have taken Craig a number of years to change but with the knowledge he has obtained he can transform your physique in a matter of weeks.

In his late teens Craig’s health and fitness wasn’t important to him. He practiced Jui Jitsu maybe once per week because a relative owned a MMA club, apart from that he wasn’t in any way truly involved in the fitness world. In fact, it would be safe to say he took his health for granted. Think coco pops for breakfast, whatever he could grab for lunch and maybe some veg with dinner on a good day.

Just before Craig turned 20 he was diagnosed with Crohns disease. Having never been the most confident person, this diagnosis took that remaining confidence away – he lost weight, became weaker and energy-less. The map to Craig’s self-confidence was unreadable and he slipped into a depression. Having dropped out of University Craig quit his job. He was on 22 tablets a day and could only eat a limited number of foods.

There was a gradual change in his physical and mental health from that low point and he decided to get fit again. It was then that a friend introduced him to lifting weights and the world of bodybuilding.

This was the game changer for Craig. For the first time in his life he was getting stronger and he even started getting a few compliments on my physique.

Craig’s journey into the world of health, fitness and personal training involved reading, researching, training and experimentation. Not just reading about training or nutrition but on the psychology of confidence and happiness. You could say it become an obsession. He likes to think of it as finding his passion.

It took a good number of years to get to where Craig is now. He is now completely medication and symptom free. Craig went from a skinny weakling to a strong, muscular, confident and happy person.

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Craig's Training Qualifications

Level 3 CYQ Advanced Personal Trainer with Nutrition
Bayesian PT
MNU certified Nutritionist
Level 1 Boxing Coach
Trigger point therapy

Contact Craig Lapsley

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Alternatively, you can complete the contact form below and he will get back to you as soon as possible. 

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The number of PT sessions required when training with Craig in Dubai does depend on your overall fitness goals and your starting abilities. Craig can provide full details about this and any packages he offers when you contact him.

Yes. As a certified nutrition specialist in Dubai Craig knows the changes you will need to make to your diet and lifestyle to achieve your fitness goals in the best possible way. Nutrition and diet are a crucial element of any successful fitness regime.

Craig will attend each personal training session with the required equipment. All you need is a towel, bottle of water an comfortable training clothing.

If your gym allows access to freelance PT’s in Dubai Craig can train you there. Otherwise you can take your sessions outdoors, at home or even online PT.

Additional Information

Training with Craig is different – he knows there is no such thing as ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to personal training in Dubai and as such he creates completely individualised training and nutrtion plans for my clients based on their goals, requirements, schedule, history and preferences.

He like’s to empower his clients by giving them the most up-to-date knowledge based on evidence based research.


  • Bootcamp Fitness In Dubai
  • Sports Specific Training
  • Children’s Health & Fitness
  • Fat Loss & Muscle Improvement
  • Nutrition & Diet Planning
  • Kick Boxing In Dubai
  • Strength & Muscle Building
  • Senior Health & Exercise
  • PT For Bodybuilding

Training methods are dependent on each individual client.

The equipment he regularly uses are:

  • Free Weights
  • Resistance Bands
  • TRX/gymnastic rings
  • Battle Ropes
  • Boxing/kickboxing pads.

Craig does provide either online only or a combination of both online and face to face personal training in the UAE.


How does your online training work and what tools do you use?

I use an App to host my online coaching mostly. The exercise programs are held on here and the clients can follow them, updating as they go. I receive the info on my end and update/progress as needed. The client can also input their weight and body measurements on the App which I monitor. I use typeform for weekly check-in questions and just whatsapp to keep in more regular contact. I will use zoom for a more detailed catch-up with a client and on occasion for a workout if needed.


Can your online training service be combined with face to face training?

Yes, I do this with many clients. I give them workouts to do alone and update them as they progress. This means they get the benefit of seeing me one-to-one for feedback on more trickier workouts and the freedom to also train alone.


In your opinion, can you summarise how you think online personal training helps.

It is more cost effective for clients while still holding them accountable and giving them the information and advice they need to train effectively.


How do you monitor a clients progress when using online rather than face to face training?

Through my App. The client inputs data from each set done of an exercise which I use to update the program. I also collect data on body measurements which are used to adjust the nutrition plan. I can also connect to the clients fitbit/apple watch giving me info on daily step count, sleep and resting heart rate which I use the update the program.


What items of training equipment do you recommend your clients have at home to get the most benefit from online PT

Resistance bands are great as they offer a lot of tension on the muscle but take up very little space. A suspension trainer can be very good for training at home as well as there is countless exercises that can be done, training the full body. Again it takes up very little space. After that it is then up to the client what pieces of gym equipment they have space for or are willing to purchase.


Do you provide any discounts or special packages for online personal training or is this the same fee as your face to face training.

Online coaching is a set monthly fee rather than a package of sessions like one-to-one training. Clients can contact me for my prices anytime.


If you provide nutrition and meal planning advice how does this work with online training?

I send this to the client as a pdf and then we adjust based on results. I encourage clients to discuss any issues with me so we can update regularly.


In summary, what would you say are the top 5 benefits to training online.

1) It allows the client to set their own schedule, not relying on training when the trainer is free
2) It is more cost effective than one-to-one coaching
3) The client can train with a trainer in any part of the world
4) The client can keep training when traveling
5) The client can train in different gyms day to day

Craig's Reviews & Success Stories

Reached my fitness goals

Without exageration, I have had over 15 personal trainers and taken part in 5 different fitness programs online to achieve my fitness goals. Since I started training with Craig I have REACHED my goals!
Client From Dubai

A guide to the new you

I've been working with Craig for over a year now, and he is solely responsible for: 1. destroying many myths I had about nutrition, exercise, physiology, and bodybuilding. For every question I ask, he has an answer supported by white papers, and an article explaining those white papers for laymen. I quite often opt in for both and learn a lot of new things. 2. changing my lifestyle for the better on a cosmic scale. It can be a bit scary, but Craig somehow provides support at all the right moments, so transitions from hoping for the best to quantifying results, from roughly following a diet to happily counting calories – they happen easily and with little stress. 3. giving me control over my body. I used to be quite confused by it. Will I lose weight if I do this? Are cheat days okay? How do I push 100kg? Now I understand that I control everything, I know what I want and how to get there, I don't worry about any events and can easily focus on the long-term. Somehow, without ever pushing me to do anything, Craig happened to show me how my decisions shape my body, and that's beautiful. I lost 19kg out of my starting 94, and I'm building them back as muscle. I feel as a completely different person. Craig literally is the best and most life-altering thing to happen to me in Dubai.
Michael From Dubai

Craig uses a cvery different approach to training which helps you see and feel the results. His training programs are individualised and researched based.
Craig's client

Helped with strength & pain issues

Craig helped me achieve what i was looking for in a short time. Having pain in my knees, he knew which exercises to do to help build up muscles around and eliminate the pain. He’s very helpful in explaining about nutrition facts and how the body adapts and reacts to all the changes, it helped me understand more about what suits me. I highly recommend training with Craig.

I would highly recommend training with Craig if you are serious about transforming not only your body but your lifestyle too.
Shuaib from Dubai

Cardio improved, eating improved…

Craig is an exceptional personal trainer in Dubai. By far the most knowledgable and dedicated I have trained with. He introduced me to a variety of strength and conditioning exercises that I never thought I would be able to perform! In fact, he rescued me from spending many hours on boring cardio machines that never provided results. He has helped me get leaner and improve my strength by proving variety and progression through his customised programs. I have also fine-tuned my eating with the help of his 1-2-1, fully customised nutrition programs. I have no hesitation in recommending Craig as a personal trainer for all ages in Dubai.
M Dumont

Great knowledge of exercise types

I originally contacted Craig as I wanted to lose the weight I gained since moving to Dubai. However not only am I achieving this, I am also gaining muscle strength and knowledge. Knowledge on which exercises to do and why, as well as nutritional teachings. Craig has helped me to set goals and have a clear vision on how to work towards them; he has taken me from barely being able to squat, to being able to squat more than my body weight. Craig not only coaches you but teaches you too, and always goes above and beyond to provide you help even if not solely related to training.
Sophie Pettitt

Dedicated and committed to your needs

When I started training with Craig nearly 6 months back, I had set myself clear objectives to reach and I can easily say that all my objectives have been reached and even exceeded. Craig is committed to help his Clients achieving results with his dedication, hard work and excellent planning. His advise when it comes to dietary needs has been very helpful to compliment the efforts done in the training. I highly recommend Craig for anyone who is looking for a personal trainer in Dubai to start his change journey.

Cannot praise Craig enough

Craig has been a blessing to my boys. I cannot praise him enough. My youngest suffers from a medical condition that needs physio therapy to strengthen his bones. He has been very patient and caring and motivating towards him and given him appropriate exercise to improve his endurance and overall strength. He has patiently been listening to my sons constant chatter while doing this .. this could not be an easy task .. lol .. with my two older boys he has been great. Giving them cardio and weight training appropriate to each ones capabilities. My youngest is keen on boxing and he has inspired him and motivated him. I cannot thank Craig enough for all that he has done for my 3 boys.
Heyam From Dubai

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Craig's Articles & Classes

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