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Shred The Fat & Get Cardio Fit With Personalised Training Programs

Jen is a Level 3 Fitness coach who uses her full range of skills to create the perfect personal training plan based on your goals and your fitness level. Jen’s understanding of the human body allows her to pinpoint what will work for you whether that is weight loss or a specific training goal.

Fat Loss, Zumba & Female Fitness Personal Trainer in Abu Dhabi – Jen Overall rating: ★★★★★ 5 based on 5 reviews.
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Female PT & Zumba Coach In Abu Dhabi - Jennifer
Personal Trainer location: Abu Dhabi, UAE
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Abu Dhabi Female Personal Trainer – Jen

Abu Dhabi Female PT and group fitness coach Jen is a level 3 personal trainer with experience in helping all client types making positive changes to their lives through exercise, fitness and healthy eating.

Jen is a British Personal Trainer who has been living and working in the UAE for 10 years and is based in Abu Dhabi. She has a strong sporting background and has participated in an array of sports at a high standard from childhood, including; Tennis, Netball, Cross Country Running and Athletics.

She has also competed at British regional level in Swimming and Field Hockey and attended London’s Pineapple Dance Studios for a number of years; receiving training in Tap and Contemporary dance.

She is qualified and experienced to help you lose weight, tone your body, shred the fat for a leaner physique and also help you get cardio fit.

Using many different exercise methods, including boxing, body combat, circuit training, HIIT and pilates, Jen will help you see training as a positive lifestyle change.

Dance fitness is also an area that Jen loves. She firmly believes that exercise should be fun and Zumba training is one of the most fun classes you can do.

If you need nutrition and diet advice as part of the process of getting fit this can also be provided to her clients in Abu Dhabi.

Jen's Training Qualifications

Active IQ Level 2 Certificate in Fitness Instruction (GYM)
Active IQ Level 3 Certificate in Personal Training
A Level in Contemporary and Interpretive Dance
A Level in Physical Education and Anatomy and Physiology
First Aid trained
UAE Reps Certified Trainer

How Can Jen Help You?

Jen is a motivational, charismatic and vibrant personal fitness trainer in Abu Dhabi whose enthusiasm is infectious. She believes that health is a lifestyle and that if exercise is a chore you’re not doing it right. She teaches clients to look after their body inside and out as their most valuable asset. Jen loves food and enjoying life and doesn’t believe in deprivation, she will teach you that you don’t need to give up the pleasures in life to look amazing and feel great. Jen takes the work out of work out with her inventive and collaborative approach to exercise; pulling on her wide knowledge of training styles to create a comprehensive and bespoke training program to suit you and your goals.

Jen understands that when you are working out every second counts and so pulls from her broad sporting background to make sure clients stay engaged and at an optimal performance level for the entire session. Jen also aims to educate clients in diverse and unique training styles to broaden their fitness repertoire. Her knowledge of anatomy and nutrition also enables her to effectively pair training programs with dietary advice to facilitate client objectives and get results.

For those who struggle with motivation and lack in fitness education Jen will teach you; how, what, when and why. Jen specializes in creating fitness workout programs for clients who are bored with conventional training styles or who’s natural aptitudes don’t lie in the gym. She delivers fast efficient results with a smile, she understands that different things motivate different people and takes great pride, and pleasure, in working with clients to build the perfect program to suit each individual.

Whether your goals are; fat loss, building muscle, getting lean or just general fitness and body composition Jen can help you get results fast. She is the queen of alternative training styles; so, whatever it is about exercise that your mind doesn’t like, she will find an alternative so that your body doesn’t miss out. Jen specializes in group fitness in Abu Dhabi, she orchestrates; social, interactive, competitive and entertaining sessions for small and large groups of all ability levels.

During your training sessions in Abu Dhabi Jen likes to use the following fitness methods with great results:


  • Body Combat
  • Boxercise
  • Circuit Training
  • HIIT
  • Zumba
  • Pilates
  • Bodyweight Exercise
  • Dance Fitness
  • Sports Fitness

Jen likes to use the following equipment. This does change depending on your personal training goals:


  • Kettlebells
  • Free Weights
  • Resistance Machines
  • Boxing Kit
  • Timed Circuits
  • Rowing
  • Sand Bags
  • Medicine Ball
  • TRX



This depends on your fitness goals and does change from one client to another. Contact Jen for full information and also details about available packages and promotions.

Yes, if you would like to receive advice about diet and nutrition to accompany your personal training program this can be provided.

When training at home in Abu Dhabi no special equipment is needed.

You can train with Jen at home, in your building gym or at an Advantage Sports facility.

Contact Jen

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Jen's Reviews & Success Stories

Constantly challenged with great results

Jen is very professional and fun too. The best part about her PT sessions are that the workouts every day are different which is very exciting since you dont know whats in store for you for the day. She challenges you constantly and performs the exercises with you in order to encourage you to do the same. Her workouts are very effective and I definitely felt toned with her sessions.

Great overall results

Jen's expertise both inside and outside the gym have enabled me to make long term and positive changes to my diet and fitness regime. Although challenging her sessions are worth it and produce some nearly instantaneous results.
J Welling

My strength and fitness have improved

I was a regular at Jennifer’s Full Body Workout sessions and found them fun, motivating as well as challenging. Being in my mid fifties, Jennifer adapted some exercises and routines to suit my level, enabling me to keep up with the group. I can honestly say, that my strength and fitness has improved and I would highly recommend training with Jennifer, as she creates a friendly and relaxed environment giving you confidence to push yourself, and the results are great!

Motivational and encouraging trainer

I attended Jen’s fitness class twice a week for two years and really miss it! Jen’s routines are well organized and vary from week to week so I was never bored. She is a great motivator and encourages you to push yourself to your limits. That said her classes suit all fitness levels and Jen is happy to adjust certain exercises for those needing to work at a different pace. I got much better results from training with Jen than I did from going to the gym. Her classes give you an all over body workout – they’re great for toning as well as weight loss. I highly recommend Jen as a personal trainer! Chloe, Abu Dhabi
C Stoke

A good mixture of routines

My favorite thing about Jen’s exercise classes was her ability to keep her workouts both interesting and challenging. Each week Jen modified the class, which kept me motivated and coming back. Even if I wasn’t sure wasn’t sure what work out we would be doing each week, I knew I would get a good workout. The class was a perfect balance of cardio and strength training. There was always a good mixture of cardiovascular exercises like running and strength-building exercises like lunges, weights, push-ups and crunches. Jen does a great job of motivating and energizing her students (regulars and newcomers), and the constantly changing activities definitely get you sweating. Exercising in Jen’s class was fun and physically rewarding. Whilst you could choose your own pace, Jen helps you to push yourself and I definitely managed more than I do when I am working out alone.
J Nolan

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Jen's Articles, Packages & Classes

There are many different types of exercise that are designed to help you lose and maintain a healthy weight in Ab Dhabi. Jogging and HIIT are two popular choices but is one better than the other?
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