Female Dubai Personal Trainer For Body Shaping & Weight Loss – Hend

Physique Transformation Training Programs With Impressive Results

PT Hend is an expert in fat loss and lean muscle building. She creates personalised fitness plans that include different training types to help you achieve your fitness goals.

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Body Slimming Personal Trainer In Dubai - Hend
Personal Trainer location: Dubai, UAE
Trainer Gender: Dubai Female Trainers
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Dubai Female Personal Trainer – Hend

Hend is a female personal trainer in Dubai offering personal fitness training services for both female and male clients.

Hend is a WBFF (World Beauty Fitness & Fashion) pro fitness model who has a passion for health and fitness. Hend has helped many men and women in Dubai improve their life through great exercise and training programs combined with diet and nutrition programs.

Hend has extensive experience in transforming women’s and men’s bodies by using a variety of exercise types. 

If you are pregnant in Dubai or have recently giving birth Hend has worked with many mums and mums to be to get them in shape and build up their fitness level and strength during pregnancy and after.

Hend is a very motivational coach who believes that where there is a will there is a way. 

Hend is also mobile so clients can book personal training sessions at home in Dubai, use their building gym or train outdoors – whichever option is most suitable for their schedule.

Whatever your training goal is Hend treats all her PT clients as individuals and she provides personalized training and diet plans to suit their lifestyle and needs.

Being a pro fitness model Hend knows that with time, dedication and the right training plan you can also transform your body, build lean muscle and lose the fat weight.

Using her own experience and training skills Hend loves to pass on her methods to her new clients in Dubai – helping them turn their goals into reality.

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Hend's Training Qualifications

Issa Certified personal trainer
DNA certified coach certificate

How Can Hend Help You?

PT Hend lives and breathes fitness.  She likes to focus on providing the best service to achieve her clients goals through nutrition, personalised training programs and knowledge.

When you hire Hend as your personal fitness coach in Dubai she will help you to set goals and work with to achieve the best possible results.

Hend builds a trusting relationship with her PT clients and always gives them responsibility and ownership for their hard work.

Ongoing monitoring of your progress is provided to make sure you stay on track with your workout routine and diet. By monitoring your progress closely Hend can also make changes to your program if required to ensure success.

When you have the right training program and professional advice all it takes from you is hard work, discipline and commitment to reach your personal fitness goals. 

Hend can provide your personal training workouts at home or your gym. If online training is something you have thought about this can also be provided or even a mix or face to face and online training. 

Additional Information

UAE PT Hend has a body transformation background and specialist knowledge of sculpting our bodies by applying the right training techniques and diet. She is a specialist in Bodybuilding, Fat loss, Body transformation, fitness for pregnant ladies and general fitness. Hend also knows that correct nutrition is important and as such nutritional advice forms a part of all of her training and workout plans.

She takes great pride in watching her clients achieve their goals and nothing makes her more happy than seeing her clients in Dubai feel amazing in their bodies and being proud of their results. She strongly believe that fitness is a way of life – not a quick fix but something that will stay with you for a lifetime.


  • Body Slimming For Men & Women
  • Body Transformation
  • Muscle Building
  • Fat Loss, Toning & Sculpting
  • BootCamp For Cardio Fitness
  • Fat Loss Diets & Exercise
  • Nutrition Advice
  • Improved Flexibility
  • Pre & Post Natal Workouts

Hend's training kit will vary - it all depends on the clients goal. If the clients goal is to build lean muscle mass she will follow a weight training resistance plan. If clients goal is to lose fat and tone up she will focus more on body weight exercises, circuit training, HIIT, cardio. Whatever the goal the training will be tailored to clients specific needs to get the best results in the best time.

When training in the gym in Dubai Hend uses gym machines, free weights, resistance bands and bodyweight exercises with excellent results. 



This all depends on what you want to achieve from hiring Hend as your PT in Dubai. Contact her for further information.

Yes, a diet guide will be provided to suite the clients goal. Hend will also advise how to keep the diet interesting and how to apply changes so it can be used long term. Information on ‘healthy’ treats and recipe's can also be provided to supplement your Dubai diet plain.

Hend will plan the session according to clients chosen locations. If training outdoors or at home Hend will bring resistance bands and some free weights to make sure we have all equipment needed.

Yes. If your gym in Dubai allows access to freelance PT services this should not be a problem.

Contact Hend

Please use the contact form below to get in touch with the trainer. 

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