Effective Fitness Programs In Dubai For Ladies - Weight Loss, Toning, Pilates & More

Lina is a ladies only fitness coach in Dubai with a wide range of training experience from weight loss, pre natal exercise to bootcamp and bodybuilding. Train at home or online. Diet and nutrition advice included.

FEMALE DUBAI PT – SLIMMING, SHAPING & WEIGHT LOSS – LINA Overall rating: ★★★★★ 5 based on 8 reviews.
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Lina - Ladies PT and pre natal fitness coach in Dubai
Personal Trainer location: Dubai, UAE
Trainer Gender: Dubai Female Trainers
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About Dubai Ladies PT Lina

Lina is a female only personal trainer and a certified holistic health coach in Dubai with a wide background in health and fitness.

Lina creates customised programs tailored to client’s needs and goals. She will guide them, coach them, and help them achieve their goals by changing their habits and lifestyle.

Not only will Lina focus on improving your physical strength and overall fitness, she will also use her coaching abilities to improve your mental strength.

Her personal training qualifications includes: strength training, weight loss, pre and post natal training, toning, health coaching, HIIT cardio workouts, and general fitness.

She also has a Reiki Certification levels 1&2 held in Tokyo, Japan.

Whether you want to lose weight, tone, be healthy, or have a specific fitness need, Lina will guide you through and create a customised overall fitness/health plan for you.

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Lina's Training Qualifications

Certified Personal trainer – ISSA
Certified Personal Instructor- ISSA
Anatomy and Physiology – ISSA
Reiki Certification Levels 1 & 2
Advanced First Aid- ISSA
Certified Health & Wellness Coach - IIN
Nutrition and Diets - IIN
Mind & Body Coach- IIN

How Can Lina Help You?

Aside from providing female personal training to clients in Dubai who are interested in personal training, Lina’s experience is varied.

Being a certified Health Coach herself, she can help coach you and guide you toward greater wellness by looking at all aspects of your health, body, mind, and fitness.

She uses different exercise and training techniques based on what she feels will benefit the client most, this includes bodyweight training, strength training, band workouts, weightlifting, CrossFit and circuit training,  Pilates, Prenatal and Postnatal exercises- all depends on clients needs.

She is also experienced in giving group workouts for all age groups.

Lina likes to incorporate bodyweight movements, but this also depends on client’s needs so she will make sure to tailor her programs based on their goals.

Lina will make sure to focus on consistency with her clients in order to achieve their goals, she will make sure to correct their form and technique to reach their desired results. She will help them enjoy the workouts, in order for the clients to be more motivated to train, and be happy to see results. She builds a good relationship with her clients and is always eager to see changes in their lifestyle and fitness goals.

Lina will create a specialised program that includes variations of exercises and routines that will ensure that the client will keep wanting to push harder and remain focused to achieve their goals.

Additional Information

Dubai Ladies PT Lina has experience in many different exercise techniques. She is a specialist in Bodybuilding, Fat loss, Body transformation, Flexibility and fitness for general needs.Lina also knows that correct nutrition is important and as such nutritional advice forms a part of her training and workout plans.

She takes great pride in watching her clients achieve their goals and nothing makes her more happy than seeing her clients in Dubai feel amazing in their bodies and being proud of their results. She strongly believe that fitness is a way of life – not a quick fix but something that will stay with you for a lifetime.


  • Body Slimming For Women
  • Body Transformation
  • Muscle Building
  • Fat Loss, Toning & Sculpting
  • BootCamp For Cardio Fitness
  • Fat Loss Diets & Exercise
  • Nutrition Advice
  • Pilates
  • Senior Exercise Programs
  • Improved Flexibility
  • Pre & Post Natal Workouts

Lina's training kit will vary - it all depends on the clients goal. If the clients goal is to build lean muscle mass she will follow a weight training resistance plan. If clients goal is to lose fat and tone up she will focus more on body weight exercises, circuit training, HIIT, cardio. Whatever the goal the training will be tailored to clients specific needs to get the best results in the best time.

When training in the gym in Dubai Lina uses gym machines, free weights, resistance bands and bodyweight exercises with excellent results. 


Contact Lina

Please use the contact form below to get in touch with the trainer. 


This all depends on what you want to achieve from hiring Lina as your PT in Dubai. Contact her for further information.

Lina will plan the session according to clients chosen locations. If training outdoors or at home Lina will bring smaller items of training kit for the session.

Yes, a diet guide will be provided to suite the clients goal. Lina will also advise how to keep the diet interesting and how to apply changes so it can be used long term. Information on ‘healthy’ treats and recipes can also be provided to supplement your Dubai diet plain.

Yes. If your gym in Dubai allows access to freelance PT services this should not be a problem.

Lina's Reviews & Success Stories

she is simply THE BEST!

I can easily say that Lina is the best personal trainer that I have ever encountered. She always manages to push you beyond your limits. She has transformed my body in only a few months. She is not only very motivating during the sessions but she always makes sure you stick to your fitness goal even outside of the sessions. Thankful that she is my PT.
Sarah Nsouli

Awesome PT – highly recommended

Lina has been my PT for 6 weeks and I have already lost 7kg and undergone a major body transformation. She has provided personal and dedicated fitness regime and better still a manageable and effective diet plan. If you put in the hard work then with Lina’s guidance and motivation you’ll be sure to be closer to your aims. She has a great motivational attitude and I look forward to continuing my exercise and diet regime with Lina. Highly recommended!

Lina helped me reach my goal weight. She’s very energetic and motivating. I highly recommend her!!!

I'm in the best shape thanks to Lina!

Lina has been my personal trainer for a few months now. I have seen results after the first few sessions and have reached my best shape with her. I can say that I have achieved my body goal with her today. She’s energetic, positive, and versatile with her training routines.she adapts her training routines continuously. She’s a pleasant and a very friendly person and happy that I picked her as my PT.

Get fit or die trying!

Lina is by far one of the best trainers I have trained with. I have tried numerous trainers in the last 7 years and somehow always ended up signing up to 3 or 4 classes and then quitting. With Lina I was able to see results as quick as 3 weeks. She is so passionate about what she does that her passion transcends in her classes inciting you to give your best every single time. Every session is fun, challenging and completely different than the previous one. Would definitely recommend her as your next trainer as she has been a real game changer for me.
Sandra From Dubai


I started training with Lina after I got Covid and wasn’t in the best shape. We immediately clicked and she motivated me to push myself to get me back on track! I love that every workout session is different! If you are looking for a Smart, well informed and fun Trainer Lina is the one. I can now successfully do 15 burpees in a row!

The Eye of The Tiger

Lina is really the best trainer out there. She’s full of positivity and will train you hard to get results. Each workout is carefully thought out to get you to your desired goal. She will push you to your limits each workout leaving you feeling energized and ready for the day. Its been 3 weeks already and the results are there! Just be careful she brings all sorts of new workout equipment each time :)

I achieved my goal!

Lina has been my personal trainer for the past few months – I had Personal Trainers before but I was never satisfied and was never seeing results. Lina is so positive and her energy pushes you to achieve more. I was looking at losing at least 5 kgs, in 2 months I have already lost them and my body transformed. Even though I achieved my goal, I am still her client and will continue with her she changed my mindset towards being healthy and fit! Highly recommend her to anyone who wants lifestyle change
Carine Zantout

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Lina's Articles, Packages & Classes

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