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Get in shape. lose weight, improve your physique and increase your cardio fitness with 1-2-1, semi-private and small group fitness coaching in Dubai with Inna

PT Inna can help you achieve your fitness goals with personalized training programs in Dubai. Whether you're looking to lose weight, get in shape, or increase your energy levels, PT Inna has got you covered.

Female Personal Trainer In Dubai - Inna


PT Location: Dubai, UAE

About Dubai Fitness Coach Inna

fitness. With a solid background working at renowned establishments such as Gold’s Gym Club and UFC Gym in the UAE, she has honed her expertise in helping individuals achieve their fitness goals.

In addition to her impressive work history, Inna has also served as a corporate coach for the Apparel Group, further expanding her knowledge and understanding of the fitness industry. Through her various experiences, she has had the opportunity to work with clients from diverse backgrounds, both locally in Dubai and internationally.

One of the standout qualities that sets Inna apart is her open-mindedness and easy-going nature. She approaches each client with attentiveness and a genuine desire to help them succeed. Whether you are looking to get in shape, lose weight, improve your physique, or enhance your cardio fitness, Inna is well-equipped to provide you with a personalized or group fitness program tailored to your specific needs.

With Inna as your personal trainer, you can expect a supportive and motivating environment that will empower you to reach your fitness goals. Her dedication and passion for helping individuals transform their lives through fitness make her an excellent choice for anyone seeking professional guidance on their fitness journey. So why wait? Take the first step towards a healthier and fitter lifestyle by enlisting the expertise of Dubai PT Inna.

How Can Inna Help You?

Inna is a fitness professional who specializes in assisting individuals to reach their personal fitness goals. Her expertise lies in enhancing energy levels and boosting confidence, making her an ideal choice for those looking to transform both their bodies and minds.

She understands that each person’s fitness journey is unique, which is why she creates personalized fitness plans tailored to individual needs and goals. These plans are not just about physical transformation; they also focus on mental well-being. She believes that a healthy body goes hand in hand with a healthy mind, and her coaching reflects this holistic approach.

Weight loss: If shedding some pounds is your goal, Inna can provide a plan and the necessary motivation to help you get there.

Toning and body shaping: For those looking to tone up and shape their bodies, Inna can offer targeted exercises and advice.

Increased energy and vitality: If you’re feeling sluggish or low on energy, Inna’s fitness plans can help boost your energy levels and overall vitality.

Muscle strength: For those interested in building muscle strength, Inna can provide strength training guidance.

Prenatal and postnatal fitness: If you’re expecting or have recently given birth, Inna can help you stay fit and healthy during this important time.

Senior fitness: For older adults, Inna offers fitness plans designed to maintain and improve overall health and mobility.

Inna provides a variety of training options to suit different needs and preferences. These include personal one-on-one training, semi-private training for small groups, couples training for those who prefer to work out with their partner, and small group fitness coaching for those who enjoy the camaraderie of group workouts.

These training sessions can be conducted in various locations for your convenience. Whether you prefer working out at home in Dubai, in your building’s gym, or at another location, Inna can accommodate your preferences and provide the fitness coaching you need to achieve your goals.

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Inna's Training Qualifications

Ukrainian fitness academy : Gym instructor, 2015
National federation of fitness and bodybuilding of Ukraine: Group exercise trainer, 2014
REPs UAE Level 3 Personal trainer, 2016
KO8 fitness, 2021
First Aid, 2022
NESTA Heart rate specialist 2022

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This depends on your personal training goals and will change from one client to the next. Contact Inna for further information and advice. 

Inna can provide basic nutrition advice as part of your personal training program. 

No special training equipment is required for at home fitness coaching in Dubai. 

If your gym allows access to freelance personal fitness coaches in Dubai you can train there. Otherwise other locations are available. 

Additional Information

Inna uses a diverse range on training and exercise methods based on her client’s fitness needs and goals. 

Inna uses a wide variety of exercise equipment based on your needs, this includes:


  • Free weights
  • TRX
  • Resistance bands
  • Gym equipment
  • Resistance machines

Inna's Reviews & Success Stories

Amazing trainer

I have been training with Inna for a couple of years and I love it! She is always very energetic, understands my needs and goals and looks after my overall health..I highly recommend her always!

Highly professional coach

I really recommend Inna. I appreciate is level of professionalism,expertise and dedication.

Inna is fantastic, motivating and kind!

Inna is a fabulous trainer. She takes into account your goals, preferences and abilities while building a plan. She motivates you to the last rep and doesn’t force you to do anything you don’t like. She encourages you, is always in good spirits and keeps giving different exercise to keep the workout interesting. I don’t feel the time with Inna as the workout passes by so fast! I love Inna’s approach and kindness when she trains
Nafeha K

Coach Inna is very kind and knows how to teach you the exercises for people of all ages and makes sure you understand the exercises and guides you properly though them and I’ve very happy that I met her.

Inna is a holistic trainer who focus on improving your body fitness and muscle strength, which in the long term helps in feeling fit and getting in shape. She is very particular that I train with proper techniques that helps prevent injuries and improve proper utilisation of the different parts of the body. I love the way she trains and blindly believe in her trainings and her approach on it and keep going back to her. Trusting her and the way she trains is by far the best thing I have done for myself and my body !

I have recently begun training sessions with Inna, and I am thoroughly impressed with her level of expertise, the diverse range of strength exercises she incorporates. I am thoroughly enjoying my training experience.

Trained with Inna

I had 6 training sessions with Inna so far and I am very satisfied with the level of experience, variety of strengths exercises and suitability for my goals and body type. I highly recommend Inna.

Super nice coach

Inna is very attentive to your needs and your bidy. Allé exercises are adapted and always different!

Coach Inna is very kind and knows how to teach you the exercises for people of all ages and makes sure you understand the exercises and guides you properly though them and I’ve very happy that I met her.

Perfect Coach for all your fitness needs

I have been working out under the guidance of Inna for the past 8 years. Her sessions are designed as per your requirements and your body’s need. She also guides you correctly on your dietary requirements to achieve your health goals. In case of any health conditions even for that her sessions are supportive. Even on days when I am struggling to workout she will patiently encourage and motivate me.

Inna is the first trainer that made me feel comfortable and happy with working out!
Aiisha Rishi

Top coach!

I worked out with Inna for around 2 years, and i enjoyed all my sessions: she trully listen to your needs, she adapts the training to what you enjoy the most tonmake it fun and efficient. Additionally Inna is a really nice person, very reliable and full of energy!!!

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